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Error Plagues Japanese Wii U Consoles


Wii U owners in Japan have started to report that they are receiving an unexpected error when they attempt to connect to the Wii U eShop. The error also strikes when trying to update the system firmware. Nintendo says that the problem is caused by a program inside the Wii U which will need to be patched. One of the main concerns is the Dragon Quest X beta went live yesterday and those wishing to participate can’t, as it prevents access by not letting users download the beta. Nintendo has said that it is planning a fix this weekend.

23 thoughts on “Error Plagues Japanese Wii U Consoles”

  1. I was hoping it was about the error i’ve had since december (111-9000). eShop doesn’t load for me. Guess i’ll have to make a phonecall, since i need my Monster Hunter Hype Fix

  2. I’m guessing High Command will decrease the amount of errors in the near future so don’t be frightened my comrades…

  3. Oh so when Japanese Wii U’s start to fail they fix them ASAP, but when they start to fail in other counties it’s, “Lets wait til April to fix it.”

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  5. Guys, let’s face it. This is just how modern game consoles work. There’re two perspectives:

    1- good for developers: they can fix, almost, any major bug or small bugs that can be used as an exploit to hackers, or bugs that will spoil our fun, like crashs or unbalanced online mode.

    2- bad for costumers: you have to update games in order to play them, it might be minor updates, but sometimes it’s a big update. and sometimes, you just miss that old game you have, and once you put that disc to load, it will update forever.

    I have my PS3 for a loong time now, and believe me, I have to update games, EVERYDAY. and there’s no ”start software” button. Not even Nintendo could avoid these thing with their quality standards. It sucks, but that’s how it works these days, and unfortunatelly, we asked for this using piracy.

  6. My Wii U (in US) did a system update last night. After it, I have a grey bar on the bottom of my screen, TV and gamepad, that covers about 20% of the screen. It happened playing 2k13. I reset, reloaded, same issue. Just went to bed and didn’t try other games, but the night before this wasn’t an issue.

    Anyone else heard of or seen this?

  7. This whole thug ticks me off cause I can’t get to the eshop and there isn’t an update to fix it, it’s come to the point where I can go on but I can’t download, makes me regret buying the wii u cause I can’t use one of its major abilities to use the eshop. Nintendo please fix soon, I haven’t used my Wii u in a while because of this and don’t plan on buying any games because I get them mostly through the eshop

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