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Pachter Claims That Nintendo Is A Bad Company With A Poor CEO


Famed Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has spoken out against Nintendo during the latest edition of his Pach-Attack show. Pachter says that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is a poor CEO who has ultimately done a terrible job at running the company. His opinions came as part of a segment on the show, where he was asked whether or not Nintendo will leave the hardware business.

“Having to? No, never,” Pachter said. “Wanting to? Not while their biggest shareholder is Mr. Yamauchi who I believe is around 70, 71 years old, and not while Mr. Iwata is CEO. I think those two guys are deeply rooted in tradition in the past, in what made Nintendo great. And I think that the Nintendo formula for success for the last 35 years has been manufacture a console, sell it at a profit, and support console sales with proprietary software. And then when your console sells well, collect royalties from third-parties for the privilege of putting their software on the console.”

However, Pachter believes “that model is broken for Nintendo.

“I think Nintendo is no longer able to compete the way they did in the past and sell their consoles at a big profit,” he continues.

“I think that the Wii, when it first launched they were probably making about $100 of profit per unit. I think the DS when it first launched was probably generating about $50 of profit per unit. The 3DS I think is barely making a profit. The Wii U I think is barely making a profit – I’m talking 5 or 10 bucks per unit.”

“But I don’t think they realise that yet,” he adds. “And that’s a business decision, so this is a criticism of Mr. Iwata, not of Reggie [Fils-Aime, President & COO, Nintendo of America]. Reggie and the marketing team, they’re great, they do what they can. You have to… play with the cards that you are dealt. They’re dealt the Wii U, they’re going to do the best they can to market it and the best they can to get you excited about the software. So I love the US marketing guys, I think they’re phenomenal and I have no problem with any of those guys.”

“I think Mr. Iwata’s a pretty poor CEO,” he continues. “I think he’s done a very poor job running the company. I have a neutral rating on Nintendo, but I have to say only because their cash level supports their current share price. It’s a bad company that doesn’t make money.”

“Your question, will they have to exit the console-making business?,” continued Pachter. “The good news is, Nintendo has something around 8 or 9 billion dollars – billion – of cash on their balance sheet. When they lose money, they lose something like a billion dollars. And frankly, I think next year their losses will be smaller. I think if they lose money it’ll be $100m, $200m. They can run for 50 more years and keep losing money and they’re not going to go out of business. So they aren’t forced to do anything.”

“The stock has dropped to cash value so there’s no value in investing in it. The only way anybody is going to make money going forward is if Nintendo suddenly starts making money, and they’re not going to make money on hardware, not at these prices.”

He continued: “If Nintendo’s business is trying to make a profit, once they conclude they aren’t going to make any money on hardware, of course they should exit the hardware business. And if they were to put their software on multiplatform they would probably sell twice as much software. So I think Nintendo, if they were to follow the SEGA route, would be immensely more profitable, but it’s not in their DNA…

“When Yamauchi no longer is a shareholder [and] Iwata is no longer there, maybe, but I’d say they’re gonna keep fumbling around and keep trying to make money in hardware. Don’t think it’s going to work. I’m not particularly optimistic about an investment in Nintendo stock and I am a stock market guy so I’ve been pretty good about stock market investments.

“If you don’t like that answer, Nintendo fans, deal with it.”


257 thoughts on “Pachter Claims That Nintendo Is A Bad Company With A Poor CEO”

  1. How would we deal with it? He has been thick and stupid and nobody has ever listened to what he said since the day we heard about him.

    Is it me or has he done this every week? Not even giving them a chance and time.

    1. No, he’s right. Nintendo is a relic of the ’80s. We do not live in the 80s anymore. They continue to make unmanly games that do not fit our times. If they continue their current schemes, they certainly will fail.
      “If you don’t like that answer, Nintendo fans, deal with it.” – One of the greatest statements I have ever heard.

        1. Though you do not agree with his opinion, that does not make it wrong. For it to be wrong, every living being in the universe would need to agree that it was wrong, and even then it technically wouldn’t be correct. I do not agree with it either, but still.

          1. (whisper: i know, dont try to teach me whatever utopian sentence that they tell at the elementary school. Since the word wrong exists, it has a use. there is wrong and there is right in this world. Think about it. even if i dont believe an opinion can be wrong i can say that i believe it is just to make it look like its lacking to others, you can never know what i truly believe. its all means leading to accomplishment. my personal aim with this was irony.
            sorry if im off topic but i sensed you were seeking a more philosophical approach.

      1. Bill. I would like to point this out. Most Game Companies (Sony, Microsoft, Etc.) Only make violent games. You need to remember Nintendo makes Family Consoles. I do not believe your family would enjoy watching ONE person shooting a bunch of other people, and listening to people scream “Its not fair!” over Bluetooth in a deafening tone. Yes, Nintendo is a Relic, but even relics are fun.

      2. Guys, Bill is right, don’t you understand how manly “Little Big Planet” is? Man, I wish Nintendo was cool :(

      3. U aren’t knowledgeable…. but then explain me this… How has nintendo never left the business for the past 16 years???

      4. Clearly you, like Patcher, have never been to an anime convention.

        Thus just in, Patcher is an idiot that does not get out and meat the people who buy the products he talks about.

      5. traduct if you want : en tous cas vous ne savez aucunement c’est quoi un vrai jeux video pour dire cette pure merde que vous appelé argument nintendo est la depuis les anné 80 and know exactly what a good game c’est on est pognier avec société de gamer crétin de la nouvelle génération de call of duty player et qu’on voie les jeux devenir de plus en plus beau et de moins en moins fun et moins long et tres tres peu original i’m lame of the game on the 360 and ps3 only exclusivity are good finally we pay 300 $ pour une console qui finalement ne sont meme pas capable de roulé des jeux comme battlefield 3 ou bin starcraft 2 rien de mieux qu’un bon pc et vraiment un jeux de mario sur playstation or xbox I prefer puke a billon times

    2. This guy’s Nintendo bashing articles are what give him attention and he knows that. Let’s not give him the attention he wants…

    3. Iwata has overseen the most financially successful period in Nintendo history, as well as delivering their best selling home and handheld consoles.

      The end.

  2. I mena from a business perspective i can see Pachters statement making sense. But profit is profit, and if can keep Nintendo running, it’s really not a bad company. It doesn’t help that Pachter has been awefully harsh on the Wii U ever since it’s announcement. He seems very biased, and GameTrailers is known for getting paid, so i have hard time listening to the man, even though he has more way more knowledge about the industry than me.

    1. Actually he doesn’t have more experience in the gaming industry… he’s an ANAL-yst! He craves money and attention as most bigots do. His statements are based on his opinion, not on factual market insight. If they were based on market insight, then he would have noted Nintendo’s stock value rise and not been such a flagrant douche to all Nintendo fans and it’s not just to nintendo fans it’s really to all gamers, because he is insulting a company that pretty much founded modern home console gaming! Without Nintendo Console gaming would not be what it is today and don’t even site SEGA, they attacked the SNES as well as the NES and look how well that worked out for them… Mario(first name in the title) and Sonic at the olympic games!

      1. not only that, but if he is an “objective” analyst, then, why didn’t he criticise Sony when PS Vita was doing bad? he always said nintendo don’t make anything different from Mario, then, why don’t criticise EA for making 1 FIFA game every year? i mean, he can criticise, but i have never read anything from him telling that other companies are doing wrong, and probably we’ll never read that. Nintendo is doing a good job. does it make mistakes? of course, those things happen, and Nintendo is not the only one (Rayman Legends delay, Ubi), but Nintendo is doing its best while keeping their ideals: give new gameplay experiences and games that everybody could enjoy. and i will keep enjoying nintendo games and consoles, even though things like his statements make me feel a bit sad…

        1. Furthermore, the insult at Iwata is extensively rude, as well as undeserved. Not cool at all, Mikey. Not cool.

    2. agreed, i dont like pachter much, but i do agree with him, as much as i love Nintendo i have begun to hate them since iwata took over,i prefered when yamauchi was boss! i just hate how Nintendo focus is on casual gamers, its the core gamers who have been supporting them through the years from game an watch, to nes,snes n64,gamecube,gameboy, dsi,an so on,but since the wii came out i felt like Nintendo didnt care about us gamers,dont get me wrong i still bought a wii day 1,an same with wii u, but iam getting tired of Nintendo living in the past,they need to catch up to the competition, an i hate iwata, he messed up the 3ds launch,an now the wii u too, nearly every promise they made,about the wii u was lies, we have had no big first party games,no decent 3rd party support,the virtual console still isnt up,an should have been ready day 1,the o.s the slow an so ancient,when compared to the competition,WTF?? i cant fathom how bad they screwed up the launch,an since i payed in total £400 for my wii u day 1, i feel robbed, its been gathering dust since,an because i own an game on all platforms, most of the garbage 3rd party stuff at launch i already owned an played the better versions, so whats left? new super mario u? really? r u kidding me? this is the first hd Nintendo console an all we get is garbage Nintendo land, an mario u, which they couldn’t even get to run it at full hd 1080p at 60fps!! LOL how hard could it have been??

      1. Its called blue ocean strategy you dumbass, if they never done that then nintendo would be taking losses with Wii & DS. Keep in mind 3rd parties hate nintendo, so they really try there best to not put there games on nintendo even though its possible.

      2. I had purchased a Wii U 3 days after launch and to be honest I have had a lot of joy with it everyday since. Ocassionally I have had tech problems with it but they have vanished since the launch. I don’t know what you mean by supiorior versions of 3rd party games your talking about because, all the critics I read have given the Wii U version of lets say PS3 games such as Batman Arkam City is actually the definative version, so I don;t realize how u csn claim superior. Plust Wii U Aliens: Colonial Marines is going to be the Most epic version of the game and will be better. How do U feel that the PC, XBox and Sony version is just the Beta. I could be dwlusional about that but, I can dream.

      3. The 3rd party support in Nintendo Platform has been problem since N64 days. Mr. Iwata has doing his best to find ways and push 3rd party games on their platform. I think, the Crossover strategy is likely to be their 1st step to gain that momentum.

    3. True, however the twit said that Nintendo was making about 100 bucks off every wii bought… Every console when it was first released has not made any money in the last 10 years. As will the the PS4 and next box. It isn’t until the costs of manufacturing drop that consoles start making money, that is why software is so important. Seems odd to me he would make a statement like that when this issue has been announced by each console manufacturer over the years…

    1. Might as well be posting the opinions of Ness/Mother Hen/Sly Cooper/Aelous/Nova as news topics. This guy is irrelevant to the industry. If nothing else this can be interpreted as good news for Nintendo, Patcher usually spews the opposite of reality.

  3. Pachter is really beginning to cross the line with his idiotic comments! Someone should really do something to shut this guy up! :|

  4. In my opinion, he can say what he wants.
    The only thing he’s going to get out of this is a bunch of fanboys saying how stupid he is… he may as well not say anything.

      1. ^IKR!!? Pachter makes random statements based on personal preferance. He has no real facts to back up his “predictions”… if you can even call them that.

    1. or get worse… who knows?

      Nintendo isn’t a bad company like Pachter said, many people are searching for one kind of entertainment, others are searching for others kind, would be great a good third-party support on Wii U, but, like even Pachter said, Nintendo is not going anywhere with 9 billions on bank.

    1. maybe he doesnt get paid enough because hes so bad at his job.
      pach attack! 5 year old name lol be serious

  5. Unfortunately, he’s right again. Iwata was a genius with Wii and DS, but he abandoned all the right strategies, it was an incredibly stupid move that is hurting the company so much.

    1. Right again? Remind me: when was the last time? When he predicted the Vita was going to streamroll the 3DS? When he predicted that the WiiHD was coming, for sure, in 2010? Or was it the time, just a few months back, where he predicted the U would sell many more units than it has? He’s not even as good as a stopped clock.

      The 3DS is selling *tons* of software–the hardware doesn’t have to make much money for them to be hugely profitable, and thanks to economies of scale, that always improves over time, especially when your nearest competitor decided not to show up for the fight…the one Pachter predicted would destroy Nintendo.

      The U screwed up the marketing but the world economy is HORRID and people aren’t in a position to throw down $300+ on a toy for entertainment. If he thinks the next PS4, @ $400+ in a world economy that will *not* markedly improve until 2015, at the earliest is going to move real numbers, well, get ready for him to be wrong. Again.

      As usual.

          1. Yeah, this Rafael Monteiro is an authentic eye-opener. Probably one of Saint Michael Pachter’s holy colleagues.

        1. 3ds a major fail? it makes profite since 2012…….after the price drop….common. if we would analyse the ps 3 at the launch it would be doomed forever also………but it wasn’t. and the wii u wont also

        2. No. Actually it would be, but for the “can’t”… I mean, c’mon, and the “major failure” thing is always said but not seen.

        3. DarklordNintendoFan

          Um… yeeeeeeah… I’m going to have to ask you to go take a seat in the corner with Pachter, because you, like him, are not giving facts or doing research before you say random shit. Do a bit of research on the 3DS before saying that it’s a failure. I’d actually love to see how it’s a failure… so… please tell me the many “facts” about why it’s such a failure. And as for the Wii U, it’s not a failure, either. A console that hasn’t even been out a year, cannot be a failure. Usually, consoles need time to pick up business. Give it time and the Wii U will be outselling even the current gen consoles.

          1. You’re not researching or you would know how much those 3DS sales are costing Nintendo, they’re burning resources to sell a portable that doesn’t sell by itself, they’re having losses, a first in their history, you still think everything is ok and they have a success?

            1. DarklordNintendoFan

              And once again, you don’t provide any source as to where you’re getting your information from. Congrats. You are truly at the same level as Pachter.

              Also, you didn’t tell me why the 3DS is a failure, like I asked you to do.

                    1. DarklordNintendoFan

                      There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a different opinion, but when you think that your opinion is right and that everyone else is wrong, THEN you’re nothing more than a pathetic troll. Your opinion is far from being right. Hell, that’s what an opinion is! Opinions are NEVER right. They’re just what you think, moron. I happen to think that Nintendo’s still in their prime. Does that make me wrong? Not at all. You seem to think that Nintendo sucks. Despite the fact that I do not agree with that at all, does that mean that your opinion’s wrong? No.

                    2. DarklordNintendoFan

                      Ladies and gentlemen, behold! The mindset of your typical Sony/Microsoft drone/Nintendo hater! Thinking they’re right about everything while, at the same time, not showing any actual proof about any of the bullshit they’re spewing.

            2. Have a seat, Raph. You’re kissing Michael Pachter’s ass and not doing your research thoroughly. You don’t know shit about Nintendo… just a lowlife puta who hates the company for no apparent reason.

                1. I’ve already seen their stocks Raph. Hate to disappoint you, but it just went back up! Nintendo’s stocks went up 270 Yen per share at 2.55%, closing at 10,860 JPY. Thanks Raph. Now I feel better.

                    1. Don’t be so ignorant, look at the whole picture, they just got a minor boost because of the Yen and got back to november 2012 level, they have been devaluating since 2007, Nintendo stocks are worth seven times less than back then

                      1. Nice try Raph. You’re dodging the truth already. Therefore, you are an inferior piece of shit who needs to just shut the fuck up and play your game.

                      2. Why? You can’t check their old numbers? They have been losing value for the last 5 years. You think investors are happy? No one would buy Nintendo stocks now

                  1. DarklordNintendoFan

                    Ladies and gentlemen, behold! The mindset of your typical Sony/Microsoft drone/Nintendo hater! Thinking they’re right about everything while, at the same time, not showing any actual proof about any of the bullshit they’re spewing.

    2. and not a single fuck was given that day. fuck you patchter you’ll never be halg as cool as Mr. Iwata. He is my hero so go cry elsewhere!!

          1. because nintendo and video games are not his job, they are his life, they are what makes hom happy to work on. he puts his character an soul on his works and is not a business/money puppet

            1. He put a Luigi cap on his head all the way through an official announcement, which instantly made him the best executive in the history of the homo sapiens species. Period.

      1. By sounding immature yourself, you are only giving creditability to the other sides opinion, that it why I gave a well though out argument against Pachter’s opinion, not F you Pachter

        1. i understand. i just thought there is no need for an argument if you think the elvel of nonsense he is taliking in my opinion but anywsy sorry for the F word

    3. pachter is very retarded thinking that Nintendo doesn’t even know that they are barely making a profit, they know, and know how to run a business unlike pachter who know sh*t squat about business. and no nintendo will not cut the wii u price because that will put then in deep financial doo-doo

    4. No , no this guy is transparent.

      He is nothing more than a grown man immature troll trying to get a rise out of Nintendo fans and turn himself into some sort of cult PSXB fanboy hero.

      Guy is a fucking dick. I mean who does he think he is ? He actually thinks he knows more and is bigger than the Multi billion dollar , profitable coompany that Nintendo is.

      He is nothing a nobody and nobody gives a shit about him. One of the Virtual console games on 3DS is probably worth more than his entire life.

    5. Yeah, nintendo is a “bad” company with a “bad” CEO that HAVE a SUCCESSFUL CONSOLE and a CEO named as one of world’s TOP CEO by Barron’s Magazine…
      And by the way, Satoru Iwata is the ONLY active Video Game CEO that CREATES, PRODUCES AND DIRECT GAMES!
      Sony and Microsoft: Just came out of nowhere on VG Industry just only to gather consumer’s money… and ONLY DEPENDS on THIRD PARTY DEV!

      Patcher: Always loves to convey a fact or being a irony man…

      1. *Sony and Microsoft CEO: Just sitting on their offices and chilling out and MONITORING what DEVS Do…

    6. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Patcher we don’t give a crap what you say. You’ve been wrong allot of the time,.and it’s not that your just saying that the Wii u is bad, you are just so negative and harsh. Anything positive pops up and you ignore. Oh wait no sorry, anything positive pops up and you suddenly change your mind like you did when the Wii u was first released. UGH. I’m sorry but why is this news on this site? This is about Nintendo and its games. Not what some hypocritical, biased and ignorant “analysts”.

    7. Yeah, a poor CEO who made 2 of the best selling consoles ever in just 7-8 years…
      Shut the fuck up Pachter.

      When’s Nintendo gona sue this cunt?

          1. Unfortunately no. The closes thing would maybe be defamation but I don’t see Pachter getting sued so far.

      1. And do i need to point out the obvious?
        Honestly, Nintendo just needs to go private and just give the middle finger to everyone so they can thrive in a market without dumb fucks like Pachter telling a 100 years old company that had ONE LOSS, which was barely anything, h

    8. I would like to see another CEO in this day and age choose a paycut over layoffs when the company sees hard times.

      1. This^ . Iwata has a very good vibe about him , You can see all the guys at Nintendo are in it for more than just the money. Obviously they want to make a load of Money like every other cunt in the world , but you also sense they are very passionate about making Nintendo successful.

      1. the way I interpreted it was that he was saying that the nintendo of america are doing ok considering they have basicaly no power and are doing their job well enough. But that the guy in charge is ruining it for the whole company, and the rest just have to deal with it ad do their best. I don’t fully agree but I see what he means and it is in a way true. Any mistakes japan makes. America isn’t alowed to fix. But I don’t believe iwata is destroying the company. He only made a few missteps. Its not a direct assault on japan lol.

    9. Why do his arguments not apply to the other companies?

      Nintendo – makes small profit on hardware. = That business model is shit!

      Sony/MS – makes loss on hardware. = That business model is fucking genius!

      I don’t understand…

    10. At the end who cares if nintendo makes money or not….. I am just happy if they continue releasing games… at least.. nintendo got good franchises that worth something… To be honest.. I am not really sure why Patcher thinks that his comments worth something…. I dont care… I just want games… thats it

    11. Guys…. STOP. Please. Just don’t comment on this. Your just helping Patcher get his big mouth off to more people. Which is the opposite of what we want. Hate comments are okay, but the best thing would just to say nothing, do nothing, we are fans of Nintendo. Let our company do the talking… Because we all know, Nintendo is just getting started with Wii U and this game is just beginning.

    12. I usually dislike Pachter’s opinions, but understand where he is coming from, and respect him as a part of the opposition, but the “If you don’t like that answer, Nintendo fans, deal with it.” and the chuckle and “I really like saying that” following that was a completely disrespectful gesture. I do believe that Pachter accepts money from Microsoft, and he has never said anything bad about them. Pachter has been more, and more ignorant over the past year, and claiming that Nintendo is a company destined for failure (which I do believe is true as long as Nintendo continues on this horrible path that they are on, but I believe the Wii U will buck that trend) while Nintendo is sitting on 11 billion dollars (with a “B”) in cash in their bank account….

      Stop being ignorant Pachter! I believe that things like this give him more attention, and all he wants is attention…… We shall ignore the Pach!

    13. What a retard, does pachter even know how much money the wii and the DS earned nintendo? Does he even know how Iwata is the person who actually kept them from exiting the hardware business, by making them amazingly commercially successful with the wii and DS? Does he know that the 3DS exists, and nintendo earn profit on every one, which by the way is selling amazingly? Does he know the Wii U is only making a small loss, but is profitable in japan? Does he know that manufacturing costs gradually decrease for the company, meaning they make less and less of a loss on hardware? It sickens me that this idiot is paid to spout shit.
      “I think”, fucking pathetic, how about some hard numbers and facts you ignoramus.
      “Deal with it nintendo fans”, it’s clear he’s just saying it to get a rise out of us and it’s fucking working.

    14. You’re STILL posting his crap?
      It’s why I stopped visiting your page. This is my first stop by in weeks and you’ve given him another Nintendo-bashing headline.

    15. Why is this idiot still in his job? No one likes him and coming out with stupid statements isn’t helping him any better. If he happens to read this statement and doesn’t like, deal with it.

      1. Deal with it :P. The reason Pachter is still around is he is an investor that has made a couple of good calls in the past few years, and he would never go away anyway because he is overflowing with money. He is in the top 5% of americans when it comes to income.

      2. See how much attention he attracts? Media sites love him. People will always complain about his views. That’s why he is still in the job.

      1. Pach must be happy about that. Pachter has a vengeance against him, as we saw when he was president. Pach is just waiting for him to die. Yamauchi is a great man!

    16. Can we just stop giving this guy attention? As if Pachter knows what makes a company great. A good company is successful AND treats their employees and customers with respect. Nintendo has done all of this. All Pachter does is spew crap and hate and he should be ashamed of what he does. God, what an idiot.

      1. Nintendo certainly does treat their customers with respect. Last week I purchased a USED copy of NSMBU and it did not work, lo and behold I called Nintendo and they are repairing it free of charge.

        1. Yeah, they repaired my Wii for free one time. That was a real life-saver! I know they haven’t made all the right decisions (I’m looking at you, Virtual Boy), but damn, they’ve done enough for me to earn my respect.

            1. Haha, I actually never got to play the virtual boy and I kinda… I kinda want to know what it’s like.

    17. I think it’s funny that he says these things, when a) He is not a gamer, but a market “analyst” ( and the markets he’s in are fiat based sham markets, meaning they have nothing really that backs them… not gold not silver not platinum or palladium) he analyzes and makes opinionated statements. b) He is dogging a company that has been around for almost 125 years… how old are you mister Pachter? How many companies that are no longer even in existence have you told ppl to invest in? If you use this idiot’s advice for market investments then it is you that will be paying the price in the long run… ppl like Pachter are hired to make an investment firm money, not to be nice ppl that really want to help you invest wisely. c) He is in Sony and MS’s pockets so deep that he hasn’t seen the light of day for over 8 years! Here’s the deal folks, this guy attacks what he can’t acquire and in the real world it’s called market manipulation… analysts say “do this” and the masses, that don’t truly understand what they are doing, jump right into the boat and don’t do the investigation for themselves on these types of things. How come there was no mention of how Nintendo’s stock has jumped over the last 2 weeks??? Perhaps just not admitting that your wrong will make it go away! Keep up the bashing Pachter and feel free to begin residing within your own A@#Ho$%, since that is very obviously where you are pulling your “observations” from. This is garbage and should be disregarded as such.

    18. Nintendo Commander

      Pachter is like the Hitler of the gaming world, spewing garbage so far our eyes can see and ears hear…

      The worst part is that just like the germans, the Xbots and Sonys listens and agrees with this creature…

      Don’t worry though, our Empire has much more power behind the curtain…

    19. If he is stock guy why is he giving his advice away for free? And why is losing web traffic everyday?

    20. He must orefer the Sony and Microsoft model of losing billions and holding up the gaming fivision with profits from other divisions.

      One’s a game console, so are the others, you buy them, play video games on them, and that’s fucking it, who gives a shit if it is part of a bad company? Personally I don’t see what he’s talking about, Nintendo is a good company with good games and not a bunch of Call of Duty and Gears of War clones to jerk the westerner audience off.

    22. Nintendo Commander

      The ironic part is that when he is older and has grandchildren, they will beg him and their parents to buy a Nintendo console to play and have fun…

      Then Pachter will see that true joy comes from the gameplay and creativity, not graphics or power…

      And as he realises his mistake when he used to hate us and our machines, that’s when our victory will be ensured!
      At the hands of his grandchildren and in ours!

    23. i cant remember patcher talking bad for microsoft and sony… microsoft they lost money for each console they sold… sony to in a lower scale than microsoft… vita was a disaster… cant remember him talking about it either.

    24. Guys, why don’t you just ignore the guy already. His blatant lack of knowledge of what he’s criticizing should be a legitimate proof that he’s not worth anyone’s attention.

      1. People get butthurt easily over what Pachter says. They don’t realize if we ignore him, he’ll eventually go away.

        1. no thats not how it works, lisent the people who support him are fanboys who hate nintendo a.k.a sony drones.


      I find it incredibly amusing that he’s also refraining from commenting on all of the property that Sony has had to sell to recoup losses.

      Patcher, here’s the fact that YOU need to deal with:

      You are, yet again, making a lot of calls out of a hater-centric mind-set, one likely formed because Nintendo fans won’t take you seriously anymore whenever you talk about them.
      No, let me correct myself slightly; SANE GAMERS don’t take you seriously when you predict anything about Nintendo, Microsoft, OR Sony.

      Specifically about Nintendo, you’ve been making doom&gloom predictions about them for as long as any of us here can remember.
      You’ve even said that the PSVita and PSP would crush Nintendo in the hand-held space, in the past.
      That has not come to pass, and it won’t come to pass with the Wii U.
      You’re downplaying the system-moving power of its best IP’s, tossing them to the wayside, and calling the Wii U a doomed product because its first few months have been slow.
      While conveniently ignoring the fact that most if not all consoles have slow starts, and that the numbers the Wii U have sold, are a pretty damned solid number for something that hasn’t even whipped out its best games yet.
      It’s sold, what, over 30 million?
      When its best third-party titles are mainly ill-supported ports which lack some of the DLC of its counterparts?
      If it can do that with little to its name, just because the game pad makes the games that much fun to play, then I’m pretty damned certain that its big hitters are going to make its sales soar far higher than you are ever likely to admit they will.
      Here’s the facts, Patcher: You’re calling things too early, and presuming that the most powerful console will be the big winner in the end.
      You’re also going out on an entirely wrong limb by stating RAM will lead to innovation.

      GOOD GAME DEVELOPERS will lead to innovation, Patcher.
      UNIQUE WAYS TO PLAY THE GAMES will lead to innovation.

      Get your head out of the jar of pretty pixels and wake up to reality.

      1. I like your comment, but will respectfully let you know that the Wii U to date has sold just under 4 million units World Wide. Everything else is great and well said.

          1. That’s nothing to sneeze at for the first 3 months of a consoles life, in this generation that’s great!!

    26. Deal with it? Every time I hear more crap come out of Pachter’s big, fat frickin’ butt about Nintendo, the more his credibility is being sore because of MTV paying him to attack a company that is more likely to survive than its competitors. Talk about a greedy, old man who doesn’t have anything else better to do with his life.

    27. Nintendo Commander

      I think we in the Nintendo population should honour our new friends at Playeressence and their outstanding work…

      We are the eternal darkness that destroys the blinding light at any corner!

    28. Michael, I’ll deal with your opinions when they’ll be grounded on somzthing more than your personal wrong-about-Nintendo-for-the-last-ten-years intuition, thank you.

      I think for an analyst whose job is to have a thorough vision on the present and a clever one on the future, your sight is unprofessionally short.

      And if you have a problem with this opinion, prove otherwise. Think, for a change.

    29. Wow! This guy is like the Simon Cowell of whatever the fuck it is he does. He sounds more like a cheerleader for Sony and Microsoft, I’m sure he bends over backwards for them as well! Anyway, I expect that we will be seeing a recant of his rant sometime this week. :D

      1. Don’t compare that guy with Simon Cowell. The latter is allowed to be brutally honest because he actually knows what he’s talking about.
        Patcher, on the other hand, has no idea how the video game industry works.

    30. Nintendo makes profit of every sold console, the other companies have sold and will sell their next gen at loss even at start. Like the PS3 at start that made a loss of 2-300$ per unit.

      1. not really. nintendo is making a loss this time by selling the wii u. they make profit from games. But patcher is still a fuck

    31. I just see this guy Patcher with a big troll face inside, thinking and thinking about what a company should do and what not. Slow claps to the prophet of videogames trying to win the lottery with Nintendo all the time… (prophet? lol wait, what?)

    32. then sony loosing money, been degraded to a Drank company and had to sell 2 buildings to make profit doesn´t make it a bad company….. well patcher is one of the greatest thinkers of 21 century, maybe he can be the new colombia´s president.

    33. Pachter is the definition of an asshole. He is calling Nintendo fans out in order to stir up trouble. Complete Moron.

    34. Why can’t you buy most GB games on your 3DS? … or GBC or GBA game on your 3DS? … why can’t you easily transfer digital games? … Why push for digital games over Discs? … why the high game prices? … why weak backward compatibility support? … why are some developers and publishers leaving?

      All these answers come from Marketing, DRM, out-dated business models, out-dated profit models, fear of piracy and stubbornness.

      And all these reasons, i keep linking back to Iwata.

      Clearly, i have summarized a lot here, but i’ve done my homework … i own several 3DS, a WiiU and i purchase lots of games and i feel rather punished waiting for things to change or get better. I can’t help but think i should have MORE NINTENDO … and that nintendo should have more of my money! … it’s very frustrating.

    35. Pachter knows bashing Nintendo will get hits. He has no problem building a rift between him and Nintendo fans. All that being said, fuck you Pachter. Your an asshole and this has nothing to do with being a Nintendo Fan.

    36. Mr. Pachter should be grateful that Nintendo is such a good company; if he went around slandering Sony or Microsoft the way he does Nintendo, they would have litigated his ass under the poverty line years ago.

    37. you got to feel bad for this guy. he’s repressing some serious bad experience. either that or he’s completely fucking stupid beyond repair.

      1. Its true, I read on another website that Pachter GAINS more fame and publicity because he “specifically” talks bad about Nintendo. Not Microsoft, not Sony(because they have a smaller fan base), but the big N. Only by making false claims about the most popular videogame country in the world does Pachter even make it into the media. He’s a loser!

    38. “Deal with it” If we don’t like your statement, shove it up your ass and deal with it, ya FOUR EYES.

    39. it’s clear now this guy hates japanese and everything from the west is awesome.
      this article i have no words i knew this guy was a complete moron but to be so ignorant.
      This guy is almost like hitler blonde hair and blue eyes are superior everything else sucks.
      funny how he thinks that reggie and co. are ok while talking about the same company every major decission they make comes straight from japan so yeah

    40. Can someone explain how/why this guy is famous in the gaming industry? Did he make some genius call a few years ago? Why is what he says news worthy?

      Saw over the weekend he predicted 30-50 mil Wii U sales and predicted both Sony and MS to sell more units this gen than they did last gen. This is without knowning PS4 price and without knowing anything about the next Xbox. Yet he is giving people advice on investments? What am I missing?

      1. he gets paid to talk shit about nintendo and to say PS6 is gonna be the best thing and that even NASA is going to be a shit compared
        thats why

    41. Yay! He saying this is great! Taking into account his history, this means that Iwatta is awesme (cause he always has it the other way around) and Nintendo is a great company!

      BTW: Wouldn’t it be funny if there wasn’t a nextbox, (extremely unlikely, I know) I mean, since we know nothing about it. Then we’d be like yeah, 90 million units sold for an unexistant console :)

    42. I wonder what he’ll be saying when the next video game crash hits, and Valve and Nintendo are the only ones left standing. Everyone knows its coming, and its only amount of time.

    43. Pachter should put his money in his stupid asshole. Ofc Nintendo would make more profit if they were 3rd Party – but they just don’t care. What a pathteitc money retard! I prefer to have a weak console with good games then having shit games on a good console. And sell their GTA COD Crap over and over again to weakminded sh*theads. Why should anyone buy PS/Xbox, when even a high end computer isn’t much fun? Fucking Zombies. The games just suck.

    44. Why do you bother to post this kind of things?
      He hasn’t dead yet because we keep him alive… Just let the troll alone and let him die.

    45. I just love how he bashes on Nintendo yet makes no remark in Sony n Microsoft like thyere so fucking smart in what to do with modern gaming. Even though Nintendo is still king over at Japan.

    46. Let’s see…Nintendo has no debt, and their stock increased by a whopping 8%.
      The DS was extremely successful, as was the Wii.
      The 3DS is even more successful, I believe.
      The Wii U is the first console to suffer somewhat, but that’s because people think it’ll suck, when it is the most amazing piece of technology I’ve ever seen, even though I do not own one yet.

    47. Oh, and here is the kicker. If this is what Patcher thinks then clearly he did not see the Sony Press Conference announcing the PS4. And I am a Sony fan too, but after that press conference I have lost some faith in Sony and their ability to compete. As for Microsoft, I have zero faith in them as they only care about what they can make money off of, not what gamers want. Nintendo is the only company that actually gives gamers what they want, even if other companies refuse to acknowledge that Nintendo is right.

      1. Apparently so did some of the shareholders as Sony’s stock went down after the conference. Sony has all the tools to compete and WIN actually, but their unabashed arrogance and epic stupidity sabotaged the PS3 and it seemingly will do the same to the PS4.

    48. @Bill
      alright im tired of you dishing nintendo for no apperant reason, also im tired of seeing your dumb freakin comments on this site, this is a kids site and adult site for every Nintendo fan in the world,

      also of course Nintendo Doesnt make ” Manly Games, they were created mainly for kids and adults who love for there kids to be happy and for something new,

      im 20 goin on 21 and still love Nintendo to this day, and im also a Xbox Gamer, and Sony Gamer, so we all have or love in gaming i just love nintendo more, so shut the heck up and go to a sony or Xbox Forum or site where your gaming is and leave us the F**** alone Douch Bag.

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    50. Honestly, Pachter is not even trying anymore. His trolling is so transparent. It’s painfully obvious that he says untruthful and inflammatory things about Nintendo to draw attention to himself. Likewise, websites keep posting his drivel because it will gets clicks which bring more ad dollars to their pockets.

      Eventually this dog and pony show will lose it’s steam. In the meantime we just have to put up with rampant lunacy I guess.

    51. Patcher shouldnt be tAken serious, last month he was insisting that nintendo needs to lower price, now he saying it aint priced high anough, does he listen to him self.

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    54. DarklordNintendoFan

      Pachter’s still pretending he knows anything? Aw… how cute. He should go back to sucking Sony’s metaphorical dick. I love Nintendo, because I grew up with them. They’re a fantastic company, no doubt about it, but you don’t see me constantly sucking their dick. I admit that they have screwed up in the past… Virtual Boy… all that shitty Shovelware on the Wii… not getting enough third party support for the Gamecube… but yeah, despite all that, those consoles were still great… barring Virtual Boy. And no, I’m not being biased, because I own both a 360 and PS3 as well. Nintendo just happens to be my preference. But I still don’t act like Nintendo’s some sort of demigod, like what Pachter’s doing with Sony… he’s just a moron.

    55. I like how he says against himself so hard. First he goes on about how Nintendo stick to tradition and blames them for that and that the strategy is old fashioned. Then when they change strategy to keep up he blames them for THAT aswell. I do not see what point he wants to make beside Nintendo being bad (as he usually says). Another thing that he says is that they will NOT leave the hardware anytime soon which says against alot he has said previously. The fact that he blames Nintendo for losing money is also pretty bad considering he praises Sony who does nothing else than bleeding money (sadly).

      Also, the marketing team is what has been the worst lately.

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