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Ubisoft Is Still Calling For A Wii U Price Cut


Ubisoft’s executive director for EMEA territories Alain Corre has reiterated that the company would love to see Nintendo slash the pricing of the Wii U to enable publishers to sell more games on the ailing format. However, Corre says that the company is still optimistic about the potential of the console, but he concluded by saying that when less machines sell, less games sell.

 “Always. We always want the hardware to be at a low price because we want as many fans as possible to afford to buy our games, so that’s for sure. We think that Wii U will find its public at some point. Some were expecting sales to be quicker but we are optimistic.”

“I think Nintendo has said that the Wii U sales in general were below expectations originally and the software tie-in ratio is also stable, so I think that when less machines sell, less games sell.”

76 thoughts on “Ubisoft Is Still Calling For A Wii U Price Cut”

    1. yeah ubisoft if you like wii u preci cute give free assasing creed 3 zombiu in pack premiun and gg go trolls go

      1. or, one way they could have helped boost sales, would have been to ACTUALLY RELEASE RAYMAN LEGENDS IN FEBRUARY. i really don’t think they understand the connection between software and hardware sales. i mean look at how well the 360 sold when halo 4 came out. if they wanted the system to start selling more, they would have released rayman legends in february while no other games where coming out for the system and not only would there be a boost in system sales, but the game itself would have been purchased by nearly every single wii u owner. now, since its going multiplat in september, it’ll sell moderately high .

    1. Couldnt agree more! They are seriously pissing me off recently. Especially to the Nintendo Market. I dunno, i dont like them. the PS4 will be about, double the cost, and they wont say they need one. Everyone just loves bashing on nintendo just because they can. The Only argument people having against nintendo is that its ‘gay’. It just annoys me. I realise ive got off track, i just hate how nintendo is treated when it and xbox are definately in a WAY better league than playstation is.

      1. Oh stupid Nintendo fanboys you want to know what mean bashing now i’ll tell you that stupid Nintendo with their stupid toy Wii U even PS3/360 is more powerful than that joke Wii U here that is bashing Ubisoft makes games for Nintendo and you fanboys not like them the life is so unfair anyway in my opinion Ubisoft makes big mistake for supporting Wii U

    2. They think they are the best thing since sliced bread only because they have a couple of properties which have sold well under their belt and they are starting to get to that stage where money is their “god” and they feel like they can dictate videogame doctrine to all…so they will eventually perish or turn to salt for being money-hungry pharisees!

  1. It helps developers if the price is low but it dosnt help hardware makers if you want a cheaper console ubisoft why dont you help whit the loses?

  2. I totaly agree. My 500£ (WiiU Premium + games and isureance) is yet not showing it’s value. I kinda feel ripped off! I am however certain that the next super smash, zelda and w/e nintendo can bring me will make the WiiU valuable but right now it’s a joke.

    There are possibilities that the when PS4 (or slightly before) gets launched, Nintendo will cut the prize. Now, Nintendo has “monopoly” on the next-gen console market, which is not a very good thing as new games still release to the 140 million 360/PS3 owners while the Wii only collects dust. There is no point in getting a WiiU if you gave a 360 or PS3.

    1. I spent £300 on the deluxe, and £60ish on 2 games. Those 3 games have already given me 100+ hours of gameplay, yet show no signs of slowing down on play ability.

  3. Simeon Yialeloglou

    How about, it’s not even been 6 months Ubisoft, give the system a freaking chance to get an install base before declaring “PRICE CUT, NOW!” and freaking out. Even the 3DS had a 6 month run before a price cut and it needed one way more than the Wii U does.

  4. I’m not too worried about the Wii U. Sure it’s not selling well at the moment, but it will pick up quickly later this year when it gets the update that speeds up system loading times and adds new features, more countries getting Nintendo TVii support, virtual console on the eshop and of course the main thing; the amazing games that will be announced at E3. I believe that it will be around this year’s holiday season onwards when the Wii U sales increase since we’ll see Rayman Legends, AC IV, Watch dogs and more come out around then.

  5. I think Nintendo will cut the price by the time sony’s and microsoft’s consoles hit the market. so Nintendo can stand out from the competition again, with less price and more and more games.

    1. Indeed, I believe both sony and microsoft is having a sweat that the WiiU is availible for as low as 280£ in some stroes. Expensive compared to current-gen, but really cheap for a next-gen. I don’t think the “720” or PS4 can launch with a lower price, which is why sony and microsoft want to continue in the current gen.

      Simply put, Nintendo is ahead of the mainstream market and not influencial enough to make it move with them. When Sony and MS moves to next-gen, the mainstream will either pick the path of the WiiU which will hopefully have the most games or the path much expensiver, less innovating and less game offering path of MS or Sony

      1. I’m not sure Sony and Microsoft would be too worried about the price of the Wii U. See they both plan to support the PS3 and XBOX 360 well into the life cycles of their next consoles. I think they would see the previous generation as competing with the Wii U, therefore they would both have machines as cheap or cheaper than the Wii U, whereas their next machines I believe they would see as being in a different league what with the massive increase in hardware capabilities and they could therefore charge a higher price than the Wii U (although I don’t think they will charge too much more simply because the value of a dedicated games console has changed in the mind of the consumer).

        1. Don’t be too quick in saying that, new system releases from both Microsoft and Sony will make consumers buy less of their products. The established base are not as unknowing as we make them to be. Plus the advent that nintendo unleashes it’s power houses at the time of the PS4 and xbox720 release does not bold well for sonly nor microsoft. Mario 3D and Metroid or Mario Kart might be enough for nintendo to start selling their premium bundles at the basic bundle price. A win for us gamers, like how it’s a win for families in the housing market in the US at the moment when it’s a buyer consumer enterprise.

      2. I agree with you. But I really don’t know what microsoft is gonna do. I bet they will not build a gaming console. instead they will build a machine that appeal for everyone, just like a smartphone does, and you can play games, but if you don’t play games, you might be interested too.

        1. Yeah, I am expecting a Home Entertainment Center from Microsoft or some kind of Media hub between the computer, phone and TV, rather than a console in the strict sense of the word.

          Its really an open market that only very small companies have exploited so far. Its something a big company like Microsoft or Apple could do, much like Apple did to Archos with the media tablet market.

  6. I think they should atleast wait another few months since alot of games are releasing in March. They should look at the sales when it’s about July, i’m guessing E3 this year will provide some massive hype with the new mario/mario kart and smash bros games

  7. I look forward to Ubisoft and everyone else demanding a PS4 and Xbox3 price cut when those systems sell a similar amount in their first 3 months.

    1. This^. Machines won’t sell without games, and who wants to leave all their precious games for an expensive new console without games?

    1. @Gauntlet..Thank you! I was thinking the exact same thing. Rayman Legends definitely would’ve helped. Also, while I liked Zombi U, it could’ve used some more polish. Also, the Wii U has only been out for a little over two months. Give it a year! If it doesn’t improve by that time, then we can talk!

  8. I agree with them. Look at it this way. The play station 4 is bit less than double the wii U price. However, the wii U specs are not even a third of the PS3’s specs. Which is the better bargain?

        1. He’s right. But which ones a better bargain? Wii U is cuz it has 1st party nintendo games and will have more games in general.

    1. Nevermind the specs…how on earth do you know it’s a bit less than double the price? To my knowledge, Sony haven’t said one word about how much the PS4 will cost.

  9. NINTENDO should never ever ever again let stupid stuck up western developers be the lead in launch games. These developers for years cried that nintendo dominated their own consoles by releasing them with AAAA first parties in the launch window. Well nintendo gave these morons, UBISOFT being the biggest of the developers, and what do they do? Well :

    1) Give us rushed ports EA mass effect with no real DLC, screw us over with the trilogy.
    2) Zombie U which can be improved Ubisoft with DLC ( free ) and three firmware updates. Great game still.
    3) THQ barking about the Wii U power, when we know the Beast can do need for speed most wanted with PC mechanics and visuals like a BOSS.
    4) Ubisoft delays the second system seller RAYMAN LEGENDS, but bark like it’s nintendo’s fault February is slow.
    5) Gear box slowly turning into high voltage with their promises of oh! conduit is HD with great gameplay. Take a note from criterion on how games are made High voltage morons.

    When nintendo, Capcom, TT games, Criterion, WB, Namco Bandai, SEGA sonic team, retro studios, indies and other smart developers start moving Wii U consoles. Ubisoft, rockstar and other nonsensical third parties should SHUT THEIR RATCHET CRICKET GERBEL CROW FROG BEAKS up!

    1. its like they don’t care either way, they will lose consumer trust. i never will support these 3rd parties, only the indies seem to show more value, trust, and get what you pay for, unlike these major 3rd party that put incomplete garbage on the market only to drop the price later on when its shit does not sell.

      1. revolution5268 you and KOOL C and a load of others should comment more. You see that in gaming the fault is with developers mostly, in nintendo’s case that is. Capcom makes great games like monster hunter that sell, third parties cannot make Aliens colonial marines, or Crysis graphics only 5 hour campaign and expect that to compete with Xenoblade or X, even pikmin. Games that nintendo spent eons on the game mechanics before the polish the beautiful visuals.

    2. @Gamer..Excellent points! I also feel that when the time comes for Nintendo to release new hardware again, they need to release games from the one developer the can sell a lot of units at launch.. themselves! If Nintendo takes this strategy going forward, units will move, haters will be silenced, and 3rd parties will jump aboard!

  10. Nintendo Commander

    I won’t expect a cut on the price at earliest November…
    I wonder why Pikmin 2 got delayed so much…
    It’s like similar games take longer to make than original ones…
    Just take NSMBU…took 3 years…wtf…

  11. “We are going to make all of our Wii U exclusive games available on all consoles and force Wii U owners wait five or six extra months for an already completed game. Lower your console price, Nintendo.”
    Ubisoft… Get your s*** together.

  12. There’s already a bunle and several european retailers have dropped the price by like 50 pounds/euros, what more do they want?

  13. Its not the price of the console that’s the problem, it’s the price of the games. Why the hell would I pay £50-£60 for a game that is essentially a piece of piss? Marvel Avengers B4E…..I’m looking at you…….

    1. Why can’t console games be as cheap as PC games? “development cost” yadayadayada — then why can I get a new game for half the price of the console version ?

      1. most of the time it retail cost (things like game boxes need to be made shipped put in a store and sold), granted things like the E-shop could lower there prices.

  14. Nintendo should have released the Wii U one year later because they would have uad time to beef it up more (tech gets cheaper as time goes on), make sure there would be enough resources to prevent server crashs like the one in November, release it with a blast of all exclusives (Bayonetta 2, Lego City, 101, Wind Waker, Mario Kart, 3D Mario, X and some others, streamline the OS so it isn’t slow like it is right now, give developers more time with the hardware so shit like the launch ports wouldn’t have happened and prepare the virtual console.

    With that they wouldn’t leave that “Wii U is not good” thought in people’s minds They would have easiliy sold MORE than 5.5 million until March because they would have released a system that is finished, bug free amd fast system that has a variety of great 3rd and 1st party games.

    1. They wanted it out by Christmas! I’m not worried. If your a Nintendo buff like myself you got it for the Nintendo exclusive titles. Mario blows any platform wr Sony or Microsoft will ever put out. Be patient. They will shock at E3!!

    2. I still don’t see anything wrong with the launch p
      ports, I have me3 and blops 2. They work perfectly fine and behave exactly like the ps3/360 counter parts

  15. Sickr & Alba can suck my Nuts

    Real talk NintenVirgins, the Weak U should be priced at $200 for basic and $250 for the deluxe since its slightly powerful that the original Weak.

    1. Wii U is more powerful than the PS3 and Xbox360. Wii U has direct X11 equivalent features, were as the xbox360 and PS3 run Direct X9 for the 360 and it’s comparative for the PS3. All we wanted for a nintendo eighth generation home console was that. This allows it to get ports from the PS4 and Xbox720, that coupled with nintendo first, second party and exclusives is gaming heaven. The only people that shall miss out and be left in the dust are third parties that whine, once the WiiU gets AAA titles Monster hunter 3 Ultimate, Lego undercover and need for speed most wanted ultimate edition this month. Games have started and the rise is here.

  16. Ok price is a matter of time before it gets lowered….but the answer for all the consumers is the same…if you don´t want to pay the actual price…then dont buy it or wait until gets a cut price :)

  17. Seems Nintendo has a better working model than Ubisoft so they should keep their suggestions to themselves.

  18. I wouldn’t worry too much, March is going to be a great month! LEGO and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is going to be keeping me occupied for a long time. I’m kinda glad and disappointed on Aliens though. Wanted it to be good, but now I’m saving myself $60 from buying it, and using it towards Pikmin 3 or Wonderful 101.


    You want better sales for the Wii U?

  20. i’m calling for ubisoft to stop dicking around and release rayman legends for wii U already
    guess neither of us is gonna get what we want

  21. Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house Ubisoft. Price cuts only work when you have a huge established library of games. Even if the Wii U was $99 dollars, the sale increase would only before for a few short months which is infinitesimal in the grand scheme of things of a console’s life-cycle.

    Besides that, a price cut is not going to change the fact that there aren’t games because developers delay finished products for their selfish and convoluted purposes……….oh wait.

  22. The Wii U price is FINE Ubisoft. The reason for low sales is low games so how about you do your part and put out your damn games on the Wii U!!! They forget its the games that boost sales a price cut wont get more sold, more games will.

  23. you wont see a price cut until after xmas. wiiu was rushed so core nintendo fans and assholes trying to rip people off would buy it fast but many core nintendo fans are waiting for mario zelda pikmin. way more wiiu sales on the way watch.

  24. “We’ll cut the U to 250!”
    “Oh yeah?? We’ll cut ours to 200!”
    “Fine, U will sell for one dollar!”
    “That’s it, drastic measures; Ours is free! Free of charge!”

  25. I want to buy the Wii U but I haven’t seen any gaming shops here in Singapore that has demo of the Wii U and even sells the console here.

  26. I’ll be honest, if Rayman Legends had actually been a Wii U exclusive I probably would have bought one already. I played the demo for it at my friend’s, and to my surprise, it worked well with the gamepad. But since the people at Ubisoft are total asses, combined with the news that the new smash bros.’ roster size might not increase by to much or even at all, I will most likely NEVER buy a Wii U unless I can get one for under 90 bucks. So, fuck Ubisoft and fuck the Wii U gamepad.

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