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Japan: PlayStation Vita Has Huge Increase In Sales After Price Cut, Still Can’t Beat Nintendo 3DS


The PlayStation Vita has had possibly its best week yet selling 62,543 units in Japan after it was given a much-needed price cut. The PlayStation Vita still couldn’t outsell the Nintendo 3DS which sold 77,439 units combined. The Wii U is still desperately struggling in Japan as it only sold 10,021 units this week. Here’s the Japanese software and hardware charts.

  1. [PS3] Dynasty Warriors 8
  2. [3DS] Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies
  3. [PSV] Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus
  4. [3DS] Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission
  5. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  6. [PS3] Macross 30: Ginga o Tsunagu Utagoe
  7. [PSV] Phantasy Star Online 2
  8. [PS3] Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
  9. [PSP] Shining Ark
  10. [3DS] Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden
  1. PlayStation Vita – 62,543 (11,456)
  2. Nintendo 3DS XL – 50,265 (49,317)
  3. Nintendo 3DS – 27,174 (25,412)
  4. PlayStation 3 – 25,725 (18,529)
  5. PSP – 11,171 (8,981)
  6. Wii U – 10,021 (9,633)
  7. Wii – 1,383 (1,317)
  8. Xbox 360 – 486 (473)

148 thoughts on “Japan: PlayStation Vita Has Huge Increase In Sales After Price Cut, Still Can’t Beat Nintendo 3DS”

    1. So two consoles combined beat the vita? I’m confused lol way to slant your news “nintendo news”

      1. S we should chop PS3 slim , Phat , Super slim sales into three different sets of sales ?

        XL and 3DS are exactly the same thing apart from the Size , I don’t know why people seem to split the sales , maybe it’s just so they can see which one is selling better.

    2. Yes indeed! Congratulations Sony , I mean that. I don’t want Anyone to fail as that is just stupid. Although I don’t actually care about Microsoft. I don’t want Nintendo or Sony to fail anyway.

      Here’s the thing now. PSP and DS DESTROYED the sales of PS3 and Wii , right ? So it’s gunna happen all over again now. The PSvita and 3DS are gunna destroy the sales of PS4 and Wiiu in Japan all over again.

      So please for the love of God , when the Vita outsells the Wiiu and PS4 , nobody act suprised…

      Also , what remains to be seen is whether or not the Vita can maintain this sales spike. Maybe it was just 60K waiting for a price cut and next week it will go back to 20K ot less , who knows….

        1. No that’s PS3’s shipped. About 73 million have actually sold.

          And in Japan which was what I was talking about the PSP sales are over double the PS3 and wii sales

        1. I actually have a 360 , but I still just don’t like Xbox. At least Sony is Japanese and kinda cool….

            1. You’re learning to speak Japanese? Awesome , allways wanted to do that my self! MAINLY so I could enjoy a lifetime of Japanese import produce , Games , Films and more.

              I think I still will. Teach my self Japanese one day :D

              1. I wanna learn japanese just to understand what they’re saying in animes like Tales of Symphonia OVA and F-Zero Densetsu without having to rely on subtitles.

                1. I know right? But think bout it , if you could understand and read Japanese , you could buy , collect , play all sorts of amazing Japanese games. You could buy a Japanese 3DS and could of played Bravely default and Animal crossing and Dragon quest 7 by now .

                  I really wanna learn it soon. But I know it’s gunna be hard like going to college all over again.

                1. You really should stop talking about things you’ve never experienced.
                  First it was consoles and games, now it’s parts of the female anatomy.
                  Get some life experience then come back when you’ve matured.
                  Little boy.

        2. There’s no reason to support Microshit. I love Nintendo and I want Sony around because competition is always best for us consumers. Microshit though bought Rareware and demanded them to make shitty games for kinect. They proposed to make Killer Instinct 3 and Jet Force Gemini 2 but Microsoft just showed them the middle finger and slapped their asses back to kinect. I fucking hate this company.

    3. And they mentioned PS4 games on the Vita didn’t they? or was it PS3? Which ever way 3DS will not be beaten or least stay beaten for long after games we heard about./

  1. I’m reminded of how the vita had a good first week, and then dropped down dramatically after the 2nd week.

    1. Yup, I’m definitely confident in calling the same thing here. People will buy it cause the price went down, then as people realize it still only has less than a handful of reasons to actually play it, sales will drop. I’m just glad I sold mine before NA gets a price cut.

      1. I see one great reason to buy it, and that is called PS+. No need to ever buy any games for your Sony systems ever again.

      2. Actually they’re buying it because of Phantasy Star Online 2 together with the price cut. We have to wait until next week to see because this is not the first time this happened: sales being bumped to 50k because of a game release and then falling back to 10k next week.

    2. That may well be the case again, since a lot o people just waited these last three weeks for the price cut to buy it.

  2. “The Wii U is still desperately struggling in Japan as it only sold 10,021 units this week.”

    1) Sales went up

    2) everything struggles this early give it time

  3. Nintendo without handhelds would be shit. The other day, my gf’s little brother tried my 3DS XL, and when he got home all he wanted to do was to unplug and sell his new WiiU and trade it for a 3DS.

  4. It’s gonna be fun to see what happens :) I like the 3DS and also the Vita, i owned a 3DS, but had to sell it, because of some money stuff, don’t really miss it though, but i want one back for October, fuck if i’m an adult now, the new Pokémon games are everything they were suppose to be, so it’s like a childhood dream coming true :P The Vita would probably sell loads more in Europe and NA if they cut the price, but besides that, it’s also a matter of games, and while Japan gets loads and loads of JRPG’s, there’s always that problem with localization which also hurt the Wii – i mean the Wii had loads of great japanese games, and just look at a game like Bravely Default, it’s games that the western market scream for, and scream for before they even release in Japan, but for some odd reason it’s just too hard to localize the games, or strategically not a good idea… i don’t know what it is, i’m not a business man, i just find it odd that it took such a long time for games like Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower to release, and the gap between the EU releases and NA made no sense!

  5. Hopefully after E3 this year things will improve for the Wii U.
    It’s not looking great so far though. It’s quite worrying.

    1. Do you know how long the Vita was in a slump lol. Till yesterday lol. One whole year, the Wii rises this month, watch this space.

          1. Really doesn’t make any sense does it.

            Nintendo sells 3x more consoles in the launch period than their competitors in their launch periods. Conclusion? “Nintendo is doomed!!”

            Because fuck logic.

  6. Sickr & Alba can suck my Nuts

    “The Weak U is still desperately struggling in Japan as it only sold 10,021 units this week.”

    I absolutely love that quote. Should I pre-order the new Zelda game for the PS4 or the NextBox?

        1. Yep, the little swagbro has been exposed. I bet now all this little wannabe gangster friends will beat him up for liking a game with creativity.

    1. Don’t try. You’ll go insane before you find a site which supplies those games.

      Trust me, I tried.

    2. Your statement is so pathetic it makes me laugh. “Should I pre-order the new Zelda for the PS4 or Nextbox?” I never respond to trolls, but damn, that isn’t even trolling, it’s downright stupid.

        1. Listen we know a blue and red Toyota corolla are two different vehicles lol. The irony of your stupidity must be comical even to your own family lol.

          1. Its so fucking stupid why split up the sales? I’m not defending sony our anything ps3 sales are terrible, but they aren’t splitting the models up from sizes to colors to memory space in the charts.

  7. Well at least Japan are buying good games like PSO2 for Vita. In the West all they want are the watered down CoD and Assassin’s Creed games.

    1. In the West, we want variety. The problem is, a lot of the games that are released for the Vita in Japan haven’t even been announced for the West. PSO 2 being one of them. :(

      Also, Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation wasn’t watered down.

      1. I am sorry to tear down your beautiful vision of the world, but the western gamers do not want variety. Just take a look at the games that sell well and you will see that most of them are boring shooters or sports games and in rare cases an action adventure. All looking over realistic and boring.

        This top 10 list have more variaty in it than the top 10 list in west over a year.

          1. I know it is bad to generalize like that. But the top lists says pretty much about what the general gamer wants. I know there is always people who do not buy what is popular and that plays other games than shooters and sport games, but the reality is that these are the games that sells the best over here by far and that says alot about that many (not all) western gamers prefer just those kinds of games and do not want to go out of their comfort zone.

            1. Yeah, certain genres are more popular than others in the West. Still, a lot of foreign games, including JRPGs, action games, platforming, strategy, puzzle, etc. do well too.

              If nobody wanted them, if there was no market for those type of games, then no company would localize their titles over here like they do. In addition, you wouldn’t hear gamers clamoring for localization of certain titles.

              1. You’ve spouted more generalizations than he has.

                Your definition of “doing well” is weak. You also speak suppositions unproven.

  8. So two consoles combined beat the vita? Way to slant your news “nintendo news” at least keep your facts straight.

    I can under stand the 3ds doing good but dont LIE. disappointed

      1. I just want them to be truthful fuck off fanboy they are two consoles. They might play the same games but they are separate in category. If not they would of combined them in the charts. Look it up know your facts before you express your thoughts.

        1. No they’re are not seperate in category at all.

          The DS has sold 155 million worldwide. Now do we split that into Original , DS lite , DS i , DS XL ? NO BECAUSE THEYRE THE SAME FUCKING CONSOLE.

          3DS has sold 30M+ worldwide we don’t split those into 2.

          PS3 has sold 73 million worldwide – we don’t split that into fat ps3 , Slim ps3 , Super slim ps3.

          Don’t be an idiot. a 3DS and a 3DSXL are the same fucking thing.

          1. While we’re at it, we could split the 360 by motherboard revisions. I believe there have been at least 7 so far.

            Xenon, Zephr, Falcon, Opus, Jasper, Trinity, Corona.

            Probably a few more. 360 is at least 7 consoles.

            Or we could split them by HDMi port inclusion, or HDD size, or built in flash storage inclusion.

            1. Exactly.

              The 3DS and 3DS XL are the same thing. Same specs , same games , same features , same everything.

              The Xbox 360 and Elite are also the same thing right ?

              the people who said 3DS and XL are ”2 different consoles” are retards…

                1. Its so fucking stupid why split up the sales? I’m not defending sony our anything ps3 sales are terrible, but they aren’t splitting the models up from sizes to colors to memory space in the charts.

                  1. The reasons why the sales are split up is because it is such large numbers for both which makes it better from an analyze perspective to split them up to better see how well both versions of the console has sold.

                    They would not have done this if the 3ds sold very bad as it would be worthless.

        2. Howsabout you drop the use of that term until you realize you’re being just as bad?
          If we’re splitting up 3DS models, then here’s what you do; go out into those precious charts that you hold so dear, and start dividing up the different models of PS2’s/3’s and X-Boxes/360’s.
          Then try comparing sales again.
          Oh, wait. You can’t.

          Same case here.
          3DS XL is just a larger 3DS. It’s not, I repeat, NOT, an “entirely different system”.

  9. Sickr & Alba can suck my Nuts

    That sale chart gave me a hard one the moment I saw the gimmicky Weak U/Weak dwelling at the bottom LOL even the 10 year old PSP outsold the LeapFrog Pad child toy LMAO SHITENDO 1889-2013

    1. Saving this comment for the future, I will post this comment to everyone in 2015-2016 and I will tell them how retard you was (like many others). btw, nice hate, LMAO!, you have anger issues?, just go outside and breathe, soo much hate can give you mental and social problems, did you know?.

  10. .I wonder if Sony is getting enough/any money from Vita sales- they really hate price cuts!
    .This is good news because I don’t want Nintendo getting a swelled head.
    .Anyone thinking the Wii U is dead has zero foresight.

    1. Barely lol it needs to sell this numbers for more than a year to at least have half the 3ds numbers in japan.

  11. Nintendo Commander

    We at Nintendo Command are not worried.
    The 3DS will still outsell the Vita far into the future, specially now in October when one of our biggest assaults this year, Pokemon X/Y are released.

      1. Nintendo Commander

        Ah yes indeed.
        With Luigi’s Mansion 2 on the horizon right now, we cannot fail in any way.

        We are preparing big weapons for the Wii U aswell ofcourse.
        We have no doubt that we will atleast tripple our Wii U sales by the end of the year as a worst case scenario.

  12. Congrats Sony. Id rather see a healthy market which all handhelds are selling well and providing gamers with different options than have one handheld “to-rule-them-all” so to speak

  13. the wiiu has a slow start but it’s just a couple of months, let the games come and you’ll see. well it was about time that the vita sell at least some more than 9k consoles, and i bet it’s for the games not for the price cut. if it were for the price cut the numbers would be higher.

      1. Oh trust me, it will be for long. Prepare yourself, the Vita will outsell the 3ds next month and the month after that atleast. This is because alot of the people in Japan already own the 3ds so yeah, no need to buy it. Greater demand for the Vita which fewer people own.

          1. I do actually think it will be stable. This is because the big barrier for alot of people to get the vita or not was the price. Now when the price is lower I actually think people will finally get it.

            1. The 3DS was selling 20-30k before its own pricecut was announced, it jumped up to over 200k, and then fell to a 60-70k baseline which it has maintained since then.

              The Vita jumping to 60k doesn’t really signify much hope for that kind of consistency. It realistically has a shot at doubling it’s baseline to 20k per week. Whether that would be a success is up for debate.

  14. This is actually good for the market and us as gamers. We need dedicated handhelds to do well, not iOS, android, pad smart phone 2 dollar nonsense games. Thanks Sony for listening after 1 1/2 years of tanking the Vita.

  15. And in related news, the XBOX 360 also had it’s best sales week with 486 units sold. LOL. Really? I have seen it reported that the XBOX doesn’t sell well in Japan, but I guess I never really saw the numbers. WOW!

  16. Nintendo Commander

    I’ve just been informed according to a rumour…although I’m not sure it’s still a rumour that our enemy Sony plans on launching a full scale attack with 16 million PS4 worldwide at launchday/window…

    This is a very aggressive move if it’s true…

    We must increase our stealth attacks (marketing) in Europe and North America by 4 times atleast…

    Then combined with our heavy artillery like Pikmin 3, Mario, Wind Waker and Mario Kart, I’m sure we can minimize the threat and counter attack effectively!

      1. Nintendo Commander

        Indeed I am…
        If Nintendo loses, the meaning of fun and creativity will be no more…in our virtual reality…

        We cannot afford to lose such important parts of our lives…

        But Microsoft will be our main enemy this generation…
        As Sony has some deep issues within their Empire…

        But ofcourse we rather battle Sony than Microsoft…

        1. If Nintendo would actually lose (which is very unlikely to start with) that only means they just make a small profit to a worst (realistic) case where they are back at the same spot as before the Wii U. Not the end of the company xD You listen too much on Pachter and his likes who acts like a judgement day prophet.

          1. Nintendo Commander

            Oh…we have some surprises for Pachter…

            If he still insists his antagonizing views on us then I guess he is lost in the depths of the graphics and online Empires…

            But maybe one day he realises that Nintendo is more than meets the eye…

  17. mio fratello mi ha fatto un po ‘di cacca in un orinale ma la mamma ha scoperto e sai che io non so cosa fare per favore aiutatemi ho provato a fare il pollo Ronnie si mangia, ma non ha funzionato

  18. I don’t really own Sony consoles and handhelds but this news about the PS Vita makes me happy. This is the kind of competition the 3DS should have.

  19. I always hang my head in shame for Sony and Microsoft fans. I just don’t see why or how anyone can care about their consoles (or handhelds). I feel like they’re all a big waste of money. Oh well, at least I won’t be one of the fools throwing my money away on Sony and Microsoft crap (other than the Microsoft PC I’m typing this on).

    1. I’m a fan of games, not any particular company. Each company’s platforms offer some great games. So I like to own all of them.

      You don’t have to feel sorry or shame for me. I’m enjoying a wide variety of games. ^_^

  20. I had a conversation with a friend today, a PS3 owner to be exact. A lot of the people in my school own a PS3 and play COD nearly all the time. He was talking to me about Far cry 3 and how amazing it was ( I own the game on PC) when I asked him a question.

    Me: “You gonna buy the PS4?”
    Friend: “No, it’s probably too expensive and it’s no different to the PS3 really”
    Me: “Well if no-one is going to buy it then it will probably end up like the PS vita”
    Friend: “What’s a PS vita?”


    1. Nintendo Commander

      You should probably get some more intelligent allies my friend…

      This is probably the dumbest conversation I’ve read based on his answers only…

  21. one week of average sales after a price cut that wont last is not news


  22. After reading the comments below I don’t even remember what this article was about and I don’t feel like going back up to the top of the page. So…. here’s my comment. Enjoy! :)

  23. The 2 ds are not the same, it’s like people saying the iPhone 4 and 4s are the same or that the psp and the psp go are the same

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