Here’s The Dragon Quest X Wii U Bundle For Japan


Square Enix and Nintendo have released the first pack shot of the Dragon Quest X Wii U Premium Bundle which is due for release in Japan when the game launches on March 30th. You can watch the latest trailer for the long-awaited game, here.

49 thoughts on “Here’s The Dragon Quest X Wii U Bundle For Japan”

  1. I hate to be annoying but doesn’t Nintendo’s launch window end late this month, and there’s still no word for the Pikmin 3 release date. I hope they will announce it in an upcoming Nintendo direct.
    Anyway, I’m already sold on the MHU bundle.


      1. Probably cause they don’t want to mislead anyone. Debugging can take a long time, plus it keeps sounding like they are adding more features. I would rather wait and have a very slick and polished game rather then a glitchy one that was rushed, like the last couple mass effect games and assassins creed games.


      2. I agree. It’s just so annoying that they are taking forever to give us a release date of a game that was suppose to be out at launch. I’m waiting for the release date of Pikmin 3 so that I can finally get a Wii U.


        1. March has enough relelases. Need for speed, lego city, monster hunter, etc.

          Just wondering, anyone know if need for speed: most wanted will come to the eshop?


          1. Not sure where you are from, but it’s available in North America. Looking at it on right now as well as Cheap on Amazon as well.


  2. Question, are we going to get the monster hunter 3 Ultimate bundle in the Americas? That way I can trade in my Wii U for the monster hunter 3 ultimate bundle.


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