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Chasing Aurora Demo Coming To European Wii U eShop This Week


Nintendo Europe has announced that there will be a playable demo for Wii U eShop game Chasing Aurora this week. The description of the game is as follows: Experience the dream of flight in Chasing Aurora, a physics-based 2D aerial action game. Up to five players fight in tournaments that span three disciplines. The single player mode is a race against the clock to unlock new levels. Evade lightning storms, waterfalls, icicles and rock slides in the unique world of Chasing Aurora.

21 thoughts on “Chasing Aurora Demo Coming To European Wii U eShop This Week”

    1. Nintendo Commander

      N-Report 168-S&AcsmN

      This lifeform is common in the graphics lands like Microsoft or Sony.

      The only purpose of these individuals is to hate Nintendos inhabitants which causes headaches for some.

      Fortunately High Command issued order 13 which means that “Ignoring” this lifeform works the best as commenting back only feeds the creature…

          1. Nintendo Commander


      1. Nintendo Commander

        It’s obvious that is not me…

        Because I’m not as misbehaved and pathetic like this pretender…

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