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Best Buy Offers A Free $20 Gift Card With The Purchase Of A Wii U Console

best_buy_logoAmerican retailer Best Buy is offering consumers a free $20 gift card with the purchase of a Wii U console. To receive the gift card, you can either purchase a Wii U Basic Set, which costs $299.99, or a Wii U Deluxe Set, which costs $349.99, from the retailer’s website. In addition to receiving a $20 gift card, Best Buy will ship the console to your home for free.

34 thoughts on “Best Buy Offers A Free $20 Gift Card With The Purchase Of A Wii U Console”

    1. It’s march and games have started arriving. Get ready to eat your words. Real developers have started bringing their games to the Wii U. Not activision and COD that’s irritating drones and blind sheeple game.

      1. I think the Wii U will be successful. I was just messing around like those little kids that scream yay I’m first. I always thought that it was funny when they did it! What games are you looking forward to?

      2. Yeah, anyone who likes a game that you don’t just be a “sheeple” instead of someone who just genuinely enjoys the game.

        And people say I’M always negative; if it’s not Nintendo, or related to a Nintendo console, people on this site crap all over it. And now, even when it IS on a Nintendo console, fanboys here crap all over it anyway because it’s not Mario or Zelda or whatever.

        Grow up.

  1. Anyway, I love Wii U… I am ready for the next Mario Kart and Smash Bros. I am also waiting for Resident Evil Unveiled.

    1. Also Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, 3D Mario, Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei, Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, Watch Dogs, Wind Waker HD, new Zelda, and X.

      1. Black Flag and Watch_Dogs are both multi-plats that will also be in PS4 and XBOX 720 (Durango), so I wouldn’t rely on those titles selling Wii U consoles, as apart from the second screen features (which nobody knows and may or may not be crap), the PS4 and XBOX 720 versions will have an advantage over the Wii U’s version. Typically, fans of Assassins Creed haven’t really taken to or cared about the Wii U’s second screen features for Assassins Creed 3, for example. It’s unlikely that Black Flag will change their minds.

        Watch_Dogs, however, might have features that piqué their interest since it’s a type of game that ACTUALLY lends itself to having a second screen (since the character is a hacker and is always using a device of some sort), however I doubt that one factor alone will sway many non-Nintendo loyalists into buying the Wii U just for that version of that one game.

        The rest of the games you mentioned are all subject to taste and preference.

    1. lol, it’s a known FACT that Nintendo games take FOREVER to go down in price. xP
      It’s because Nintendo makes high demand, Top Quality games.
      Super Smash Bros. has been out for 5 years and it’s still holding on to a $30 price tag.
      Super Mario galaxy 2 Still has a SOLID $45 to $50 Price tag.
      When it comes to buying Nintendo games, be prepared to take a nice little chunk of cash out of your Wallet. :P

      1. HAHA! My brother was JUST talking about how Nintendo games retain their value so well, like YESTERDAY. How coincidental!?

      1. How easy you just nip on that bait he puts out. You just can’t help it. It’s really funny, actually. And I’m positive you just won’t be able to resist replying to THIS comment and call me an idiot or something as well, as if that will accomplish anything…

  2. Good timing for those who don’t own one yet. They can jse the spared cash to help purchase one of the new Nintendo games coming out during March Madness lol!

  3. Wish they’d do something similar with the purchase of a Wii U game. Maybe… Luigi’s Mansion 2 or something!?

  4. Unfortunatly though The Wonderful 101, Walking Dead, Lego etc. are not classic System sellers and the Games mentioned above being System Sellers like Smash Brothers Zelda or Kart will come at earliest end of this year if at all in 2013. Ninty needs to buckle up, i know no one besides myself that owns a WiiU and that needs to change ;)

    I suppose 20 Bucks is an average deal to put toward a game when buying the Console but that’s not enough to get the shelves empty now is it…

    1. I feel the same: they’ve painted themselves into a corner with underpowered hardware (by comparison), and relying solely on the second screen to sell the console. But unfortunately, the games that are out and are coming out in the near future both aren’t big, system selling titles (unless you’re already a huge Nintendo loyalist), and also don’t really properly make smart use of the screen in a way that makes sense and improves the game. They just CHANGE the way they’re played, which some games simply don’t require and often times ends up working against the gameplay itself.

      I think that will eventually be ironed out though. It’s just going to be tough because by then, new consoles will be out offering new features, bigger games, better visuals, and the consoles will have more support coming off the backs of the hugely 3rd-party support and popularity of XBOX 360 and PS3. Unless 3rd parties and indie developers suddenly drop support for both Microsoft and Sony’s consoles, but that is very, VERY highly unlikely, as both companies are (with their new consoles) giving them what they want in terms of hardware and tools.

  5. Sickr & Alba can suck my Nuts

    Best buy is simply trying to get rid of all their Weak U toys and make space for REAL 8th Gen systems (PS4 & XBOX 3)

      1. Ignorance.

        They’re all “8th gen”, by definition. You’re a blind (and obviously butt-hurt by his comment) fanboy, as is he.

        But I do agree that, tech-wise, Wii U is more last gen than current/future gen. It just is. It’s utilizing hardware that is only barely capable of producing games with tech/graphics/elements that are only MARGINALLY more advanced than current XBOX 360 and PS3 titles. It’s just plain fact.

        Now, the controller is new and innovative as far as home consoles are concerned, but remove that (and the power needed to run it), and all you’re left with is a console that is a hair or two more powerful than an XBOX 360, with a much smaller library, less 3rd party support (now and for the foreseeable future, when compared to the XBOX 360), and Nintendo first-party games.

        For Nintendo-only fans, that may be enough; HD Mario and Zelda games are a treat they’ve never had. However, all other gamers (both fanboys of one of the other consoles, and omni-gamers like myself who have all of them) have been playing games on that scale for almost a decade now. Simply adding a second screen (and enough console power to run it and not much more) is not really worth the $350 price tag. It would be like Microsoft asking fans of the XBOX 360 to pay $300-$350 for a new tablet controller & a slightly updated graphics card to power that controller, which would be outrageous.

        Nintendo dropped the ball on this one. Wii U will still find it’s audience, sure, but the vast majority of that audience will be Nintendo loyalists; the people that would have bought it regardless of specs and innovations (or lack thereof, as the case may be from some people’s perspective).

        The PS4 isn’t exactly revolutionary either, but at least it’s giving developers what they want and asked for (x86 architecture, more headroom [especially RAM] for power for development and immersive games), what fans asked for (more power for bigger and more interactive and visually stunning games, 1080p/60 frames per second, playing downloadable games as they’re downloading, more streamlined social sharing and video possibilities, etc.), and what casuals want (integrated move technology, social networking integration, etc.). And they’re backing it up with a robust first and third party launch lineup already, and games that even in pre-alpha stage look and feel very noticable advanced to current gen & even Wii U games. That is a tremendous start, and it looks so far as if it won’t be another $600+ price point either. It won’t e cheap, but I won’t be astronomically unaffordable like the PS3 was either.

        Sony is listening to fans and developers, as Microsoft likely is as well judging by rumours so far. That’s something Nintendo didn’t do with the Wii U; they just assumed, as they usually do, that THEY know what fans want and count on fans just falling in line. While that does work sometimes, and even DID work to some degree with the Wii U, it also DIDN’T work in many, many respects. Especially when it comes to outside gamers (i.e. the “hardcore” non-already-Nintendo fans that they were trying to bring in/win back).

        I’ll say this though: Nintendo will figure something out. They usually (but not always; Virtual Boy & vitality sensor, anyone?) do. I personally have zero interest in the Wii U due to both lack of games that I personally like, and the underwhelming advance in graphic & other performance capabilities in comparison to the other next-gen consoles. The screen is somewhat neat, but I’ve yet to see both a really interesting game for the Wii U, as well as said game utilize the screen in a way that absolutely makes sense and/or makes the game far superior. It’s mostly just a plethora of “hey, look what the controller can do!” type of shoe-horned in features just for the sake of trying to justify the use of the controller. That will eventually level out though, and games will find their groove. And hopefully by then, there will be some amazing games to go along with it. As of right now, save for the HD Wind Waker remake, I personally have yet to see any that really make me itch to buy the console. I’d say the new Zelda game as well, but we know absolutely nothing about it, so it may be something I have no interest in as well.

        One thing though: if they make either a sprite-based HD, 2d side scrolling Metroid game (like Rayman Legends type of look, only more Metroid-like) that plays as well as Super Metroid on the SNES did, or an HD first-person shooter Metroid game like Metroid Prime, I’d almost definitely buy a Wii U just for those. Also, a true Mario 64 sequel, same style of game, just better visuals, bigger levels, more interactivity, and the same super tight, fun gameplay.


        1. I only read a little, you can call me lazy if you want but I stopped when you wrote, “remove the gamepad”. That is what the WiiU is all about, that’s like saying remove the steering wheel and tires from your car, wouldn’t work very well, would it?

          1. You obviously didn’t realize what I meant: I didn’t mean “Nintendo should get rid of it”, I meant *if* you remove the GamePad, you’ve basically have an XBOX 360. So in essence, it would be like 360 users paying $350 for a tablet controller for the XBOX 360 and telling their fans, “That’s it! No new console, just a really fucking expensive tablet controller! See you in 8 more years!”

            See what I’m saying?

            And if you’d read the rest, you’d see I understand the point of the controller and I even praise the future possibilities, but as of right now, games are just cramming in stupid, pointless, often gameplay-hemorrhaging features in an attempt to just say, “Hey! Look what else it can do…”

            1. You obviously didn’t understand what I meant, so I will try it a different way. As it stands, the WiiU is anywhere from 2-4x the power of last gen(360/ps3), if you were to remove the gamepad and the power to run it, you have now reduced the cost of the console by $200, so now you have a $150 dollar (deluxe version) that is more powerfull then the xbox/ps3. Now lets take that $200 and add that to the raw specs budget and you would now have a console that is much much more powerful then the 360/ps3 for $350.

    1. Did you even watch the Sony ps4 unveil? It is exactly the same as the ps3 with a controller that can only be described as fugly. I’ll eventually upgrade my ps3 but I see no point for the next few years.

      1. You obviously missed the point of that presentation.

        From a developer standpoint, it is far, FAR more advanced and much more capable AND easy to both develop for & port games to. All that means more games, as well as bigger, better games. Not to mention it is now, thanks to it’s architecture, VERY indie-developer friendly, which means more variety of unique games like Braid, Minecraft, Limbo, etc. Some of the best and best-selling games of recent years have been made by indie developers.

        Also, it’s making leaps and bounds over the PS3’s interface, store front, and built-in features and capabilities, including stream-gaming both for new games and previous console games, being able to play games while they’re downloading, being able to capture, edit, and share game clips to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, etc. (which is becomming HUGE these days), live-streaming, being able to jump in and control your friends game even if you don’t own it so that you can try it out yourself or help them get past a certain tough part of a game, view/spectate them playing a game just in case you want to see what it’s like or just watch a pro player battle it out and learn from them/just enjoy watching great gameplay, plus a ton of other social and streaming features that just aren’t even close to possible on any other console right now.

        And all that isn’t even touching on the fact that it’s far more powerful than the PS3, resulting in not just prettier textures, but also bigger environments, more interactive and dynamical changing environments, less pop-in and texture popping/changing, higher resultion and faster framerates, better physics and collision detection, etc. All of that contributes to more than just the visual fidelity of games, but also the gameplay and playing dynamics of the game, allowing for more variety and different types of games that just weren’t possible to create on PS3 or XBOX 360 in many different ways.

        All you presumably saw was, “Oh, not tablet controller or new controller buttons, so… it the same just with prettier graphics, and it sucks.” Which is unfortunate, because you couldn’t be more wrong. Maybe YOU don’t like any of those new features, or won’t make use of them, or just don’t understand how more power & a change in system architecture can produce more than just graphics, but that doesn’t negate the fact that they can and will, and that many, MANY people will absolutely love and enjoy/make use of the aforementioned new features. I know I definitely will.

        1. My PC obliterates the ps4 spec wise and matches it’s game play and then some, those pretty graphics and bigger games you speak of, ive been playing for years. It also has all the social gaming you could ever want (which i could less about). My PC cannot offer the gameplay my WiiU does, which is why I own one. It’s this idea that the PS4 is missing, something new that I can’t really get from my PC. I will wait a few years for the price to come down and the exclusive titles to build up before I consider upgrading from the ps3. I expect a lot more from MS then what Sony is offering with the PS4 though, so I will be keeping my eye on them for the time being. Im glad you are excited about the PS4 and I hope it sells very well for Sony, but it just doesn’t do anything for me.

          1. Your PC doesn’t have those features. It doesn’t have “play while you download”, it doesn’t have built-in streamlined video sharing, spectator mode, spectator CONTROL mode, etc. Any of those features would have to require additional software and even then, they’d be game-specific.

            And no, you HAVEN’T been playing the type of games I described for years, because no game developer has developed a game tailor made for the highest-end gaming PC since the original Crysis. They develop for the lowest common denominator, and then spruce-up things like shading, textures, and lighting a bit for people who have higher end graphics cards.

            No developer in their right mind is going to spend millions developing a game that fully utilizes high-end-only PC gaming rigs, because the market or that is fucking anemic compared to building for the lowest common denominator (as far as gaming rigs go).

            Also, there are orders of magnitude more AAA exclusives for consoles than there are for PC.

            Name me 5 games that are PC only that are anything like what I described in my previous post. Go ahead, I’ll come back and check. I’m interested to hear.

            See what you don’t realize is you’re talking to someone who HAS a $3,000+ gaming PC. I know what is and isn’t happening in the PC world kiddo. I also know that your PC may have great on-paper specs, but that no game out there is developed SPECIFICALLY for your setup, and thus doesn’t fully and efficiently use it to it’s full potential. I know this because no game does for mine either.

            Where as not only does the PS4 have strong specs for a console, but it also doesn’t have nearly the overhead that a PC has to deal with in terms of operating system, etc., and developers will be able to create games that fully utilize ever micro ounce of those specs without having to worry about diminishing their market size vis a vis making a game some gamers don’t have the hardware to run.

            So in other words: nice try, kid :)

            1. But thank you for at least taking the time to reply with an interesting, albeit misguided post. It’s hard to come by on this site with all the name calling and insults when one does not worship every single thing about Nintendo every single time…

              1. First, You go on saying all this nonsense about name calling and insults yet you try to discredit me by calling me a kid, fucking hypocrite. FYI, Im 30 yrs old, bitch.

                5 Pc only games, Why pc only? Do sims count? Mmo’s? I thought we were discussing games that run better and with better graphics, its also interesting how you degrade the concept of adding better shading, textures and lighting to make a game better graphically by saying they are “sprucing it up” when in fact those are the very things that cost the most resources, they also up the poly count and add better particle effects to most of these “spruced up games”.

                You also go on about how much money it costs to develop high spec games, you think it’s free to make them for ps4? You think that there are more playstation gamers then PC gamers? Also, of the playstation owners, what % of them do you think will buy each of these 100 million dollar budget games? Also, how many developers do you honestly think can afford to bring games that utilize every ounce of the ps4’s hardware? and how many of these games will they be able to release during a consoles life cycle? If one of these games fail, then what happens to the devs?

                You are making it seem that the ps4 is this magical device that all you need to do is get a dev kit and all your dreams come true as a developer, push the easy button and a AAA title pops out with fully optimized specs that take full advantage of the harware.

                The features you talked about earlier are about as exciting for me as watchin grass grow. Video sharing, Spectator mode … lol.

                To address the play while you d/l feature you talked up. Games are having larger and larger file size consuming huge amounts of bandwidth as you d/l them. With the d/l caps in place by most isps it’s quickly becoming impractical to d/l games “which game should I d/l this billing/cap cycle” is the question people are asking themselves today.

                Off all these things discussed the bottom line is that you will play slightly better games on the ps4, with a controller that should have been retired years ago.

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