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Battlefield 4 To Be Revealed At GDC This Month?


EA has sent out a teaser to a number of publications which suggests that they plan to show off Battlefield 4 at this months Games Developer Conference. A number of retailers managed to get the first glimpse of Battlefield 4 late last month. The game is due to be unveiled on March 26th at 7pm. Battlefield 3 was originally thought to be coming to Wii U, but as we all know, it never materialised.

74 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 To Be Revealed At GDC This Month?”

            1. I’m glad that Criterion Games isn’t porting the PS3/X360 version and instead using the PC assets with better visuals and unique, asymmetric gameplay. The more we see third party developers take advantage of the Wii U hardware, the better we get to see some of most unique, fun, and challenging games ever made.

        1. I believe that! EA is still butt hurt that Nintendo wouldn’t let them reign supreme over their online network system via origin. I will be shocked if they bring this or any, other than need for speed, games to the Wii U.

  1. If they make this more BF, and less CoD this time, might buy it, for pc, and wii u, if they released it.

  2. Whether BF4 comes to Wii U or not, I certainly won’t be getting it. I don’t really know what the game franchise is about and I don’t feel like finding out. Probably some crap CoD rip off or something.

  3. LOL
    And there’s the people that will refuse to acknowledge another 3rd party game!
    Haha, why? Because it’s EA? EA rarely makes video games these days, DICE develops BF you idiotic fanboys.

    1. every shithead knows that ea is only the publisher, doesn’t change the fact that they have rights to tell developers how to design their games. after all they are working for ea.

    2. yeah i feel u man im a huge nintendo fan and support EA all day everyday but i sware wii u needs battlefield 4 seriously. this is why nintendo is falling once again in the third party stand point.

      1. beemothelittleboy

        Yes I agree its a no brainer why make a game that is the lead up to the inevitable kh3 on 3ds an release it on ps4, it will be on Wii u kingdom hearts has never been a multiplatorm game though it has a terrible habbit of not sticking to one console.

    1. You know, someone has to feed the “hardcore” gamers. Those are eager to see bullets bouncing into the 4K screen at 3,840 x 2,160, 120 fps.

  4. Battlefield 3 was canceled and for a good reason this time. I remember an article that said that DICE decided not to port BF3 to Wii U so they can focus more on BF4 for the Wii U.

    This is a great decision, so we’re no longer getting a shitty port, but rather a good next gen port, of which is a much better deal than a crappy rushed port of a game that’s been out for over a year.

  5. Your usual, overhyped, crudely made FPS recolor.
    EA Games: Challenge your own fucking luck.

  6. You know, someone has to feed the “hardcore” gamers. Those are eager to see bullets bouncing into the 4K screen at 3,840 x 2,160, 120 fps.

    1. Biogas my been good since the first one and this new one isn’t gonna turn it around IMO. It will be fun but pale in comparison to the original.

      1. Why wouldnt it?
        Bioshock 2, the only other Bioshock game i might add, didnt do well because the impact of Rapture was gone, the story wasnt as good, and the combat was the main focus.
        Infinite is completely different….

  7. Nintendo Commander

    The Electricon Army might support our system or not, however I have no interest in this weapon…

    Specially not if it has micro transactions, DMR and Origin…

    But if it can lure weak Sonys and Xbots to serve us then why not?…

  8. plz come to wii u if not then i hope my pc can run it at high speed. damn i cant wait for this motha fuckin game im so tired of these jrpg games

  9. ok seriously if u guys dont want the game shut the fuck up and dont buy it. there is other nintendo fans who actually supports game developers. just cause u guys like fag ass anime dosent mean everyone else does im personaly hope EA gives us wii u owners a battlefield 4 game fuck you nerds

  10. We already know its coming out for PS4 so if it doesn’t come out on Wii U… I will probably buy it on PS4 but I will be pissed as to why they didn’t put it on Wii U… EA needs to shape up and face the facts that everyone will keep hating them for the stupid things they do.

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