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Nintendo Stock Leaps By Eight Percent


Nintendo’s stock has jumped by eight percent to 10,330 Yen. The rise was due to the weakening Yen and an improving job market in the United States. Games Industry International says that it’s the second day that the company has experienced consistent growth. But it says that today’s rise was much more marked. Sony, Namco Bandai, Capcom and Konami also saw a rise.

54 thoughts on “Nintendo Stock Leaps By Eight Percent”

  1. So, let’s see what absurd logic fanboys are going to come up with to try and explain that this is a one-off farce and Nintendo is still doomed

  2. Nintendo Commander

    Indeed a succesful increase of our arsenal and the rise of the universal force is making our empire stronger…

    Hopefully Microsoft loses their power…

    1. Shut the fuck up faggot stop acting like you work at nintendo, stop posting shit at this site and gtfo.

      1. Nintendo Commander

        Greetings my fellow newbie…

        First of all I’ve never said I worked at the Nintendo Hive…

        Second, my job is to mobilize our troops to strenghten our bond and influence over the Game Universe…

        Third, you seem to post alot mire irrelevant issues than I have ever done…

        I hope this has been helpful to you…

      1. Nintendo Commander

        Prepare the sneak attacks positioned all over the EU World Map and wait for the arrival of our artillery!

        Begin final adjustments for our heavy weaponry, Pikmin 3 and hold your positions untill High Command gives the order!

        With the new battle plan taking shape, we will power up our Empire by approximatetly 67,9%!

        1. If your father slept with his sister or his first cousin like Charles Darwin we shall forgive you. We at nintendo are smarter than rednecks and other low life thugs and gangstas, Latin desperadoes and neo Nazi nonsense. Take your racist self back to gamespot.

      1. The article says Nintendo’s stock rose BECAUSE of how America is doing well… Thats why the U.S.A matters to other countries. We fall they fall. We rise, they rise.

    1. Sorry to burst your non researching butt. Obama’s policies actually stirred the economy and bolstered America’s car and automobile industry. He is pulling us out of the hole bush dug. More like holes lol. Google all major news outlets about companies growing and in a position to hire :). Stop selling propaganda if you don’t have facts on how sheeple operate. Also this is a nintendo site we don’t think like republicans or democrats; we like Nintendo commander has stated are independents.

      1. Nintendo Commander

        I will send a request to High Command and see if they can put you into my Nintendo Space Division because I like the way you think…

      2. No, Obama likes to claim things that others put in place YEARS before he took office as his own. Also, what he is doing now will hardly last long. He is filling cement cracks with glue. Eventually the “glue” will ware away. He needs to be building “concrete” solutions. Just watch, the economy will drop again in the U.S sometime in the near future. Then, Nintendo’s stock will fall once more. :(

  3. on the next minute, we will see Patcher saying Nintendo is having the biggest fiscal abyss he ever saw

  4. Nintendo Commander

    We at Nintendo are barely concerned about the parallell universe, the “Political Universe”…

    Once our forces succesfully expands our Empire, we will create a battle plan to invade the other Universe aswell…

  5. -stock goes down by 2%- OMG NINTENDOS DOOOOOOOMED !!!-stock rises by 8%- HAHAHAHAHAHA THATS CHUMP CHANGE THEY’RE STILL DOOOOOOOMED!!!!! garuntee thats hows its gonna go

  6. Hey guys, remember of all those “Nintendo is doomed” comments and articles? I know, right? Those are hilarious!

  7. A major reason why Nintendo posted losses the past two years was due to the strong Japanese Yen anyway. So this is no surprise. However this is yet another fact to toss in the heaping pile of facts as to why Nintendo is just fine and isn’t going anywhere no matter how bad some people WANT it to.

  8. All well and good, lets see how the stock market fairs when the US & Certain European COuntries send our world back into recession.

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