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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS Online Multiplayer Workaround Coming To The West


Nintendo Europe has confirmed that the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate online mulitplayer workaround for Nintendo 3DS is coming to the West. The Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Packet Relay Tools for Nintendo 3DS will be made available as a free download on the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. The company states that this application allows players of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Nintendo 3DS to play the game online by using a Wii U console connected to the Internet via the Wii LAN Adapter or Wii U LAN Adapter (to be sold separately). Using this set-up, one Nintendo 3DS system can connect to the Wii U console, and play Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate online with other players. Please note that while the Wii U console is providing this function for the Nintendo 3DS system, it is not possible to simultaneously use the Wii U console for playing Wii U software or to connect locally to another Nintendo 3DS system. A copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Wii U is not required.

43 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS Online Multiplayer Workaround Coming To The West”

  1. I don’t see why companies never straight-up give what the customer asks for… First Rayman delay from Ubi, now needing a Wii U for 3ds online from Capcom.

  2. That’s a great scam. If you want to use online on your 3DS, just buy another, more expensive product! I’m sure Nintendo virgins will do this. HAHAHAHA

  3. I don’t understand why the 3DS version can’t go online as well.. the 3DS has the technology… it boggles my mind.

    1. It just how this version was coded, in japan is easier to interact whit strangers using the 3ds local network.

    2. Because it is capcom! So when monster hunter 4 come out, they make more money, because it have online play on the portable!

      and you know what? the worst part is that those games are so fucking amazing, that we will fall on these traps. we are not the players guys, publishers are.

  4. Well that is a solution for some people (Those who have a Wii U, a 3DS and a copy of MH3U for the 3DS) but not for those that only have a 3DS and a copy of MH3U

  5. The worst part of it actually is, even if you do own a Wii U, you still have to get the Lan Adapter. Big, big letdown.

  6. I don’t get this .. As Game here in UK are selling the 3ds and WiiU version together in a set – which I was thinking off getting .. As I thought you can play the game online on the WiiU then transfer your save game over to the 3ds and play on the move .. Is this possible ?

    Cos now I’m getting confused –
    You can’t play the game online without an adaptor on the WiiU ?

    1. You are supposed to be able to transfer, but there was no online on the 3DS version.

      I don’t understand the point to this.

    2. When you’re home you play the Wii U version which is capable of going online wasn’t any external devices or anything. When you’re going out you transfer your save to the 3DS to play on the go, then when you come you transfer it back and play online on the big screen (or offline if you desire)

  7. None of the playstation audience complained that the PSP versions weren’t online, so it caught Capcom off guard when the 3DS fans demanded it. 3DS fans are used to a slightly higher standard of gaming.

    1. No it’s just that the reason the PSP version sold was due to the local multiplayer which is popular in japan. Nobody in japan complained about having no online, that’s more of a western thing

  8. So, will this allow you to bring the 3ds on the go or will you need to stay relatively close to the WiiU in order to play the mh3 for 3ds online?

  9. Uuuuuhhhh this isn’t a workaround. It’s the way it works for everyone else. A workaround would be working around having to use the adapter attached to the console that you aren’t using to play the game to go online. This is absolutely ridiculous. I was absolutely stoked about getting this game, but if you have to tether to the console to play online, it defeats the entire purpose of it being portable. Forget it.

    1. @SneakyRebelNinja
      …”but if you have to tether to the console to play online, it defeats the entire purpose of it being portable. Forget it.”
      That’s actually a very valid point. This work around seems kind of like a mess. Although…to me, for some reason… it sounds kind of cool connecting 3DS to Wii U. Still it seems inconvenient.

      1. You might as well just get the Wii U version. I guess with this, you would only need the one copy. Frankly, I would forgo the mobility and just get the home console version. I can play other things on the go.

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  11. Well, it’s an improvement, but by no means does this fix the main issue with the 3DS version. What they’re saying is you can play online from the 3DS if you have it connected to the Wii U with a LAN adapter, but that still means that online is only available when near the Wii U. Now why would I buy the 3DS version just to do what I’ll be doing with the Wii U version? This still means I can’t play online on the 3DS version itself when I’m out and about and connected to a nearby wifi network, so this hardly fixes the issue at all. Sorry, but I’m still only getting the Wii U version. If the 3DS version had online by default, I would get it along with the Wii U version. But without, I see no point in spending the extra $40. The 3DS version is still a single player only game unless you go to a friends house who has a Wii U AND an adapter.

  12. No you don’t tether your 3DS to your Wii-U. This article is just very badly written.
    Your Wii-U needs to have a wired connection to the internet because the wireless signal is being used to broadcast to the 3DS instead.

    Basically its setup like this
    Router——wired connection——Wii-U~~~~wirelss~~~~3DS

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