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Nano Assault Ex Blasts Tomorrow Onto Nintendo 3DS eShop

nano_assault_ex_titleDeveloper Shin’en Multimedia has announced, via Twitter, the release date of the digital version of Nano Assault Ex, which is a remake of Nano Assault, which launched last year. The game arrives tomorrow, March 7th, on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS. Shin’en Multimedia confirmed that the game will cost €14.99 in Europe, and $14.99 for consumers in the U.S. Will you be downloading the game tomorrow?


    1. Its good but dont expect a crazy amount of gameplay. Unless your one for getting high scores the game only last a few days. But maybe this version will be longer? Who knows but I like the series !

  1. Nano assault Neo is amazing , but has poor lasting appeal. It’s nice to do some arcade mode once in a while and try to climb the leader boards but there is 4 sets of 4 levels and that’s it.

    I will probably buy EX for 3DS but how much content does this game have compared to Neo ?

    1. BTW. Has anyone else seen an AC4 black flag trailer already ? lol . I saw one last night during Man utd vs Real madrid . Coming November the first. Why the fuck are they advertising it now ?

      Might aswell put up an AC5 advert whilst they’re at it….

      1. Maybe they are joining forces with Activision or something and making Assassin’s Creed : Call of Duty…

  2. It’s like the original one for 3DS plus new features and probably new levels…

  3. im not sure if i’m interested O.O
    definitely won’t be buying it tomorrow.. the new tomb raider will finally arrive then! : )))

    but afterwards? idk…. maybe, if it’s any good o.o

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