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Here’s The Wii U Dragon Quest X Trailer

Square Enix has released a brand new trailer showcasing the enhanced visuals of Dragon Quest X on Wii U. As we found out earlier today, there are a number of people struggling to gain access to the Dragon Quest X beta due to a problematic error code. Dragon Quest X is already available in Japan for Wii and launches for Wii U on March 30th.

41 thoughts on “Here’s The Wii U Dragon Quest X Trailer”

  1. I think it looks amazing and I hope we get a Western release sometime soon. It seems like March is going to be a great month for Wii U owners and maybe this will spur some much needed sales for the console. Good stuff.

  2. Yes March shall be great! As both an owner of the Wii U and 3DS, my wallet shall be getting raped this year ;_;…but surprisingly, I’m okay with that D:
    Anyone know how good DQX is compared to others? only played ix

    1. I have to agree even the other console dont see square enix game big japanese releases even whit all that installed base.

  3. This looks pretty good…

    Too bad I don’t play games that needs to be paid to play online…

  4. The Weak U gets another unmanly anime shit-storm of a game. Seriously, anyone who is interested in this game is a basement dwelling virgin.

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    1. You do know the “Weak U” runs circles around the capabilities of the PS3/360, right?

      A modern GPU is night and day compared to the dinosaur thats in the ps360…. Criterion did a great job of showing everyone that the Wii U is capable of nextgen graphics, by using the PC assets of NFS Most Wanted…. and thats the gist of nextgen graphics, being able to run PC level of graphics in games, right? Any modern card, including the radeon 6000 in the Wii U can handle DX11 effects. The PS4 will be featuring a DX11 card as well, Radeon 7000 series.

      I know you have butthurt that your 360 is pretty pathetic hardware today. its ok to feel bad about your purchase.

      1. Well stated. Most trolls are mad the Wii U is eighth gen, and is already confirmed for eighth gen engine built games, such as the disruptor engine from Ubisoft. It’s what the used for watch dogs.

  5. I really hope this game comes to the U.S. It looks like an amazing game. I’ve played DQ IV-VI as well as IX (not too mention a bunch of spin-offs). Hopefully this game will be just as good as the others.

  6. they were so lazy they put their biggest game since DQVIII on 10 year old hardware, ported it to wii u and expect you to pay 10 dollars a month, maybe they thought no one would buy a wii u so it wasn’t worth it to make a game utilizing the hardware.

  7. Well I hope they bring it over. You know what would be great though? If they brought Dragon warrior 1-4 to the eshop.

  8. It’s probably just me being picky, but while the visuals are great, I’ve never really liked the character design. Particularly the faces and muscular detail in many of the characters. The artist is the same guy who did DBZ, Chorno Trigger, and such, right?

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