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Crytek Says Traditional Single Player Has To Go, Become Online Single Player


Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli firmly believes that the traditional single player mode that we all play needs to be abolished and instead be replaced with an online single player mode. Yerli told IGN that he’s not saying that there will be no single-player experiences, instead it could be it’s called Connected Single-Player or Online Single-Player.

“I think the notion of a single-player experience has to go away. However, I’m not saying that there will be no single-player experiences … it could be it’s called Connected Single-Player or Online Single-Player instead.”

“Online and social can reignite single-player in a new type of context and provide benefits that will make you want to be a part of a connected story-mode rather than a disconnected story-mode. Sure, if the technology forces you to play a traditional single-player game online, that doesn’t make sense but if it’s offering actual benefits to be online then you want to be part of it.”

148 thoughts on “Crytek Says Traditional Single Player Has To Go, Become Online Single Player”

    1. clearly… his company is also saying that new gameplay mechanics and precise control have got to go as well. The only thing that matters is the graphics!

          1. I always thought that graphics mattered to a certain point, such as to convey a sense of realism (ie, facial expressions, environments, etc.) but you should never make it a selling point. Xenoblade has amazing environments, Viewtiful Joe has a cell-shaded look that STILL holds up, in my opinion, but the graphics aren’t necessarily “good”. There’s a difference between GRAPHICS and ART STYLE, but for some reason people point to graphics as the thing that matters immediately instead of what they can do with the art style. Okami for instance, Viewtiful Joe, Wind Waker, Skyward Sword, Braid, Bit.Trip series. Stylized stuff.

    2. It’s actually genius. But it’s been done. He really should get with the times. Miiverse has already made every game for the wii u a multiplayer game. soon it will come to 3ds making every nintendo made game a multiplayer experience.

      1. It makes it a shared experience, but not a multiplayer experience, since you don’t interact with other players in the game itself. (Although Nintendo Land is a special case.)

        1. But it’s still kind of fun to look at what other people are saying about the game, IN the game, but it’s never going to kick you off because the servers are too full. It’s just an interesting thing without being too invasive. Good comment, ps. :P

    1. i agree lol. and whos is crytek to say ANYTHING about game design? all they have going for them is an engine, and while the engine is very pretty, they have yet to produce a game with it that is remotely memorable beyond the graphical standpoint. all three crysis games have bland uninteresting storymodes and a somewhat more interesting multiplayer which is easily forgotten. they are in no place to preach where the gaming industry should go.

    2. I know right ? fuck off crytek! This is just an absurd statement. OK Leaderboards and smacking up your friends Zombi in ZombiU was awesome in singleplayer , and I’m all for that.

      Some games need to be offline for Single player FFS. a Multiplayer mode should be an optional extra and should never be the focus of a game unless it’s an FPS or an MMO …

  1. No thank you. I prefer Single-Player games to Multiplayer by a long shot. I’d rather give up gaming than not have a single-player experience.

  2. Interesting idea. Spore comes to my mind, with its single player mode but connected some how to your friend’s creations.

  3. You know people play games sometimes for the same reason they read books? I don’t want an idiot from across the globe chatting to me about stuff i don’t care about while I’m in the most exciting part of a story

  4. That social netshitting goes too far !!!!! Bad enough that it infected the 360 & PS3 but I won’t let it destroy the gaming industry!!!!

    I guess I’ll have to DDOS Facebook with a bot-network. ^^

        1. No you don’t. In a lot of games you can post to Miiverse and see posts while playing a game. In New Super Mario Bros. U, Miiverse posts pop up on the map screen. It’s pretty neat.

          1. but still. you can play on your Wii U without internet connection. What this guy wants is what SimCity has: If you have no internet you can’t play

    1. And Metroid (; Though, i’m not gonna lie, I think a Metroid Prime game with an online multiplayer option would Knock Call Of Duty right out of the Water. :P (The single Player would still be the most Important aspect of course) :P

      1. jesus i love metroid an the metroid prime games so much, if am honest i bought my wii u day 1 for £450 just so i could play metroid prime 4 by retro studios,an even though it aint even confirmed,iam pretty sure its on the way,an hope its retros secret game,built on the new engine they have been working on, nintendo an the wii u needs a killer fps, or should i say First Person Adventure, anyway even to this day the prime trilogy on my wii in 480p looks awesome! the texture clarity,an art is some of the best in the industry,can you imagine what they would achieve on a hd console like the wii u? an the gamepad would be perfect for it,although i would want to be able to play with motion plus too, prime 1 an 2 with the wiimote is a near religious experience! i love zelda an mario, but for some reason, metroid games have always hit the spot for me,the sci fi element,an the game play is just kick ass! please nintendo hurry up an release a damn prime game on wii u,i can think of no other studio or game to showcase what the wii u is capable of,an the hd power! an also to demonstrate the gamepad proof of concept!

  5. No.
    I’m not against online single player stuff like in ZombiU, and Dark Souls and if people can ad something worth while, yes.

    But i like games that stay single player in its purest form, you, the controller, tv, nothing more.

  6. There are sadly lots of greedy idiots like him in the industry. These people can’t accept that game buyers want to own their games like they always have. They’re so afraid you’ll keep playing your old games they’re all dreaming of selling you a service that means you’ll have to keep paying them to keep playing.

  7. What. The. Fuck?

    This is as consistent as saying nobody should read ever a book alone on their couch anymore.

  8. There are sadly lots of greedy idiots like him in the industry. These people can’t accept that game buyers want to own their games like they always have. They’re so afraid you’ll keep playing your old games they’re all dreaming of selling you a service that means you’ll have to keep paying them to keep playing.

  9. How about no.
    It’s like he’s talking about a complex Miiverse, it’s fine as it is.
    Not all games need to be online you know. Just look at Arkham City. No online, but excellent game.

  10. Crytek needs to go andso does ea blizzard activision and any other company trying to destroy the gaming universe by their greed.

    1. I love innovations but distracting us from the reason people play single player games is evil. I love the zelda games because of its focus and I play Mario or cod for its interaction.

  11. This translates into “I’m trying to find a justification for forcing online only gaming so that no one priates my games.” Maybe if there was some very creative use for it, but traditional single player should never go away. I don’t want my hobby to be dictated by whether or not I have an internet connection or if there is a problem with there servers or if they need to run maintenance or ….etc.

  12. Why does everyone think that making games more “social” is the answer to everything. I absolutely hate playig online. I would rather play videogames by myself. I want videogame story modes for an escape into another universe. Not so I can talk to friends(or more likely people I dont know). If I want to do that I will actually leave my goddamn house to do so!

  13. They gotta think outside of their own box, they’re still some people that are less fortunate to have dial up internet or they have no internet at all, which is why offline modes particularly single player will never die out

  14. It’s about money and nothing else to these people. I am quite happy with my single player games. I am not interested in playing online. If I was, I would be building a game PC.

    1. On the contrary, PC gamers usually tend to “disagree” with online DRM. It’s the current console generation (Mostly Microsoft’s idea) that really forced this social media bullshit on us.

  15. Sure lets take advice about single player games from a company that thinks graphics are more important than gameplay.

  16. Isn’t Nintendo already moving in this direction with Miiverse?

    Sony is doing the same with all their social features as well.

  17. The Nintendo Reviewer

    I respectfully disagree. Games should be have modes that can be accessed without online connectivity.

  18. Miiverse integration is as far as I’m willing to go in terms of “online single player.” I can still connect with people, but at the same time there’s no one getting in the way of the immersion I’m experiencing.

    1. I agree. Anything beyond Miiverse wouldn’t make any sense for single player games like Zelda.

  19. These guys seem desperate to pull the industry in the wrong direction.
    … Sometimes I think Miyamoto and those guys look at these young upstarts and share a good laugh! Then they sigh…

  20. Yea I’m cool reject me and 1000 cocks of space pirate will fuck u without hesitateing along with your mom

  21. Let’s make our wireless connections as constant as telephone ground lines. After that, I won’t be worried so much about connection breaking off when I play those kinds of online single player games.

    1. There are too many place outside of a decent network area for that kind of plan to be feasible any time in the near future, though.
      We aren’t jacked into the Matrix, here. Our net has to improve a LOT more before any sort of plans like what you’re talking about can actually happen.

  22. No screw that. I will take my single player over online anyday. So I guess with him that means no Zelda or Metroid and such Pff Crytek is a bunch of baboons.

  23. NOO, that’s why I like halo,you have a choice. Single plyer off line, and multiplayer campaign online. But seriously single player games like skyrim should NOT go. I love single player games as much as I love multiplayer, but I believe they should not go.

  24. Then that means its NOT single player… I thought the words SINGLE PLAYER where pretty obvious for a company who is smart enough to make their own engine… I’m starting to think they never made the Cryengine now and it was all Epic’s idea.

  25. I do not understand why we have to be logged onto the outside world to do something in the privacy of our own homes. If I want to play a game of solitaire, it doesn’t concern anyone else. If I want to play with others, check message and leaderboards or post my records, I will login. That’s how it’s supposed to work. Having to be logged in is more of a pain than it might be perceived. Where I live, we lose the net occasionally due to weather. If I have to be logged on to play, it renders my game virtually useless some of the time. Hardly the experience I am looking for. Oh well. I guess I can talk to my family…

  26. While I do believe there is some truth to this, to say that single player without any online integration has to go? That, my friend, is insanity.

  27. “online single player is the future” is pretty much what he is saying.. hmmmm~
    how about no, because once those servers go offline guess what your $40-$60 dollar purchase is useless~

  28. If he firmly believes that, then he’s asking for the Legend of Zelda series to be abolished because technically, it’s a single player game.

    I hope he’s joking.

  29. Besides a couple of MMORPGs. I dont play any games online. Multi Player is the least important thing to me. If this every became a reality. I could care less about gaming.

  30. I really hate seeing a focus on social networking. Hell, I hate hearing “Facebook and Twitter.” It’s one of those stupid things you can’t kill by boycotting it.

  31. I’ll have to disagree. The reason I play videogames is the single player mode, to begin with. When you are alone with the controller and your TV and there’s no one around. Sure multiplayer (offline or online) is fun and all, but is not the BEST thing in most games…

    It would require a lot of modifications in order to do what he is saying, that is if everyone else agrees with his idea…
    Besides, do we need really Internet for everything? I’d say we are getting way too dependent on it.

  32. That is the stupidest thing ever, single player has been a staple in video games since the first day they arrived. Games like Zelda aren’t made for multi-player unless you want all the games like Four Swords, Also not all people are lucky enough to have an Internet connection so they couldn’t play single player even if they wanted too.
    Really I think Crytek just think that every game is an FPS where people play online and scream at each other.
    If Crytek think single player is going to go away then they can think twice because it will never be going, they can go multi-player only for all I care because it won’t effect me as I never buy any of there games as they don’t appeal to me at all.

  33. He has an interesting idea, but he’s attempting to apply it to everything which doesn’t work.

    What he’s talking about is very much what the Wii U provides: a social network on the side with the ability to say leave messages in the game for others to see, post videos and screenshots, or compare high scores. It gives us the sense that we’re not alone (like ZombiU) without having to include others in your unique and epic experience.

    It sounds good at first glance, but he appears to take it to the extreme like EA and honestly I like my privacy too. When I play my singleplayer game, I expect the immersion to be good enough to not require an online presence. I’m satisfied with posting a screenshot or video or leaving a message on a forum and that’s all.

    I also dislike anything that forces me to do something like maintain an internet connection to play it. What if the internet is down, is too slow or you don’t have it all? I believe keeping an internet requirement out of a singleplayer game is essential. If the game however is strictly multiplayer, then by all means make it that way.

    I don’t need or want to have messages littered around my games and especially, I don’t want companies to track my usage, market to me anywhere outside of a shop or know everything about me. That’s creepy, wrong and scares me that this kind of crap is becoming the norm.

    I sent in a tip to Sickr about privacy and EA’s new approach to “connectivity” in their products and services which unfortunately was ignored and frankly scares me. For those that care:

  34. Online single player? Oh, you mean multiplayer. I bet he refers to everything in some indirect and weird way like that.”Are you hungry, Cevat?” “No, I just lack food.”

  35. So if I can’t afford to pay for internet I can’t play video games anymore? No, fuck you Crytek. This whole fucking market is going to shit because everyone believe that just because cheap 99cent games sell on a cell phone and tablet that it’s the new medium for how to market everything. Now please tell me the point of ONLINE single player? That’s called MULTIPLAYER, fucking idiots.

  36. The day Crytek could give to the entire world a 10 megas (at least) of internet connection i will believe in this shit, until then good luck sucking Diablo III Balls

  37. He must not have payed attention to the amount of ppl who feared of a console that NEEDS wifi to work. That obviouslyS tells us that people don’t want online all the time n se don’t have wifi

  38. At first I was like No No No. But then I read the whole article, not just the bad parts. And kind of can understand it, its a little bit like what Nintendoland already does.

    Below is a quote from the article that clarifies his statements.

    “Online and social can reignite single-player in a new type of context and provide benefits that will make you want to be a part of a connected story-mode rather than a disconnected story-mode. Sure, if the technology forces you to play a traditional single-player game online, that doesn’t make sense but if it’s offering actual benefits to be online then you want to be part of it.”

  39. I don’t think he said anything wrong, the way we experience games has changed. Single player games are now more integrated with a social environment. Take for example Nintendo Land and Mario bros. U: Even when we are playing Single Player, we are still connected and thought the Miiverse we can play together, sharing our experience on Mario posting spoilers like Hiden levels, or our accomplishments on Nintendo Land mini-games.

    I think if developers find a balance between “social components” and ”game concept” it can bring new things and enhance the single player experience. but no game should ever be created around it, it needs to match the concept design.

      What is so damn wrong with staying with a single player campaign?
      That is the ONE thing, yes, the ONE AND ONLY thing about video games that I still like, and this douchenobblet wants to screw that up?
      What a pile of garbage!!!!!

    2. Except we aren’t actually forced into those things with Nintendo Land and MBU. If we want to, we can disconnect from the internet and the games will still be more than entertaining.
      What this guy from Crytek is talking about, is abolishing that form of game and making all one-player experiences tied into social networking for a large part of their entertainment value, rather than having those things being nice little extras that don’t take away from the game itself whether they’re used or not.
      Crytek needs to quit trying to play the guiding light for the future of gaming.
      They’ll lead us right into a pit from which there is no crawling back out of.

  40. “New experience” really means that they want to charge you extra for the WHOLE game, not just multiplayer.

  41. Ok, Crytek may have the best game engine ever made, but this is where I heavily disagree with them to the point of calling them completely insane. I think the guys at Crytek would be surprised by how many people out there don’t have internet, and also how many need to occasionally cancel their internet to pay bills. I really get tired of developers saying that the future is an online only future, because there are plenty of people out there who cannot stay connected on a constant basis. As such, there must be forms of offline gameplay to compliment every gamer out there, including the ones who cannot stay connected, which is why building a console that requires an internet connection to function is such a terrible idea, all you’re doing is limiting your audience. The only way an internet only future can happen is if we reach a point where it is absolutely insane to think of a normal person who doesn’t have internet, and as crazy as it sounds, no. We have not reached that point yet. Even people who have internet may occasionally need to cancel it to pay bills.

    Not only that, but there are tons of different types of games who’s main purpose is to tell an epic cinematic story, which simply doesn’t need an internet connection, and only adds to complication. Look at Uncharted 2. Do you really think that game needs to be connected to other players during the campaign to be better? No, it would only complicate things. Why add something that simply isn’t necessary, nor makes anything better? It makes no sense. Uncharted 2s entire goal is to tell an epic story while slapping multiplayer onto it for a bit more longevity. How about Xenoblade? Again, it is trying to tell a story. Why is a constant connection to other players in-game needed?

    Crytek seems to be talking as if multiplayer is the end all be all for gaming, period, and great single player is no longer needed. And any gamer with half a brain cell knows that’s complete bullshit. If the developers want to make their games online only, I’m all for it IF it has purpose. If the games main goal is to tell a story, then making it online only is pointless. If the game wants to go for an MMO style though, then by all means go ahead and make it online only. But to say offline single player has to go away entirely is just a stupid thing to say.





  43. I agree. In fact, I say we need to take it further still. Abolish single player entirely – and multiplayer!

    When I boot my game up I want to see a person’s head rendered in 1 billion polygons spinning slowly in space.

  44. “Crytek Says Traditional Single Player Has To Go, Become Online Single Player”

    Um… well I shall continue to avoid buying your games. Now, where did Mr. Cage from Quantic Dream get to? I like that guy…

  45. They just say this cause they failed at making a single and multiplayer in Crysis 3. If you’re gonna suck, either give it more time to be awesome, or narrow the aspects so that even if it isn’t that much, what’s there is amazing and has plenty of replay value. But no, Crytek just loves to make games that “set the bar” from a graphical standpoint. If they took half the time to make the game that they spent making their pretty graphics then they wouldn’t have a problem. Brand alone may sell a game, but it sure as hell won’t keep the scores high. You screw up, then you if you’re lucky, most of your fans will give you one more chance. If not, you’ll get screwed over for screwing your fanbase. You think seeing what happened with the original Ninja Gaiden 3 and Resident Evil 6 would have made this obvious. It all comes down to getting the gameplay right, and Crytek, you failed

  46. That’s horrible, I remember sitting in my room in the dark going through a story driven game that pulls you in so much your eyes water and you miss school the next day… The lets get rid of that and make half arsed games that we can update throughout the year (until the inevitable sequel) stop focusing on graphics and online gameplay a good game is fun to turn on and play not turn on wait to connect to the Internet join a game wait a bit more and then the only thing different is a bush is a lighter shade of green. I hate what’s happening to the industry there’s sacrificing epic storylines and fun gameplay for who can interrupt you the most on this game. I dont want my experience hindered by not having an Internet connection, especially my single player because that story is just for me!

  47. How about developers just make their games to play in whatever way they want to, and call it a day? You can make your online single player games, Mr. Yerli, but don’t say crap like “it has to be this way”.

    1. And dont except it to sell…
      We all know Diablo 3 sold moderatly well, mostly because you got it with 1 year subs to wow, and most people didnt know about the always online shit.

  48. Holy crap. NO! I want to be able to OWN my game and be able to play at any time I want.. What the heck is wrong with him? He must be under some sort of monopoly control.

  49. Western companies are destroying the game industry now aswell!
    Is that what they only love? Money? more money? and even more money?
    Fucking waste of life.
    Connected online just to play single player?
    Why don’t you die first Cryshit? And everyone who supports this pathetic stupid insane idea!

  50. That makes sense… coz making single player game cannot profit or benefits well to the company and take more risk when its a new IP unlike MMO or Online has the lifespan for years. Beta test, we consumers are the tester. Company saves money. Free to play, still can make money for advertising and definitely Microtransactions. oh well it’s business.

  51. This guy has to realize that high speed internet has not gone global yet. Any developer or console developer has to realize this. I doubt we’ll have global high speed until 25 years time and at a low cost. I stay away from games that require internet connection for multiplayer or even some single player options. As for the Crysis game… never played either and I doubt that I will.

  52. Traditional Single Player should always live on. I like the idea of online single player, I really do, but some people don’t have wifi and the other accessories like mics and keyboards and such. Traditional Single Player should stay, especially to does (bullshit) companies who charge to play online. Another thing is that (in my personal opinion) I love playing online while in Single Player Mode. I love for people to message me and ask me to join a game and such.

  53. Don’t know if it has been said already but dark souls is proof that single player online can work. You don’t have to be connected to play dark souls but if you do connect you can see other players as ghosts in your game. Of course inviting players to play is optional but it is cool to know that other people are playing the game as well. It’s a happy medium.

  54. Yeah, how about freaking no, some people play games not to f***** socialize, if i want an online experience i’ll play multiplayer games, how insane can people be to say bull**** like this

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  56. Theres a slight problem. What if I want to play my game but at that point, I have no internet connecion (because, lets say im camping outdoors or something like that)? Game studios are trying to force supervised gameplay on us. Thats why I dont like Steam and Orgin. I dont like middlemen. I want to play the product I bought in the privacy of my computer and not onlilne. If I choose to share my stats or multiplay than I’ll set up an online account. Thats how it’s supposed to work.

  57. I actually had to look up at the URL to check I wasn’t on P4Rgaming, when I read this shit, since it was so unbelievable. I can’t believe this retard. The games industry sure is going downhill… Maybe a 2nd Great Video Game crash would actually do us some good. Clean away the idiots like this from the industry, and start with a clean slate.

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