Sakurai Tells People Not To Worry About His Injury And Smash Bros Development


Masahiro Sakurai, the creator behind both the Kirby and the Smash Bros series, has told his followers on Twitter not to worry about his injury and the next Smash Bros game which is due to be released on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Sakurai says that he appreciates all the encouraging messages he has received via the social network. Here’s what he had to say.

“Thanks a lot of encouragement messages. Please don’t worry about my injury & SMASH BROS development.”

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  1. It’s great he’s telling us not to worry. But I can’t help it, I look up to him as a role model. Knowing he’s in pain really upsets me. :(

      1. oh come on guys, yea it sucks that he has it but you dont have to be all nerdy about it, its just a video game, he said he will be fine and that the game is fine

        1. the man is constantly working to entertain us, not knowing who the hell we are. he makes people happy, despite his injury. we can look up to who we want to. hell, just to ease it for the guy who looks up to him as a role model, i’ll admit i love Lady Gaga and listen to her songs every. fucking. day.

  2. The games getting cancelled is like saying bend over Nintendo to Sorny.
    Which of will never happen, not even in any parallell universe.

  3. I wish Mr. Sakurai would work at a manly company like Valve or Crytek, but get better, sir.

      1. The troll actually said something nice for a change, and that’s what you say to him? True to encourage him to stop trolling or something!

        1. Great, now I’m being copied?!
          Stop copying me!
          I’ve never even used the word troll!

  4. Mega Man is one of the mascots that will be very in place in SSB Universe, after all, he was born in the same console and years of many of the other

  5. I’m just confused as to why he can’t oversee the testing done by someone else? Seems like a really weird excuse. Can’t he still direct without being the specific person to test?

    1. He can still direct the game, it’s not like he’s doing any heavy coding or something. Maybe its hindering his playtesting, which he shouldn’t be doing on his own in the first place.

    2. He probably wants to make sure the physics and motions and reaction times and everything look and feel JUST RIGHT to him. In the same way a director for a movie would change a camera angle or the delivery of a line by watching the scene first, he’d know if something needed changing by playing it. The best directors do this stuff themselves because then they know for sure it’s up to THEIR standards, not someone else’s.

  6. How can I not be worry seeing that he worked his ass off at the point he had a Wrist Injury? I can wait for smash bros, right now it’s his health first above all.

  7. Sakurai being modest lol. Such a nice guy. We all respect you Sakurai we just want whats best for you. But if you say not to worry, well okay…

  8. Shulk confirmed for Smash Bros. His injury was due to not being able to wield the Monado.
    I’m a terrible person.

  9. What a trooper! He is definitely in the top three developers of all time (Shigeru Miyamoto, Masahiro Sakurai, and Hideo Kojima. Funny thing is, all three of them are good friends.)

  10. Sakurai, you know we respect you for your work, but your plea won’t work this time.
    At least, not on me.
    You’re developing the next generation of my favorite fighting series of all time.
    You’re also developing the series’ very first foray into the hand-held space.
    You’ve got an immeasurable talent for this, but you’re not super-human.
    If you get some sort of permanent injury over this, because you didn’t slow down when you needed to despite work that was calling to you to get done, and it ends with you having to step down from future development because you can’t use that arm anymore…..
    Well, let’s just say, I reserve my right to worry, Mr. Sakurai.
    I don’t need to know you personally to care about and encourage the man who’s crucial to making one of the best games out there.
    So, no, I will not stop worrying, and I will not stop playing.
    I suggest that YOU, start recovering, so that you can keep on developing, and playing WITH us, long into the future.

  11. That’s a relief, I need him to give me ideas how to have the Vita and PS4 have a releationship with the upcoming Nintendo exculsive game I’m trying to copy. With Nintendo… I”m nothing.

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