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Check Out This Japanese Commercial For Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Nintendo has released a Japanese commercial for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, also known as Luigi’s Mansion 2, which is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. The action-adventure game first hits Japan on March 20th, then arrives in North America on the 24th, and then finally lands in Europe and Australia on the 28th of the same month. When it’s released, consumers will be able to purchase a physical copy of the game from retailers, or they can download the digital version from the Nintendo eShop.

Thanks, Daan.

32 thoughts on “Check Out This Japanese Commercial For Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon”

  1. I seriously am so excited for this game. Can’t wait, better yet it comes out on my birthday :) (In my region)

          1. Yeah I ain’t, I hate the “swagbros” as well. I was big with Sony once, but, frankly, the games are just getting boring now, Nintendo just have that factor with me that just makes me come back for more. My Vita is becoming a dust collector now (Using my 3DS more often). My PC handles most multiplats alright anyway (plus I’ll be getting a Wii U soon), So Sony will have to pull out some big games for me to come back.

            Btw sorry about the insults before :P I thought you were being a fanboy (Which I was totally wrong about :P )

    1. Well, can’t make the judgement till we’ve actually played it ;) But so far, I nearly will have to agree with you (except for Gravity Rush, that shit is amazing)

      1. I feel sorry for Sony kind of. They offered great games like Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid, and Ratchet & Clank, but all the little swagbros like yourself wanted is CoD and rehashed sports games. Now Sony has has become a sell-out and they only make crap like Killzone and Resistance. I wonder why The Last Guardian was canceled. Probably cause the swagbros booed it for having creativity.

        1. I don’t like CoD nor sports games, stop assuming. Sony actually has very little I want at the moment. At this stage, I’m just gaming on PC and Nintendo.

            1. Long story short, I thought you were a fanboy (which I will happily admit I was wrong about) I do apologize.

  2. Just a hunch, but I think this will make an appearance on the WiiU and will be announced/confirmed @ E3. I really want this game but I might just wait until E3 although it’s probably closer to wishful thinking then a hunch and even further from reality but I would prefer to play it on the WiiU. Great commercial though.

      1. The only problem with hunches is that they are hunches ;) Sooo…I brought it to the attention of my magic 8 ball and it said “Yes, definitely” so I think were good on this one.

  3. This commercial definitely shows more gameplay, which is awesome, but I think America’s commercial does the best job selling it through a kind of immersion. I don’t know. I liked America’s commercial the most, but this one is definitely great too. I can’t complain. Can’t wait for this game!

  4. LOL, the Narrator kills me. I think this is definetly gonna be a top seller. :P

    (oh and as much as I want a luigi’s mansion to be on the Wii U I would rather have a Paper Mario U). (;

  5. Japanese language always sounds like they’re ending sentences with the word “moss (or mas). SO many sentences ends this way when you pay close attention. Especially in speeches when Miyamoto etc. is talking at conferences. What’s my point? I don’t know?

  6. Pretty cool commercial. Not sure if the narrator is funny or annoying as hell, but I loved how much of the game they showed and some of his reactions to what happened on screen.

    Luigi’s Mansion 2/Dark Moon looks like it’ll be a fantastic game.

  7. Bring that exact same commercial to North America. Don’t even change the language. I’d buy 2 more 3DSes and 5 Copies of Luigi’s Mansion 2. I’d also pre order 4 Copies of Luigi’s Mansion 3

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