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Nano Assault Ex Blasts Tomorrow Onto Nintendo 3DS eShop

nano_assault_ex_titleDeveloper Shin’en Multimedia has announced, via Twitter, the release date of the digital version of Nano Assault Ex, which is a remake of Nano Assault, which launched last year. The game arrives tomorrow, March 7th, on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS. Shin’en Multimedia confirmed that the game will cost €14.99 in Europe, and $14.99 for consumers in the U.S. Will you be downloading the game tomorrow?

11 thoughts on “Nano Assault Ex Blasts Tomorrow Onto Nintendo 3DS eShop”

    1. Its good but dont expect a crazy amount of gameplay. Unless your one for getting high scores the game only last a few days. But maybe this version will be longer? Who knows but I like the series !

  1. Nano assault Neo is amazing , but has poor lasting appeal. It’s nice to do some arcade mode once in a while and try to climb the leader boards but there is 4 sets of 4 levels and that’s it.

    I will probably buy EX for 3DS but how much content does this game have compared to Neo ?

    1. BTW. Has anyone else seen an AC4 black flag trailer already ? lol . I saw one last night during Man utd vs Real madrid . Coming November the first. Why the fuck are they advertising it now ?

      Might aswell put up an AC5 advert whilst they’re at it….

      1. Nintendo Commander

        Maybe they are joining forces with Activision or something and making Assassin’s Creed : Call of Duty…

  2. im not sure if i’m interested O.O
    definitely won’t be buying it tomorrow.. the new tomb raider will finally arrive then! : )))

    but afterwards? idk…. maybe, if it’s any good o.o

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