nintendo_3ds_sideLuigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon launches March 24th in the Nintendo eShop and at retailers. The digital version of the action-adventure game requires approximately 6,748 blocks to download. The digital version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which releases alongside the physical version on March 19th, takes about 14,275 blocks of memory. Is your SD Card big enough to hold these two games?



  1. Heheh. You know that it’s gonna be a good one when it requires that much file size.
    Or at least a lengthy, dedicated time waster.


  2. Both games together is probably too much for me. I alredy downloaded Fire Emblem: Awakening. I could maybe fit Luigi’s Mansion, not sure about MH3.


  3. why downloading when you get a game, a case and a booklet for the same price? seriously? with the wii u digital delexe promotation theres an advantage in buying download but not for the 3ds


    • You’d be stupid to download games on the 3DS if u ever break your 3DS or wanna upgrade your games are lost with their saves they’re not transferable , also say u beat a game or your bored of it and u wanna sell it u can’t because u retards bought the digital copy lol slaps don’t buy downloaded games from Nintendo YET! Till they let u recover downloads and also allow your net work ID to be transferred.


      • This guy has it right :)
        I like to resell my games when I’m done with them. $ 40.00 for a digital file just doesn’t feel right, especially with Nintendo’s retarded policy. I need to know that I really own my digital copy the way I own my physical copy. Nuff said.


  4. The only time I ever chose a digital copy over a physical one is Fire Emblem Awakening. Because of shipping errors, wanting to play it right away, etc. I don’t really mind, it’s on my 3DS at all times, I’ve been playing it just about every day since it released. But if I get Luigi’s Mansion, it’ll be physical. That boxart looks friggen’ rad too.


  5. I might get MH3U digital only because I don’t have stores that sell videogames nearby. I prefer a physical copy as well as the anyone else but for people with similar cases as mine digital is a life saver. Plus I like the the fact that I’ll never have to insert or remove the game on my 3DS. I’m a huge Monster Hunter fan, a case or booklet is not really important for me when it comes to Monster Hunter. What matters to me is keeping my 3DS charged and having some fellow gamers to hunt together with ^_^


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