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LEGO City Undercover Scores High In First Review

lego_city_undercover_rex_furyGame Informer has published its review of LEGO City Undercover, which releases later this month exclusively for Wii U. The publication awarded the open world video game with an 8.5 out of 10. The reviewer, Game Informer’s Jeff Cork, said the game is ‘one of the funniest games he’s played in a while,’ and that its replay value is ‘moderately high.’ Cork also said that while platforming in the game is a weak spot, the developer did a great job of incorporating the Wii U GamePad. Feel free to read an excerpt from the review below.

It isn’t perfect, but I can’t think of another Wii U game that I’d recommend more than Lego City Undercover. It’s the most interesting and highly polished game in TT Games’ large repertoire, and it fills an important game gap. Now kids (and their parents) can tool around in a big town where people smile even as you almost run them over in an ice-cream truck.

-Game Informer’s Jeff Cork

77 thoughts on “LEGO City Undercover Scores High In First Review”

    1. I am certainly drunk, but you and all you haters out there are a bunch of fucking tools. Seriously, get some fucking lives. You take the time out of your pathetic lives to hop on a Site to try to trash a fucking console? Even if you don’t like it, give it the homage it fucking well deserves for creating the majority of which it seems you so worship you fucking pathetic twat. Perhaps you should get a life and girl friend or boy friend as it might fit then realize that gaming is a pass time not a way of life you dumb shit. So fuck the hell off you stupid cunt. If you actually played the system you might realize that it is fun as hell.

      1. I do have one and it is fun but the lack of games is a little frustrating although I have recently fired it up to download runner 2 which is a pretty fun game….and sorry for the sarcasm but I’m pretty pissed at the vita and wiiu at the moment I’m sure that will change later this year but still.

    1. Both game series are great. Sometimes something lighthearted is good, and sometimes something a little moe gritty is better. I personally prefer both as I love all kinds of games.

    2. I will purchase both, Lego City and GTA, what do you think about that? Also, based on your comment, I doubt you’re even mature enough to play this game nevermind GTA.

    3. Gee, imagine someone wanting to laugh at a funny story instead of beating the shit out of a bunch of hookers and thugs. Grow up and realize it is a very possible reality that you might never get laid cause you treat women and people like shit. Grow the fuck up.

      1. Concerning MOF, the disapointment although justified, a rating of 4.7/10 is way off the mark and I what I will call a “TTR”. Temper Tantrum Rated. I find that to be self explaining but if you want me to elaborate I can. Mof deserves a better rating then that more like a 7/10.

        1. If a game actually causes TTR, its normally for a good reason…
          It’s like some games that are good the first time you play them then horrible or boring the second time (Skyward Sword, MGS4), most people who actualy have the game or are reviewing it have had a similar reaction, its just not a well made game.

          1. I do agree with you, but I just don’t agree with a 4.7/10. It’s very low and deserves higher. I had fun playing it for the most part, it is what it is I guess.

          2. games that are good the first time and boring the second time ? This is very, very personal. that´s the problem with the IGN reviews, they´re just too personal, they should be more technical and less bias

            1. That happens all the time with games.
              A game will initially draw you in with charm and especially if its a new game in a series, like Zelda. I mean come on, after every Zelda game people are always like “OH ITS THE BEST ONE!” Then time passes and people realise, “actually its not”, i had that effect with Skyward Sword. Its not a phenomenon.

              But if a game just makes you feel like shit all the way through, its just bad

              1. That’s how I always looked at it. The first Zelda I ever played was Ocarina of Time and my opinion on it was “BEST GAME EVAR”, then I played Wind Waker, same reaction, but I actually meant it with Wind Waker.

                It’s just something created by hype, that forces you into thinking something is great because you and everyone else wants it to be great.

  1. Cool, I hoped this game would get a good score and it did. By far one of the only games I would want a wii U at the moment. I hope the 3DS prequal scores well as I am excited for that game. Also I havea 3DS that is hungry for more good games!

  2. Game Informer rating a 3rd party Wii U exclusive very good and giving it a 8.5??? *gasp* the world really is coming to an end! This is great news

    1. Yeah I think I will get all 3 of these games in due time. I might only be able to get 2 out of 3 on opening week so NFS will be the one I’ll be waiting on.

    2. I love the LEGO games and will get City Undercover and NFS too, however MH — from what I experienced from the demo — was a huge pile of dogshit. Worst game I’ve tried in years. Litterly (pun)

      1. I didn’t like it at first either to be honest, wasn’t what I was expecting to say the least. The more I played it though the better I liked it. I have a couple of IRL friends i’ll be playing it with, i think it will end up being a great game and that the demo really didn’t do the game justice.

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    1. Interesting. Although I can only give NSMBU an 8/10 it doesn’t mean that Lego City is over rated by game informer. In actuality 8/10 is the max score I could give to any of the NSMB games. -1.0 for too many “1ups” and -1.0 for unlimited continues. The gameplay is spectacular though and I can see why they gave it such a high rating.

      1. Something tells me you haven’t played the “Impossible” pack for NSMB2 on 3DS.
        You’ll be thankful for all of those 1-ups, and it’d give you the challenge you crave.

        1. You’re right, I havn’t played that but from how you describe it maybe I will sometime. In all honesty though, I havn’t even finished NSMB2 so I can’t even rate that one. I just couldn’t get into it, NSMBU on the other hand, I couldn’t put it down. I finished the game with 99 lives in the bank and w/o even using a continue, and yet I had unlimited continues to use anyways.

          1. Dude you’re missing out on one of the greatest Mario challenges of all time. Collecting 1 million coins? The “impossible” pack? Time trials via streetpass? It’s all there if you really want a challenge.

            1. Hmm, Eric and yourself are really starting to make me wonder why I didn’t give it much of a chance or couldn’t get into it. I only played the first few levels, maybe an hr of actual in game-time. I think I will revisit nsmb2 after all. I just finished Mof, I havn’t even opened Kid Icarus or Fire Emblem yet though, bought them when I bought MOF, I blame my tax refund, I bought so many damn games including preorders. Anyways, I guess I will give nsmb2 another go before I get into the others.

              1. Well im playing it now(nsmb2), restarting from the beginning though. I have so many screens running right now, posting this from my gamepad, have the news on the tv, and the 2 screens from my 3ds. It’s quite a sight lol.

                  1. I was thinking about taking a picture sometime with all of those things as well as include my laptop and desktop pc which also has a seperate monitor and have them all running, but it would be hard to get the pc in the picture though, would definitely have to move some things.

      2. I just don´t understand why -1 for unlimited continues in NSMBU. Pratically every game today have unlimited continues..

        1. Exactly. How many games nowadays do you have to restart from the beginning when you run out of lives?

        2. This is what I tell everyone! The 1-up mushrooms are more of a novelty item. If they took them out, people would probably complain.

        3. Maybe I can explain what I mean, i’ll try. I need to be penalized for failing in a video game to justify the effort I put into it in order to succeed. If I can fail over and over w/o penalty then what’s the point? I feel that this is the reason people keep saying “Oh, it’s just another FPS or Plarformer or whatever” which in turn also ends up causing people to loose interest in gaming itself. If people had to struggle more to finish games I think they would respect them a lot more. I think the reason games are becoming easier and easier is because publishers or developers want you to finish the game quickly so you can buy the next one.

  4. This game looks amazing, ever since Ubisoft shafted Wii U owners, I’ve been super hyped for this game.

  5. It’s fascinating how ever since the Wii came out, third party games have never received above 8.5 while CoD and such games for the most part always get 9.0 minimum.
    It’s pathetic how many believes that online is a must for a game to be fun.
    Creativity should be rewarded more if the game is good.

    1. I would in all honesty give COD 6.5 for repetitiveness and ensheepling lol. Even PAC man has more strategy than COD.

  6. That’s good after Mirror of Fates disappointment….although i still dont own a WiiU D: yet.

    Next up is Luigi’s Mansion 2 then BIOSHOCK INFIIIIINIIIIITE :3

  7. This game looks so much fun good job pre ordered along side monster hunter and nfs.Let the good times roll!

  8. But is this game any fun for people who don’t really care about LEGO or Grand Theft Auto (which I heard someone compare it to)?

    1. I certainly don’t care about either, but I do like open world adventure and light-hearted comedy, and this game stands as a unique example of mixing the two. I’m getting it just for that :)
      Plus, the game just looks quite polished.

  9. Was hoping it would score a little higher. At least a 9/10, but still 8.5/10 is really good! Can’t wait to get LEGO City: Undercover!

  10. Sickr & Alba can suck my Nuts

    I was kinda expecting this game to be crap since it was priced at $50.hmm, guess I will dust off my Weak U now.

  11. Good to hear but doesn’t matter I’m down regardless of high or low scores, this game looked high quality since the get go and it’s one reason I was an early adopter of this console. I’m In my 30’s and look forward to playing this with my kid as well as solo.

  12. ill try this when its cheap, there is to many good wii u games in the future, dont want to waste money on this but ill try this sometime in the futere

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