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Assassin’s Creed Rising Phoenix Teased?


It looks as though Ubisoft is making another Assassin’s Creed title which is named Assassin’s Creed: Rising Phoenix. Rising Phoenix is apparently being created by Ubisoft Digital Arts cinema creation studio. There’s no information on the mysterious title other than the leaked concept logo. Rising Phoenix could be for consoles, but it could also be for mobile platforms, Facebook, or a CGI film.

75 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed Rising Phoenix Teased?”

    1. You have no idea how hard that made me laugh.XD
      Seriously, why does everyone get so very surprised over this?
      It’s not like two or even three titles in a game series in one or two year’s time is an unprecedented event.

          1. Assassins Creed is not that great, apart from all the historical references it’s a repetitive and kinda boring game.

        1. Tech ically they don’t. 3d ones are released like 4 years apart if not more and the 2d ones depending on console or portable about the same.

        2. dude, Mario is like general character, can be everywhere, Bros, golf, tennis, jrpg, 3D mario, bball and other spinoffs. each of the genre release at most 2 games in each console and the years apart in each game would be 2-4 years. Wii got 2 3D Mario games, i think it was 3-4 years apart, DS, Wii, 3DS and Wii U only have 1 Bros game and the years apart are at most 1-4 years. CoD release every year, so fuck you

          1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^this people are soo stupid that “we get 2d mario every year”, or even count the mario tennis 3d, 2d, and rpg as the “same” game.
            bitch mario is not been milk neither nintendo is stupid to do so, the last time they did that was during the nes era, thats it.
            @Tobi You are one of the few people that understands what milking really is.

    1. i thought the same. would make sense. they won’t be that far in development for AC5, so it has to be vita.

  1. Does anyone else think it should have been simply called Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag? The “4” feels stupid to me for some reason. Anyway, back on topic. It probably is a handheld game, maybe this time also on 3DS.

    1. Yeah would nice to have an AC on 3DS. I recently bought AC2: Discovery for 3DS and it was actually pretty good.

      But would want a 3D AC on 3DS.

    2. The idea of that is silly. The DS assassin’s creed games were ok, but I’d rather have a vita game like Liberation, that game was fantastic for a portable

        1. I honestly don’t see why people believe Neogaf so much. Sure they may have gotten a few things right. But it doesn’t happen very often!

          1. Then it comes to terms that Devs were known to be a NeoGaf users,but i gotta agree with you,.NeoGaf can’t always be right.

  2. Fuck Ubisoft… I was writing a book called “Rising Phoenix”

    Although I can’t claim originality, I got it from an altered move in Tales of Symphonia

      1. And they will never be a cure to “CoD” syndrome until the average consumer starts using their brain… Which will never happen.


  4. And people day Mario Bros. Is redundant. st lest their title are released every 5 years give or take 1!

    1. Mario? Five years?? Might wanna replace that with Fire Emblem, or Zelda. Pfft. Mario, once every five years…

    2. Depends of your definition of “Mario”.
      There’s enough spin off and Mario related games to be released every year or 2 but neither of them are alike

  5. Nintendo Commander

    The Ubisoftians clearly wants to convert the people of the Activision Forces…

    But my investigation suggests that it is very unlikely…

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