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Monster Games Is Developing Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D


A recent listing for Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D on the Nintendo 3DS shows that Monster Games are the developers behind the game. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D was announced during a previous Nintendo Direct presentation. Monster Games were the development studio behind both Excite Truck and Pilotwings Resort.

38 thoughts on “Monster Games Is Developing Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D”

  1. Oh wow. A crappy developer is making a crappy remake of a crappy game for a crappy, unmanly company. What news!

  2. Crappy game? Have you actually played it? The only thing I can find wrong with it is having to use motion controls for some of the moves. Otherwise, it is an amazing looking and playing game.

  3. No offence Monster games, but there are more important games to get.

    P.S Is it just me or does it look like that when you look at Donkey Kong’s eyes upside down, it looks like a giant frown.

    1. I played excite truck a LOT on my Wii, I loved the fact that I could put music on SD cards and play the game with my own soundtrack. it was great. and i’m sure they will do a great job porting this game. people don’t give them praise just because they are not involved with Nintendo’s most loved franchises, but they are great developers.

  4. funny how a few months ago there was a rumor that monster games was also making diddy kong racing 2, eh?!

  5. I wish we were getting a new DKCR. That game was AWESOME. Definitely one of the better games I played in 2010. And that’s saying something

    1. I think so two. its one of my favorite game of past/current generation. I think Nintendo is planing on more 2D donkey kong country games, it’s kind of a tradition, to port the home console games for portables, since donkey kong land.

      1. Only the Donkey Kong Land series were not just ports, they had different levels from the Country counterparts. DKL1 was especially completely different from DKC1. I’ve been hoping for “Donkey Kong Land Returns” ever since DKCR was announced, but DKCR3D is just a remake :( Aw well. I’m still going to love it!

        1. Yes, you are right sir. DKL games had different levels and stuff, but overall they were the same games. But anyway, I hope they don’t stop on DKCR, I would love to see a DKCR II specially with the return of kremlings :)

  6. Let’s hope that Monster Games do a great job on the Wii port for the 3DS as much as Retro Studios had in the past. IMHO, Retro Studios is still Nintendo’s RARE.

  7. My biggest problem with DKCR are: the jumping mechanics in the mine car, the use of motion control for to many things and the lack of animal friends

  8. Well, this is an interesting development. Maybe this is why people thought they were making a Diddy Kong Racing sequel? Perhaps the internet rumour telephone game got mixed up somewhere along the line…

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