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Pachter: Wii U ‘Too Similar’ To Current-Gen Consoles, Could Sell As Few As 30 Million Units Lifetime

wii_u_console_and_controllerWedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter delivered a presentation during this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW), which is taking place right now and ends March 17th. During his presentation, partly because he thinks Nintendo’s latest console is ‘too similar’ to current-generation consoles, including the aged Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Pacther said that the Wii U is likely to sell a measly 30 to 50 million units in its lifetime. Also, during the same presentation, Pachter said he thinks the PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox will have sold a healthy 85 to 95 million units each, at the end of their courses of being on the market.

345 thoughts on “Pachter: Wii U ‘Too Similar’ To Current-Gen Consoles, Could Sell As Few As 30 Million Units Lifetime”

      1. Hey let’s make a bet Electron. I bet the figures for new XBox and PS is nowhere close, unless Red Rings start happening and Microsoft uses that to add to their sales numbers. Lol. Sorry that you are a Microbait and for putting your trust in Patcher. Once Sony eats up on Micro’s numbers, you can bet Patcher would be there to bash on them. He is paid with American dollars y’know. Hope will like your Smartgalss. Hahahaha

        1. I think that both the Wii u and Playstation 4 will do well, as for Microsoft’s new console, I’m not sure because they haven’t shown anything yet

    1. Lol. Pachter is still around! He is like the Aquaman of analysts. Don’t even entertain his guess James, It will sell double that, minimum.

        1. It’s not me you would have to break it to, that would be Nintendo. If I knew you IRL i would make a bet with you though.

    2. It will sell more knowing Nintendo. Just because it might feel like the current-gen stuff. Don’t mean Nintendo intend to keep it like that. Considering they announced so many wicked games, they probably a lot of secrets too.

      1. But was hardly a leap from the Gamecube. The only Wii games that really stand out far from Gamecube ones are quality first-party like Skyward Sword and Super Mario Galaxy.

        1. and…Super Smash Bros Brawl, Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime 3, Donkey Kong Country Returns, also, Goldeneye 007 Wii remake was awesome. < That isn't a Nintendo game!!

        2. So, a good game is a good game. Ya really think that zack and wiki would have been a better game with uber graphics? Unlikely since it’s a adventure puzzle game, same with little king. Does updating the graphics of resident evil 1 make it a better game? Just cause a game lookds good doesn’t mean it is good or plays well.

              1. is that why nobody gave a shit about the Wii after Skyward Sword/Xenoblade?

                don’t fucking kid yourself, it sucked.

          1. I completely agree. But the Wii was simply a Gamecube with a minor boost in specifications and motion controls. The majority of the games on the Wii and Gamecube looked roughly the same. That’s all I was saying.

      1. It will be graphical fidelity and killzone 4. Only company that gets games that push the boundary of imagination and innovation is nintendo ala Mario galaxy.

            1. Killzone has actual gameplay right on Youtube, conference footage or the live demo with Jimmy Fallon.

              Deep Down is an engine-demo from Capcom.

                    1. Nice again, social reject. You are making ridiculous accusations with no proof to back them up.
                      You don’t win anything, not that is was a completion in the first place.

                    2. ridiculous accusations that just so happen to be researchable facts, but you’re expecting me to hold your hand and provide you information you can do for yourself

                      lazy as fuck even online, JESUS, DO YOU EVEN LIFT

                    3. Lol! What kind of logic is that? Oh, I just had a beer with God, you have no proof to the contrary, so I win.

                    4. not even remotely the same logic.

                      and not even the witty kind of attempt to white knight either.

                    5. Settle down, social reject. Claiming the Driveclub demo is in-engine with having no proof to back it up is not a “researchable fact”.

                    6. Actually some of the deoms shown off by Sony at E3 2005 suggest the Driveclub demo was pre-rendered.

                    7. I don’t see in what way were demos that were never said to be running on the PS3 hardware have any say in whether or not these were pre-rendered. Many of these PS4 demoes have been proven by developers themselves to be real time ones done on the hardware. Deep Down, Killzone (confirmed even for gameplay), Infamous, and list can go on. Driveclub developers (Evolution Studios) have a Twitter, by the way. There’s your research opportunity–utilize it.

                      now that you are doing nothing but moving goalposts, I’ll be doing some meaningful things with my time, while you enjoy your lack of physique and laziness for the rest of your life

                  1. Actually Deep Down demo was part gameplay part benchmark demo.

                    So really people are saying Benchmarks for PCs are not anything yet they show the power of your rig, same with the tech demos on the PS4, same with the Wii U.

              1. The Killzone demo did not impress me. It looked to be a leap from Killzone 3, but it was a minimal leap. Most of what that demo showed was backdrop to decrease poly count, this way closer objects can have more detail. I can do the exact same thing in a program like 3DS Max, though not to that caliber, but you can add large scale environment texture maps to an something like a large inverted sphere shape that look like they are part of a 3D environment, and move with it. That, to me, is what the Killzone demo looked like, so it was not impressive. You can easily run that on a mid-range PC in 1080p and get 60 frames per second. They’re more than likely doing that with Drive Club as well, plus that game doesn’t really look much more visually impressive than Project CARS when running with DX 11, and this game is coming to Wii U. Now if the PS4 can run a game as big as Skyrim or bigger with the visuals seen in Square Enix’s new tech demo for their new engine, THAT is when I’ll be impressed.

              2. i would not believe any of that until you try it out yourself. remember colonial marines demo? who doesn’t say they do that too.

          1. Great graphics mean nothing if the games aren’t fun. I was bored to fucking tears watching the PS4 conference. The highlight for me was finally getting more footage of Watch Dogs. Deep Down from Capcom also caught a bit of my interest but that’s mostly because I like Dragons (who doesn’t?). I’m sure i’ll still have fun playing the PS4 with my bro, but Wii U will definitely be my main console of choice.

            1. I don’t give a fuck (let alone asked) what you thought of the conference, people were clamoring suggesting there wouldn’t be a noticeable leap when as seen here, the leap is as clear as the day.

              1. No it isn’t. PC can still destroy your pathectic GayStation 4. Have fun driving around in your “Race Club”. VROOM VROOM!

              2. I only said the leap wouldn’t be as big as 6th to 7th gen, and what I saw was pretty much what I expected. I’m pretty sure the gap between the PS4 and Wii U is smaller than it was with the PS3 and Wii too.

                1. sure it will be, and part of that being “smaller” in this gap is the fact that the system can now display HD graphics, the Wii was mostly disadvantaged by being limited to SD/ED resolutions.

                  1. From what we’ve seen so far, you’re in no position to be saying the leap from PS3 to PS4 will be anywhere near that of PS2 to PS3.

                    1. I’m in more of a position to say this than every meaningless post you’ve made here up to this point. Nor, have I suggested the leap was anywhere as large that,

                      stay in school and practice reading some more instead of sitting on the internet all day on this website.

                    2. Whatever you say, social reject. By the way, is your shift key broken? Because you seem unable to capitalize your letters.

              3. Lol no they is not massive leap.Yes they is improvements with detail and texture.To be honest I was expecting more I was definitely expecting 4k games this is not the case,there only streaming 4k movies to the console.Hey don’t get me wrong I loved my ps3 especially playing killzone in 3d mode.I don’t think be buying ps4 this time around.


            we’ll see

            …it may EVENTUALLY very well hit or even come close to that Capcom engine demo(although I doubt at 60fps)….but keep in mind that an engine demo is essentially a tech demo…and is rarely an accurate representation of what happens in game. Which is why a game like killzone look significantly less impressive than the Capcom demo

            1. of course I’m aware of this

              some folks were also suggesting the killzone demo was pre-rendered again and that was immediately debunked with the live demo shown off

              I’m confident similar games will be shown throughout it’s lifespan

              1. I wouldn’t get your hopes up with demo’s, we haven’t seen anything yet that has come close to WiiU’s zelda and bird demo which apparently used only 10% of the system. Plus with Sony’s track record of boasting about their graphics, I wont get your hopes up. (IE Killzone demo, claiming ps2 could do “toy story quality graphics” etc).

                1. That’s where I have to disagree here. Have you seen Squares new engine? I’m as stoked for a new Zelda looking like that demo as you are, and it is a huge impressive step up for Nintendo, but let’s face it. We have seen better.

                  1. No, you misread, I meant for the WiiU. I have seen nothing yet that comes close to the zelda/bird demo for the WiiU. Though I only have Mario, AC3, scribblenaughts and trine 2 at the moment.

                2. Oh the stupid blind Nintendo fanboy that tech demo with the bird that Nintendo had show E3 2011 had PS2 graphic here this looks better than your tech demo

              1. This is why I still refuse to believe the PS4 will be as powerful as they claim. When the PS3 was on its way, they showed off a lot of tech demos that they claimed were going to be in-game graphics. They even pulled the same facial expression trick that they pulled at the PS4 event. The PS3, however, never displayed the visuals they promised in real time, only in pre-rendered form. Considering their history, I cannot believe games will look that good on PS4 in-game until I see proof. The demos they showed were running on a PC, so that tells me that what they showed is not to be believed yet.

                  1. “system services”

                    yeah I’m sure that requires a lotttttt of power

                    it has an ARM-based co-processor for video coding and 8GB of unified RAM, what the hell more is an OS possibly gonna do that has any significant hit on performance?

                    read: nothing

                    1. The PS4 RAM is unified so developers can use it as they please, however, the OS is going to take up quite a bit since the PS4 is going to be able to suspend play at any point, turn off the system, then pick up right where you left off. Plus the sharing, Capture card, game sharing, plus other multimedia features will take up a few GB’s of space.

                    2. lol, if you seriously think OS overhead is gonna be anything over 1GB (MAX), you’re an idiot

                    3. by the way, me how much RAM is required for windows 7 or 8 again? Right nowhere over “several GBs of space”, dumbshit. That’s a full blown PC OS, not a GAMING SYSTEM OS, so you’re just proving me correct

                1. What you just have … type… made me realize something, MS and Sony like to show off their consoles with tech demos that are supouse to show of their consoles, and by the end of their life sicle such graphics are never or truly reach, while Nintendo Like to show tech demos that are actually subpar and in some points horrible (Like the tech demo of Zelda shown for the gamecube) and then BAM AMAZE people whit TP level of fidelity graphics.

          3. You really think those are actual gameplay? You couldn’t do that on a modern gaming PC, much less a video game console based around a few years old PC tech.

      2. Like what? The old man face with no background? I’m sorry but that isn’t that huge of a leap from the beginning of Half Life 2, or that other graphical demo that went along with it (can’t remember the name of the demo thing) and that was about a decade ago. Are there improvements, sure of course there are, but that was not that spectacular. The unigine demo’s seem superior and that even a couple years old. It certainly didn’t seem any better then the skyrim faces during speach.

    1. There’s only about 10 times the difference. If you want to use the argument for the Wii U that goes “it’s only a matter of time, just wait and see when it unlock its potential!” – that shit has to go same ways. The Wii U is gonna have better looking games than the current gen, but the PS4, just by looking at the hardware, is gonna have way prettier games. The Killzone demo already showed us how great the graphics will be close to launch, so imagine the 2-3 years into it’s lifespan, remember Uncharted 2? How amazing those graphics were.

      “Well PC’s are already that good, and have been for years” – well that’s true, partly, PC’s have to run a lot of stuff at the same time, this machine is dedicated to the gaming. But what’s even more important to notice is the market. A lot of games are build to consoles and ported to PC’s, or build on PC with possibilities of downgrading to console with ease, in case of commercial succes. Looking at a game like The Witcher 2 or Crysis, there was a good reason we didn’t see those games on the consoles for a while, because they were damn near impossible to get on there without building it from the ground and up again.

      I’m a PC gamer myself, and i believe the PC is always ahead no matter what, that’s the facts, but it’s very few games that are dedicated to high end computers, simply because sales have to be met.

      The PS4 is way stronger than the Wii U – deal with it

      My reason for getting a Wii U? The same as every other Nintendo product: i simply have the most fun with it, regardless of specs

      1. There’s no doubt the PS4 is a lot more powerful than the Wii U, though how much more powerful depends on the GPU, which we still don’t know yet. Rumors point to a 7670, and if that’s true, Wii U actually isn’t too far behind in the graphics department, and that Killzone demo can easily run on a 7670, because that demo really wasn’t that impressive. I’ve seen better, the new game really doesn’t look to be much of a jump from 3. Other rumors point to a 7970, and if that’s true, then yeah, Wii U will be way behind, but I very highly doubt it’s using that card, at least not the tower version I’m refering to. That’s a $500 GPU, that is way too much to spend on a GPU to keep an affordable system. Heck, PS4 already looks to replay the same pricing mistake the PS3 made, even with a 7670. Overall, Wii U will be behind, but if the PS4 is using that GPU, Wii U will still be strong enough to stand its ground. Heck, it’ll probably be in a stronger position since PS4 will likely cost $450 to $600. Balancing power with affordability will decide success. Just because PS4 is powerful doesn’t mean it will be successful. Only time will tell.

        1. rumors don’t say fucking 7670, the GPU itself is somewhere between a 7850 and 7870, and since consoles will typically run better at quite a margin compared to a PC with “equal specs”, it’s actually going to be more powerful anyway.

    1. He’s not saying it’s doomed. 30-50 Million consoles is still a massive amount of consoles. If a company can make money overall on 50 Million consoles sold , then that is very successfull.

      I don’t care. As long as the Wiiu doesn’t sell less than 30 million lifetime I will be happy. Part of me wants the Wiiu to be a bit sluggish , why ? Because it will force Nintendo to make even better games and push their boundaries further.

      Personally , I would be very happy if PS4 and 720 sell 90 Million each and the Wiiu only 40 million. Why would I care about the sales ? As long as the games I desire keep coming , I’m happy.

      Now to decide between PS4 , 720…

      1. Pachter before WiiU launch: “It has to be sold below $ 300 to be a success….”

        Pachter without know about PS4 price: “PS4 and Next Xbox Will Sell Almost Twice as Much as Wii U”

        Aparently, Pachter don’t cares much about numbers, but insist to talk about they.

      2. nah, the sony fanboys in particular would be unbearable if the PS4 sells more. Not that I think it will, by a long shot

  1. Can the next article with Pachter’s name in the headline just say “Pachter No Longer Taken Seriously as Analyst”?

    1. Was he ever taken seriously? I’m not trolling I’m serious. Pretty much every time he makes an article it is him just bashing with no good points.

      1. He’s a name in the industry and I’ve honestly seen him make some good points and criticisms, but lately it’s just been bashing with little new substance to his arguments.

  2. It’s a shame really. The Wii U isn’t what I’d call revolutionary, but there’s still potential in this one. And I don’t think the developers of the next-gen consoles even know what to do with the future of games. To me, from here on out, game companies are always taking shots in the dark. I am curious to see how the next consoles will do though.

    1. the wii was a new beginning just like the u is and the boxstations are overrated overpriced and simply outmatched

  3. I doubt it’ll sell 30 mil…With the exclusives coming out it’ll sell more. If we can get more 3rd party support, it’ll destroy the competition. Lets get’ em Nintendo!

  4. Sigh… Why hasn’t Patcher been fired yet? He keeps underestimating the Wii U when barely any new games have come out yet, and it’s getting more features in future updates, yet he thinks the next PlayStation and Xbox will be a success when we know almost nothing about them yet, not their price, bugs/issues, etc. Patcher, time will tell. Now fire yourself.

    1. Why hasn’t he been fired? Dude, why would he be fired? Media sites love him. How many hits does Pachter get for this site alone?

      1. These kinds of sites love him because he’s controversial, and controversial subjects get the most hits. People can cry all day about someone posting Pachter articles, but in the end its the viewers (without adblock) who bring it upon themselves.

      2. Enough to make this blog explode with arguments? Well, this is the internet, so I guess I’ll have to put up with articles involving Patcher… And I’m seeing new posts on this article coming up every few minutes/seconds, so let me just grab some popcorn.

        1. That’s pretty much the best thing you can do. “eh” who replied to me basically summed it up perfectly.

  5. I'm just waiting for a mate

    Shut the fuck up patcher you said the exact same thing about the 3ds…. as soon as big AAA nintendo titles launch you will be sucking nintendo’s dick you dirty cunt

  6. Really now, Pachter? Do you know about the Need for Speed U port and do you remember the Zelda demo?

  7. I think when the next Xbox and Sony console come out the Wii U sale will increase largely due to the fact no one can afford a £700 PS4

  8. Ugh, why? Just because a unit sells less at the beginning doesn’t mean it’ll sell badly for its lifetime.

    1. Patcher never takes into accaunt make things that could affect those console like that they arent going to be that much difference betewing them and that developers are already whinning about production cost wich means less games in production.

  9. Patcher means Wii U is to similar to LAST GEN SYSTEMS. Xbox 360, and PS3 ARE NO LONGER CURRENT GEN!!! 8th Gen has started. Does either the Xbox 360, PS3 have a Gamepad controller? Nope, Do either of the others do 1080p and 60fps? Nope, Do the others have Miiverse? Nope, Does the Wii U have ads all over the place like the Xbox 360? Nope, Does the Wii U have a payed online like XBL? Nope. Does the Nintendo community act the same as the others communities? Nope. Does the PS3 and Xbox 360 have Internal Flash Memory? Nope. Besides both systems being black and HD theres no similarities.

    1. The PS3 super-slim 16GB is using Flash Memory and the 360 does as well…I don’t see how this matters by the way.

      Yes, the PS3 and 360 does have a few 1080p 60 fps titles. How many does the Wii U have that are currently available? Especially ones that push system?

      Nobody gives a fuck about Miiverse besides secluded shut-ins who bought the console and need babies first social network.

      PSN isn’t paid either, what is your point?

      You list a ton of features that ultimately, have no meaning or impact on gaming as a whole in any significant way.

      You’re such a Nintendo shill, bend over for Iwata already. Faggot.

      1. Awww butt hurt much Aeolus. You do realize that the PS4 reveal shot nintendo stock upwards. Because the basic fact is that the PS4 shall have better graphics than the PS3 but same old game play in killzone 4, uncharted 4 and movie disguised as games, the last of us.

        1. their stock goes “upwards” yet they continue to tank on a weekly and monthly basis with their shitty 360 clone console

          that’s…nice I guess? Lol, geek.

                1. You’re right, it’s not a 360 clone. It’s an underclocked Gamecube 3.0 with a 1997 CPU and a rubbish mid-range GPU solution from circa 2008.

                  With magical innovation sauce with a hunk of plastic that has a cheap resistive touchscreen for second screen gameplay which was already done with their own DS.

                  and streaming gameplay which dates back to 2006 with Remote Play.


                  1. So you admit you made ridiculous statements just to bash the Wii U? Anyway, underclocked GameCube 3.0 with a 1997 CPU? That’s bullshit and you know it, social reject.

                    1. powerpc 750 is precisely what the CPU is based on and that is 1997 architecture.

                      now enjoy your permanent virginity playing nintendo consoles and the latest mario for the umpteenth time

                    2. “now enjoy your permanent virginity playing nintendo consoles and the latest mario for the umpteenth time” Rofl man, that’s funny. Some people claim I’m a Sonydrone, others a Nintenfag.

                      Just so you know, I’ll be buying PS4 day one.

                    3. Well…the most common is the Von Neumann’s architecture since the 50s, strictly speaking. but architecture doesn’t really matter since new methods like multitasking or parallel computing have been developed.Accessible 64-bit microcontrollers have been out in the market for a couple of years, but still just people like you Aeolus, that only speak shit would compare these technologies. Architecture =/= IC

        2. Shut up fucking retarded Nintendo fanboy and go play your Mario i am sure you would die for it retarded Nintendo fanboys how i hate them

          1. lol coming from some idiot that calls himself kratos. you need to take your ass back to the sony site you little tick turds hang out at.

        1. if you think that looks like a PS2 game, you are one stupid fucking idiot.

          but actually, given your history, you probably are serious. Kill yourself.

            1. crowdsourced game that not only requires at least a mid-range PC to look anything like the screens or gameplay you see online, but is also one from 2012 that is being compared to a 2006 launch console game

              you are literally the most fucking stupid nintendo fanboy I’ve ever had the misfortunate to experience

              1. and what’s worse is you’re showing me a YT video, play the goddamn game for yourself *and I’m sure you haven’t*

              2. ”if you think that looks like a PS2 game, you are one stupid fucking idiot.”

                You’re such a deranged little cock sucker. The game looks like shit , I bought it for cheap last year and it looks like a PS2 game albeit with a better resolution and framerate.
                I even had the misfortune of buying Ridge racer 6 on 360 which looks straight up like an Ugly Xbox 1 game.

                1. if you “bought it for cheap” then show me a timestamped picture of your copy of the game.

                  inb4 sold it like he always miraculously does

                  1. “timestamped picture of your copy of the game”

                    Jeez Aeolus, if only they gave out awards for most boring person in the world… Anyway, you’re lucky you a computer screen to hide behind. You have no idea what you’re talking. Go get some sun, social reject.

                    1. also by the way, don’t even talk about “social rejects” you’re here more than I am nowadays

                      it’s okay if you’re a secluded shut-in, mommy will buy your new games and PC parts for your lazy arse anyway.

                    2. Come Aeolus, you’re going to have to do better than that to get me riled up. Actually just stop trying, social reject. Nothing you type with your keyboard will have any meaningful affect on anyone whatsoever.

                    3. I’m sure that’s why you spent the last few minutes of your time bickering in replies to the majority of my posts here.

                      And accomplishing nothing significant in the process

                    4. “you’re here more than I am nowadays”
                      And exactly how do you know that, Aeolus? A lot of the time, you talk bullshit, which gives people a good reason to not believe anything you say.

                  2. Sorry bro , I litteraly sold it about a week after I bought it. I only got £2 for selling it , but I didn’t want it in my collection. I only keep the best of the best.

                    1. @Aeolus You wanted him to send you a “timestamped picture” of his copy of the game? Jeez, social reject. Some of us have lives.

                  3. Following you (stupid) logic Aeolus. You can’t prove that he doesn’t have a picture of a copy of the game, therefore he has the game. Do you now notice how stupid you sound like?

                    1. But if people don’t want to pay $300 for a new console, how many will accept any more?

                    2. The people who think the Wii U is overpriced at $300-350 are just blind haters who will bash Nintendo no matter what they do.

                    3. I would not, rather buy a new MB and CPU for my PC.
                      And wait for PS4 to come down to 300’s

          1. Nowadays, I see that you are very shy when talking about 1080p games on PS3, I wonder why…. still hurts? lol

            1. What hurts? Oh, how sore I was left after banging your whore mother for weeks? Yeah, somewhat.

              1080p games exist on PS3 and 360, those are facts and you have nothing to disprove either with


                  1. who cares? just you.. lol

                    Keep teaching me english (since it’s not my native language) and I will keep teaching you about resolutions on PS3, (Just in case you keep telling lies) ok? Any questions do not hesitate to ask, or…. you can always go fuck yourself! :D

                    1. you obviously care if you keep replying over and over you retarded fuckwit.

                      stop using the language english, if you suck at english then don’t fucking speak it, you dumb cunt. It’s the global language of information.

                      and you’re nothing but a skinny little pussy, so there’s not a shit you can do or say to me in any circumstance that actually matters.

                    2. lol
                      and you still reply me LMAO…
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                    3. ” I’ll keep fucking your ass”

                      So you confirm that you are a gigantic fucking faggot who vastly prefers men over women, you said that with your own words.

                      You are one pathetic little queer, which is why you’ll never get laid.

                    4. “You are one pathetic little queer, which is why you’ll never get laid.”

                      This is the best you can do? LOL
                      This “news” already proves that I did a good job with you, you seem not to point the games that uses the magical resolutions that only exist in your head. Keep that in mind for the next news and try to learn something, stupid fucking drone. Once again, you can go play in your room, kid.

                    5. lol keep your shit up “Davidson Ricardo Menezes Faria”, 29 year old VIRGIN from Brazil, it’s not too hard to dox faggots like you who think they’re all powerful and anonymous and can say what the fuck they want without being found.

                      Keep your fucking shit up. You’re going to enjoy the outcome. :)

                    6. and you can argue “magical/dynamic resolution” all you want, facts are facts and PS3 has titles in full 1080p that didn’t require that, a few of which were even launch window games, if you can’t process the facts, you’ll only add insult to your impending injury. ;)

                      let’s see if you’re stupid enough to push the boundaries further, you’ll be amazed what social engineering can do.

                    7. lol
                      You’re really a dumb. I never said that PS3 didn’t had 1080p games, you always like to distort things. On the other hand, you have said countless times that some 720p game are “1080p” which is a lie. The fact is if one game uses dinamic resolutions, it can’t be considered a FullHD like you said last time, you can reply this how many times you want, nothing will change your wrong information. By the way, I never deny what I like or what I think, I like Nintendo and Sony and I have no problem replying butthurt like you. Go play COD, kid.

                    8. “if one” funny thing is, you only ever list one game that does go to beyond3D forums and find the “list of rendering resolutions” where you are more than wrong
                      on :)

                      ‘dynamic resolution’ lol, like that has anything to do with the other games 1080p titles that aren’t doing that, I doubt you even know what that means, making it more pathetic you try to use it as an excuse, fucking idiotic Nintendroid.

                      better educate yourself, secluded shut-in, and better be watching your back in Brazil from now on

                      ….Uberaba to be exact ;)

                    9. and by the way, quote the times I’ve called 720p titles 1080p and cite a source, you’re just spinning your words because you got fucking exposed, dipshit.

                    10. So, basically, if you says some shit that I prove to you that the shit you said is wrong, I still have to dig Mynintendonews to find all the crap that you already said? Really Amir?

                    11. by the way, I have nothing to hide, sonydrone, but, you on the other hand…. you can say whatever you want… but if you still deny all the crap that you already said, then you can still go play COD in your room kid, that’s what kids plays nowadays, isn’t?

                    12. So basically you can’t find it, because you fucking lied. As expected.

                      You got nothing to hide? LOL you must not value your life, buddy.

                    13. Oh don’t worry, I have something special in store for you coming not too long from now ;)

                      spend all day talking shit online and think something won’t happen, lol okay bro

                    14. “spend all day talking shit online and think something won’t happen”

                      Dude, despite the fact that I work connected, I’m not the person who is wasting time digging people’s lives… That alone shows how much you are mentally unstable and child. If I bother you, it means that what I say is true (and you know it), and this is my point, I hate haters like you, always saying shit on the internet, specially Sony’s fans. You can do whatever you want, that won’t change anything in my live, but one thing I have for sure, you will get stuck in this pathetic life while you keep being a butthurt….

                      and no, I will not dig all the crap that you said about games that uses a resolution that actually don’t uses… you obviously is better than me to digging things (and apparently has a lot of time to do that), so keep the good work, I’m here…

                    15. It’s not “hating”; it’s pointing out that Nintendo is a dimwitted company run by a bigger dimwit who makes idiotic decisions, which is exactly why the Wii U is tanking in every major region.

                    16. if we look to PS360, they didn’t had the amount of games that Wii U had at launch, Wii U still have few months of life, it’s not like it has to born selling hundreds of thousands consoles, I do not like the current situation (but I don’t care either, Nintendo is a rich company), but I know that good games are coming and that’s what I always look for, games, may it be for Nintendo or Sony, that’s what matter in the end. Yes, Satoru Iwata lives in the past century, have the whole issue of online gaming and hardware, but in the end, what still matter is the games, you always are pointing the hardware but you always forget about the fun of good games.

                    17. I know what “good games” are, parading a bunch of gimmicks telling people it will change the way we play games (Wii), then completely changing that philosophy for the Wii U by going back to a system that tries to be different, but also not in a meaningful way to keep a firm lock on its previous audience.

                      Now look at where that has them? I don’t see any way possible for the Wii U to make a significant turn around without seeing a massive price drop, putting out the first party games people actually want and above all else, -marketing the console-.

                      It’s about due time that Nintendo stops focusing on “innovating hardware” and turn their attention back to innovating their own software like they did generations ago. They never had the greatest third party support, that’s why they NEED to strengthen their first party offerings to compensate.

        1. no they do not, and you don’t have a fucking about what you’re talking about

          how do you “upscale” framerate, anyway?

          jesus some of you are dolts

      2. “Nobody gives a fuck about Miiverse besides secluded shut-ins who bought the console and need babies first social network” …and then PS4 focuses more on social networks. It looks like you will be part of that secluded community. It’s great to read your replies, you pretty much fuck yourself with your own words…

        1. I will be? No, I have facebook, twitter and everything else I need, if the PS4 offers that it won’t even matter, just like I how I’m -not- using the optional Google+ among others

          simple logic, fuckwit.

          1. Ok, so basically you don’t care about what PS4 has to offer to you about social networks. But you do care what Nintendo brings to us as a feature that doesn’t even affect you… You keep contradicting yourself. Your logic isn’t simple…it’s stupid, fuckass.

            1. where was it said I “cared” about Miiverse

              you seem to be inept at one of the most basic skills necessary in life: reading

              please kill yourself, you fucking cuntfuck.

  10. The PS2 and the Wii are the only reason consoles have sold over 100 million consoles lifetime sales. PS3 and xbox360 could not have even reached 77 and 76 million had it not been for the Wii making people to walk into stores looking for the little bugger lol.

    1. Pretty much this. The PS2 and the Wii have helped people get into gaming more than anything else.
      And Nintendo’s handhelds. Those things sell especially well among kids when a new Pokémon game is released :)

  11. It doesn’t matter as long as it turns a profit. Success doesn’t mean outselling the competition. He is being a troll.

  12. lol..if you looked at the presentation slides, he says more RAM and more powerful CPU definitely drives to more innovation… Right.. I can see more shooters, and the only difference is you’ll get to see more bad guys on the screen at once!

  13. PS4 was barely presented a few weeks ago, Xbox720 isn’t even spoke out yet and Pachter is already saying that it will sell more than 50 million? not to mention he still talk shit about Nintendo Wii U. Correct me if I am wrong but is this they way he thinks? Because to me, it sounds like he’s a Sony Microsoft drone.

      1. like how the ps3 was over priced at launch. most likely ol’boy the ps4 will cost 499-550 even the price is to much for more then less, kill zone from what i’ve read doesn’t sell like old fresh hot cakes but they yet to have system sell for people and nether does the wii u , future will have more ol’ boy

            1. Which is why it sold more at launch than the other two consoles currently out, which you seem to idolize so much

    1. He’s a verified Nintendo hater.
      Much like a few other specific people around here, who are judging the console off of a slow release line-up, while downplaying it for not being a power brick with a thousand times more sparkles and pixels than its predecessor.
      Ignore the trolls and especially their lord and god, Pachter.

  14. More doom&gloom, same as the last few generations.
    Haters haven’t forced Nintendo out of the console business thus far, and it won’t happen this gen, either.
    They’ll talk their shit, they’ll downplay it with talk of “only fanboys buying it”, they’ll do absolutely anything they can to publicly denounce the system and excuse whatever sales it gets as inconsequential to “real gamers” while standing around with a shit-faced arrogant grin on their faces.
    And in the end, it’ll only be the hater’s time that is wasted.
    The real gamers will be too busy enjoying their console to give a fuck.

  15. Nintendo fan since 1993

    You guys are such fan boys, theres a reason why he said what he did, why do you think 3rd party developers aren’t working wite Nintendo and calling the Wiiu a last Gen, and why the 3DS had a price cut, oh yea I bought a 3DS and it stopped working on me, and the Wii did good becouse motion controls werent really in play till Nintendo steped in, but touch screens and 2 screens as a matter of fact has beem around for a while now, Wii U or really just HD DS?, you tale me. And like it or not Nintendo has been getting lazy as fuck with their games, fuck New Super Mario Bros wii u, Mario 3D land and Skyword sword! Galaxy, Twilight princess, and Mario 64 on the DS was way better,

    1. Your 3ds stopped working on you? WOW! I’ve had mine for 2 years and it’s still going strong. In fact, the oldest Nintendo product I own is the gamecube, and it works just as well as the first day I bought it!

      1. haha I still have a working NES, SNES and N64. You just need an old television set and voila! I’ve only had one problem with any of my Nintendo products and that was the audio output cable going faulty on the N64 and requiring a new cable. I didn’t have to actually buy one since I just had to fold the cable a certain way, but a few bucks to solve that minor inconvenience was worth it.

        I never owned a Gamecube or Wii. I’ve played Wii games aplenty, but just never got into last generation’s consoles, only PC games. No clue how well those products ran, but if they’re anything like their predecessors they would have had no problems.

  16. So! He can make this prediction about the next Xbox even though it hasn’t been revealed yet? Stunning *sarcasm *!

    1. I don’t even think you can make a good prediction about the PS4, I mean they when talked about the specs they talked about 8 (GDDR5) gigs of graphics RAM like it was system RAM. They didn’t really show any gameplay just pre-fed clips that were built from the dev kits which are just PCs at the moment. No price yet or anything concrete, just some pie in the sky ideas about cloud gaming, that not everyone will be able to use.

      So basically the only things we know about it is the shape of controller cause that is its only concrete information.

      And WTF is up with SXSW this year, this is a music conference. Why the hell is Patcher even there, he doesn’t know shit about music.

  17. Patcher is a retarded bitch ok…. First off no one can shit about any next counsels stuff because wiiu hasn’t shown its full potential whatsoever. Ps4 hasn’t had any legit gameplay footage. The xbox720 has no news whatsoever and anyone who rages another counsel without any facts or reasonable proof is a butt-hurt fat fucker with no life and should get some info! Now everyone who is a Nintendo fag, gaystaion fanboy or is a microdrone can go fuck himself because raging another company is bull shit! This is my opinion since it seems there is to many diehardfanboys out there who should get a job. Talking to you aeolus give me some goddam facts that Wiiu is weaker then ps4 or get the fuck out of a dam Nintendo sight YOU DIG!.

  18. Didn’t this guy predict the Wii’s failure as well? Regardless, I can’t take him seriously when he’s making predictions for one console that hasn’t been released and another that has barely been announced.

  19. An unimportant bystander

    I’ve looked through all of the comments and saw a lot of hate. Seriously guys why can’t we just go back to gaming like the old days. Is gaming life now? Or is it because getting the most powerful console brings up self satisfaction? We seriously need to get back to gaming. Different companies bring out different consoles to offer us unique experiences from each one. I’d say that we should accept each consoles’ differences and try ’em all out.

  20. Im not even bothered anymore, sick of anti nintendo news, im gona play the games, im gona buy a WiiU, im gona buy a ps4, i have a 3DS, haters gona hate, not even bothered.

        1. Don’t worry, Ness. That was a copycat. I agree with you only the puniest of babies or nostalgic morons would buy a Wii U.

            1. Incredible but true

              Aww, what a cute little circle jerk you two have got going.
              Now just invite that Sly Cooper freak and you’ll be all set for the next four gens of gaming.
              Lord knows all you trolls do is fap over graphics while bashing others. Get that superiority complex checked, kiddies. You bitches don’t got shit to say that’s worth saying around here.

  21. First off, reading some of these comments, I wanted to clear some things up. One nobody’s really disparaging whether or not the PS4 or 720 will be more powerful than the Wii U. That’s pretty much a foregone conclusion.

    The real issue will actually be whether or not the PS4 and 720 will have the actual staying power as the Wii U. Truthfully, if Sony can genuinely support their promises as well as the hardware, they could give Nintendo some serious competition with the PS4. Microsoft, on the other hand, seems focused more on just showing off hardware and graphics rather than focusing on games themselves. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if you recall, MS also holds the record for more defective systems than Sony and Nintendo combined, and lacks customer support.

    Truthfully, I suspect what will happen is the competition will have a strong launch, no doubt. But I fear, with Sony and Microsoft fighting it out, they’ll forget why they released their consoles in the first place. And as with the Wii, the Wii U will keep selling for one thing: it plays games and tries not to be something it’s not. Will it outsell the competition? Maybe yes, maybe no, but at least you won’t be seeing people either returning it due to lack of games, or hardware/software issues.

  22. the fuck!!! seriously patcher!!! wiiU will only sell 30 mill but a console we know jackshit about will sell more!?!? what! the! hell! fuck off patcher!!! his blatant dislike of nintendo is, well, obvious.

  23. Neutron plays halo 3

    that’s why wii outsold ps360 because they are almost the same besides a new control set up and a great classic untouched collection of great games

  24. First of all, 50 million units sold over the Wii U’s lifetime isn’t bad at all. I think that’s probably realistic (and I’m speaking as a fan of the console), but I don’t think it’s anything to turn your nose up to. However, I think his projections for the PlayStation 4 and NextBox are way too optimistic. I wouldn’t be surprised if all 3 consoles end up selling significantly fewer units over the course of this generation than their respective predecessors.

  25. It’s funny because the Wii U is way more powerful then the 360 and even the PS3. Skeptical people like this guy just gets paid to say stupid shit like this. The Wii was pretty much a Gamecube and it sold a shit load of units, so he doesn’t have a logical argument. Power of a console doesn’t guarntee sales, Wii U won’t be more powerful then the next Xbox and isn’t more powerful then PS4, but it defintely is more powerful then the current gen consoles.

    1. If the ps4 is 500 dollars and the graphic difference compared to u is seventy dollars doesn’t that make the u more powerful or is it just me CUZ that’s what I predict metroid or starfox will expose killzone and the ps4 but people will still be in denial

  26. His predictions show his biased opinion and his prejudice. He is totally wrong. We don’t even know how much the PS4 and next Xbox will cost. Nintendo is holding back games right now. I don’t see the PS4 as a big step up over PS3. I think PS4 and next Xbox will have a hard time convincing people to upgrade. Why would this be the last generation for home consoles? It is a multi-billion dollar industry. I predict Wii U to dominate. PS4 is not backwards compatible nor can you carry over your library of PSN downloads. If Xbox doesn’t let you carry over downloaded games from Xbox live on 360 to next Xbox, everyone will be pissed. GTA 5 will be on current generation, not next generation. This changes everything. Also, Madden and NBA 2K13 will be current generation, not next generation. I predict slow sales for PS4 and next Xbox for at least 2 years. Simply no reason to upgrade.

    1. Because it’s bound to get hits which is what the media wants. I really don’t see why people cannot understand that.

      1. I know that is why people do it. It was more of a rhetorical question. I was just hoping this site was above that type of nonsense. Sad to say I was mistaken.

  27. I don’t wanna say he’s right but I also don’t want to say he’s wrong either. I mean sure, the Wii U is currently more powerful than the 360 and PS3, but the PS4 and the 720/Durango Truck or whatever they call it will no doubt be more powerful. It was already a given that was going to happen.

    And to people saying that specs don’t matter, well they kinda do. I don’t give a damn about specs as long as the games are fun but they do matter. Not to us, but to the developers developing the games. Here’s the thing, 3rd-party devs are what support a console and give it a healthy lifecycle. Yes first-party games push the boundaries of their own respective hardware but third-party’s are what keep the system afloat till those first-party titles arrive.

    Think about it. The 3rd-party devs wont be able to support a console if the hardware wont be able to run a game at it’s full capacity. Sure if it’s weaker hardware they have to cut corners and downscale it so said console can run it. This is what Sony is doing with the PS4, making the hardware with the 3rd-party devs in mind. Nintendo aims to recapture the hardcore crowd but they wont if 3rd party devs aren’t going to put out the same games as the other consoles. Nintendo makes great hardware no doubt, but they make it with them in mind, not the third-party devs.

    It’s still early to tell but it all comes down to the most important factor: the games. It is the single crucial element to a consoles success. It’s too early to tell how this gen will play out. The 3rd party devs will either flock to the new consoles, or they will find the Wii U a haven because development costs are too high. The Wii U will either become the PS1/PS2 of this gen, or the Gamecube of this gen. Time will tell, so for now let’s just enjoy our games.

  28. So he can predict that the Xbox will sell 95 million, and we don’t know one single thing about the console. He’s a straight out liar and it seems the only reason alba and sickr quote him on here is because they must love the trolls that come with it. So unprofessional and pathetic on both sides.

  29. But with one very important factor, it has better games. Well, once Nintendo’s first-party titles start coming out more and more. Nintendo’s games are why all of their consoles are better than the competitions.

  30. Nintendo Commander

    In Microsoftian language it means that the Wii U will be successful enough…

    So you lose once again Pachter…

  31. Neutron plays halo 3

    i can’t wait to replay cod madden gta mg ff re rdr fo ac and the rest of this gens mainstream trashware with better graphical improvements

  32. Neutron plays halo 3

    killzone is trash its poop its pretty but plays like poop… blame sonys analog sticks they are the worst things in gaming its fucking crazy how many ppl say they are good i think those fucking derps areso bad at video games they dont know they are bad they fucking suck i dont get it how can a consoles d pad be better then the main controls? ps4 will feel the same its sad how derp sony gamers are

  33. Nintendo Commander

    Interesting how he thinks both Microsoft and Sony Systems will sell 10 million units more than their predecessors…

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry reading his miscalculating statisitcal outputs…

  34. well none of this matters because all the muslims are in love … all the muslims in love so put your hands up all the muslims in love so come on muslims put your hands all the muslims in love in love every minute like hour every hour like a day every day like forever so come on muslims put your hands up

  35. the WiiU is struggling because there are still few games to look forward to, and other people are waiting for PS4 and xbox 720, then the real competition starts there when the two consoles comes out, and even the WiiU supports 1080p there are only few games that runs on 1080p, the first WiiU games have a native resolution of 720p which is not a good thing for a console of this generation.

  36. Neutron plays halo 3

    selling 80 million consoles is the new casual so lets hope they do sell so devs go look no ones buys games unless its better with kinect and sonys screenless touchscreen the market will fully crash this time games will be overpriced overhyped ms and sony will see no benefit in being in the market and shut down everything they are doing sony will go back to making outdated music hardware ms will go back to making pointless pc programming software and nintendo as always will be the number one game company

  37. I love how people resort to using senseless name calling when they get proven wrong. Or that they add a few “Fuck”s and “fucking”s to emphasize what they have got say. This site’s comment system is really pathetic, don’t even know why i look at the comments. Actually i do, i try my best not to reply to the messed up comments whist trying to find some that are in relation to the actual article. Maybe i should just not read the comments, huh? Because people can’t debate/argue without going for the “UR MOM SUCKS MA COCK” or “FAGGOT” or “FANBOY”.

    1. I know that i read these, because it’s somehow funny to see console wars and stupid trolls. But yes, i’d rather read some goos post’s.

  38. Someone should deliver a presentation that talks about how much of an idiot Pachter is. He is predicting the next Xbox will sell a healthy 85 to 95 million units when the consoles HASN’T EVEN BEEN REVEILED!… he is clueless. He is just jumping on the “Wii U Hater’s” Bandwagon.

  39. Lol, gee, it’s too similar when half of the games released have been direct ports of current gen? Shocker! Either way, when the ‘next gen’ PS4 and next box hits and they are” too similar” to the ‘current gen’ I’m just gonna laugh. If PC isn’t blowing the ‘current gen’ completely out of the water then the new systems won’t either. Right now it’s about tweaks and incriments, there really hasn’t been any large jumps very recently. Lol

  40. Sickr & Alba can suck my Nuts

    “Weak U too similar to current gen consoles could sell as few as 30 million units lifetime”

    Omfg, I love that quote!!! listen up NintenVirgins, the PS4 will eat that child’s play toy for breakfast this holiday season. Soccer moms and little kids all switch to iPads and iPods.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      Your arrogance can be seen from space…

      I thought you Sonys learned something last gen that power is not everything which is why you lost the war…

      Wii U will still sell more than your precious Vita that when it comes down to it has even less reasons to exist than even the PS4…