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F-Zero AX Arcade Game Hidden In Gamecube’s F-Zero GX, Here’s How To Play


Hackers have discovered that the full F-Zero AX arcade game is stored on the Gamecube’s F-Zero GX disc. To unlock the rare arcade game you will need to have the Nintendo Gamecube Action Replay or Gameshark and the PAL or NTSC version of F-Zero GX. Just enter the codes below and you’ll be able to unlock this rare gem.

Code to access AX [PAL]

  • Z60V-MZG0-VRAQ2
  • 3DFJ-55T9-J5J7P
  • PF4U-P5D0-862X1
  • Q7PM-1678-XE7FW
  • UAB4-HZ2F-AW6X5
  • T6UV-03PE-1H26C
  • FHW5-F3D3-B2UZ5
  • NJR5-FE19-GQ851
  • 5FRQ-P6M4-096F3
  • 85KV-QPJD-4U999
  • VZFH-H43M-5N6E3

Code to access AX [NTSC-U]

  • EHJV-6U30-2DTVE
  • PF4U-P5D0-862X1
  • Q7PM-1678-XE7FW
  • YW2J-AUVE-R79V8
  • T6UV-03PE-1H26C
  • R91R-1A6J-ZXN30

75 thoughts on “F-Zero AX Arcade Game Hidden In Gamecube’s F-Zero GX, Here’s How To Play”

    1. i love this game. i really DONT think you need any of game shark or p action replay to open the 4 new tracks!

      1. It’s not about unlocking the additional tracks, it’s about unlocking a whole other game. AX isn’t just GX with 4 new tracks, there are lots of little differences.

      2. Of course the arcade game is in the program of the home version. Did they forget that this game was integrated to the arcade version by using the GC memory card on the arcade, transferring data from one game to another ? The arcade tracks can be unlocked after beating the higher difficult levels too. So, no surprise here

  1. WHAT? where’s my copy…. I don’t have this action replay thing… what do I do now… omg, too, much, information, excitement…… *faints*

    1. Probably. I was successful with Gecko OS in unlocking the last couple of racers I was missing, so I know it does work with the game (It does require some additional adaptions for GC games though. Google it to find out if you don’t know how).

      Might have to check this out sometime. Now, if we can get a new F-Zero game before they invent actual F-Zero machines in real life, that would also be amazing. >_>’

      1. just beat it on the hardest difficulty to unlock the 4 arcade levels. or find arcade it takes gamecube memory cards to unlock . playing arcade with your home savre file can open up arcade levels also!

    2. this is the PAL gecko, ocarina code

      04004930 806D8364
      04004934 28030000
      04004938 41820028
      0400493C 3CA30019
      04004940 80857E44
      04004944 64844001
      04004948 90857E44
      0400494C 3C63000B
      04004950 38630640
      04004954 3883000C
      04004958 38A0000C
      0400495C 4BFFEBE5
      04004960 7FE3FB78
      04004964 48016F98
      04004968 28050000
      0400496C 4082000C
      04004970 3CA08000
      04004974 38A54970
      04004978 7CBA2B78
      0400497C 4807D9CC
      0401B8F8 4BFE9038
      04082344 4BF82624

    1. I was actually planning on testing this out myself, i’ll give you an answer if it works. It should however since action replay codes generally are supported by dolphin.

    1. I think the new version iof the AR boots code from an SD gecko adapter thing. You put a SD card with that on your memory card slots. You can then boot a homebrew called swiss that lets you input codes.

    1. yes they are but you have 2 open them. beat hardest mode perfect to open or take (gamecube)memory card to arcade to unlock.

      1. I’m actually pretty proud I did now. Seems like not many did. Who cares about achievement points :P

  2. HOLY SHIT!!!! this is mega news for me !!!! I have F-zero GX o gamecube and am a diehard player of that game! Going to buy an action replay just for this (and for some duped weapons on Phantasy star online episode 1 and 2!)

    1. I downloaded the 30 cent version of the game on the Wii U and it was the first time I ever played the franchise and I must say it is a lot of fun. So…. How is the gamecube version?
      (I think the pink car is the best)

      1. F-zero GX on gamecube…… oh boy…

        For me it’s a 10/10 my all time favorite racing game of any kind by a country mile. I remember loading it into my gamecube as an 11 year old and immediately thinking it was the best most exciting racing game ever.

        The game runs at 60FPS on gamecube , looks amazing has tons of vehicles on screen with no slow down , has a a ridiculous difficulty all around and lots of cool vehicle customization and characters to unlock.

        It’s trully incredible game. It has aged a bit visually , but the gameplay is still better than any of its competition.

        1. Gamecube graphics are good.
          I don’t think I would like it more than Mario Kart… I really like Mario Kart.
          But I might get the Wii U version of the game if Nintendo does make a new one.

  3. It sure took an awful long time for them to find something like this out. But man, do you really have to enter ALL OF THOSE CODES? That’s the most insane, longest codes I’ve ever seen in my entire video gaming life!

      1. Why do you always have to be a smartass even when what I’m saying is completely logical? YOu seriously don’t think those are long codes? Man, the Angry Video Game Nerd would be having a heart attack with those long codes.

        1. The cheat code module my friend had for his ds was able to connect to the pc. Cant the gamecube cheat module do that?

    1. You have no idea how long these codes can get. I’ve had to number lines just so I could keep track of them at times.

  4. Tried the hack and… everything is the same nothing new! all the characters appear on the gx and stages. whats the difference?

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  6. How dare they dig up one of our secrets…

    This is very disturbing…

    *Reporting to High Command…*

  7. The Irony of this! lol wait until nintendo release the game on the Wii U and 3DS e-shop for 30 cents lol. Great job hackers though :).

  8. Might need to buy an action replay to do this! Awesome!

    But just to let people know, unfortunately you won’t be able to use your Wii for the Game Cube action replay if you have updated it after 2008, which I’m guessing is 99% of Wii owners.

  9. *Captain Falcon voice* YEAH!!! Like fuck YES, Still have my copy of GX but don’t have an Action Replay, I’ll try to score one. But wow, this is just amazing, and good too considering there aren’t alot of F-Zero AX cabinets out there. But I have all the AX unlockables, it was challenging but so worth it. Blue Falcon!!!!

  10. I somehow managed to unlock all the AX tracks. I don’t know how I manage to do it and I’m pretty sure I can’t do it now.

  11. I don’t have GX. But a waterpark near by has (or had. Haveny been their in awhile.) F zero ax. I waste most my money on it when I was their.

  12. Can someone explain this to me because I feel like I’m taking crazy pills or something. I played this game to death back in the day and unlocked the hidden AX tracks by completing everything on Master difficulty. What are these new codes for if you can already unlock the AX tracks in the normal game?

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  16. One of these days I get to try this myself…. But I need to fix my old Wii’s thingy so it can read disc again, just so I can use this AR app on the Homebrew just so I can input this code!! Freakin physical AR was the later version were you can’t imput codes.

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