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Guild02 Games Coming To The US?


Online gaming publication Siliconera has discovered that Level-5 plans to bring some of the Guild02 games to the West. The publication spotted trademarks for Bugs vs. Tanks! and The Starship Damrey filed by Level-5 in the United States. They say that they have previously spotted trademarks for the original Guild01 games before they were officially announced by Level-5. Would you purchase the Guild02 games for Nintendo 3DS?

32 thoughts on “Guild02 Games Coming To The US?”

  1. I want bugs vs tanks. I was sold the second I saw a giant cigarette dimp and a tank trying to kill a bug.

    1. You and Warrior do nintendo justice. You remind me of the eternal warriors that were there in the legendary times of nintendo vs sega. They warriors grew up married beautiful intelligent nintendo women and made families. Also send their children to college. Fight on nintendo warriors fight on, gaming goodness depends on nintendo. Thankfully I left Microsoft land.

      1. Nintendo Commander

        Oh I allied myself to Nintendo during the ancient war between Sega and Nintendo because they showed me the right path…

        It was a hard war but eventually our power became too great for the ancient Dominion of Sega…

        I’m thrilled to hear that you left Microsoft’s Realm…

  2. I’ll purchase some Guild02 games if there’s an RPG or two in there. I really enjoyed Crimson Shroud from Guild01. It’s a game that should’ve gotten a full release.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      Greetings Sony Commander…

      I see that you are lost in our part of our Empire…

      On top of it, you have barely any troops with you…

      You must be either brave or stupid to do so…

      I’ll lead my forces against yours anytime, anywhere!

      1. It took all but 2 min for bill and the Sony drone league to copy our nintendo commander. Wow! First the copied with the 6axis, then move, now this :

        Singing ‘how low can you go?’ lol.

  3. Nintendo even in a recession is doing well and upholding the gaming industry. This just in :

    1) 3DS best eighth generation console
    2) Nintendo stock value keeps going up
    3) Sony also getting a stock bump upwards very good news indeed
    4) March and the Wii U is getting games made by very intelligent developers from Criterion, TT games and Capcom.
    5) Vita price drop, sales numbers of the once vitanic beautiful due to the fact that the 3DS; the great great great grand child of the gameboy kept handhelds more than viable when the vita struggled.

  4. To Sony fans, you see that nintendo fans don’t attack unless provoked. I am happy Sony shall have a PS4 to make nintendo and Microsoft use their creative studios for games, and by games I mean Xenoblade 2, and Alan Wake 2. We should expect the reduction in the FPS nonsense that plagued the 7th generation. Let’s as gamers from nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and PC support real game. Lets phase out trolls, drones, fanboys, sonydrones and xbots. We as gamers win.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      The irony is that we Nintendos are trying to do so but we are forced to counter-attack because of the other Empire’s aggressiveness…

    1. You do realize theses projects are supposed to be about new games being made with various developers
      It’s not a series, it’s a collection…

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