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Bravely Default Team Say They Hear The Fans Pleas For Localisation


The Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Twitter team say that they have heard the fans pleas for the game to be localised. The acclaimed role-playing game was released in Japan during October 2012, but we’ve yet to hear word from Square Enix regarding a Western release for the game. Let’s hope we hear something soon.

久しぶりにTwitterにアクセスしました。外国の方の声、ちゃんと届いてますよ! I accessed Twitter after a long absence. A voice of the foreign one arrives properly! ※翻訳ソフトを使用してます

26 thoughts on “Bravely Default Team Say They Hear The Fans Pleas For Localisation”

    1. I know right? and it looks like they will announce a brand new final fantasy game on E3 2013 and didn’t say a word on versus 13 yet.

      1. Square is becoming just as bad as Nintendo & Namco Bandai when it comes to localization latley. Hell, they so lazy to release Dragon Quest games that Nintendo themselves had to step in & publish them.

      2. Who gives a shit just release ffvsxiii that game is worth getting released since they announced it 6 years ago and they better not change it to ps4 because they don’t know how much hate they will get if they do that.

      3. I hope you 3Ds fans buy this game, this is more of a good final fantasy games than the ones since FF12

        1. I hope so. I didn’t like XIII even after hearing all the fans arguments on that game, I still find it one of the most disappointing JRPGs of last/current gen

        1. Don’t fucking dare bring this to IOS. nobody wants to play serious games like Bravely defailt on a phone , they want to play Jetpack fucking joyride.

          bring this to 3DS of GTFO…

        2. ugg stop fucking with me square official announcement please, iv been waiting to hear something since i first saw gameplay footage monthes ago, sadly even after this tweet i dont have much hope square enix has become pretty pathetic when it comes to the west and their constant “no export for you” attitude

        3. i’m getting to the point to where i don’t give a damn about square enix. versus 13 has a ridiculous development time that doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. and they haven’t released the beast of a game that is final fantasy type-o. so just skrew them man. ok i’m over reacting just a bit but its getting so freaking aggrivating.

        4. nintendo will say no, square sais to noa, we would love to bring this game over, noa sais no we like shitty games and console, so no to fatal frame and all the other good exclusives that would save us from dropping out of the console race

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