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LEGO City Undercover Hit By Shipping Error?


I’ve received a number of emails this afternoon from disgruntled people who pre-ordered a copy of LEGO City: Undercover which was meant to be released today in North America. Several people who contacted GameStop have been told that the game won’t be in stock until Wednesday, March 20th. It’s thought that a shipping error is to blame. Did you get your copy of LEGO City: Undercover today?

70 thoughts on “LEGO City Undercover Hit By Shipping Error?”

  1. Jesus Christ, this happened with fire emblem awakening last month. Get your shit together, whoever is in charge if shipping. I swear if luigi’s mansion 2 gets delayed due to shipping errors nintendo should fire who ever they leave in charge of this stuff

    1. One could avoid this by downloading the game…

      Had Fire Emblem day one, downloaded it. Glad I did since I plan to replay it over and over and over.

      1. I did the same and it was worth it since I’ve already clocked 100+ hours on it. The game was around 1GB though. I think LM2 will be the same, but Lego City Undercover is a 19GB download. That’s a tough pill to swallow.

        1. Typically they are not more expensive though. I see you will get great use out of the digital deluxe program.

    2. I think this problem has to do with Monday releases. It seems they ship the games on those days, but for Sunday releases, they need to ship the games a few days before Sunday. Luigi’s Mansion DM releases on Sunday, so it should be ok.

      I’m going to guess Nintendo is doing this because of so many retailers breaking street dates to get ahead of the competition. Some people have already gotten the game from gamestop and whatnot.

  2. No, but I’m one of the confused people who had it reserved at Gamestop. While this stores employee didn’t even know about the game, he said shipment was sent overnight so should arrive tomorrow. My guess is the 3/20 is a safe bet in case not all orders are delivered in a day. Question is, who is to blame? Target and best buy also now list 3.20 whereas it was always 3.18, so its not just GS. Was it Nintendo just miscommunicating the street versus ship dates? No way I pay $10 more and waste that much space on my HD, tho I did promise my kid he’d have it after school.

    1. They probably did this to milk extra money from the downloads. The idea that people are making excuses for a download being the same price as retail is very sad! Nintendo is getting paid to give us a case/disc/ins without actually doing so…and hopefully you REALLY like the game, cuz you can’t resell it, you’re stuck with it! When you’re paying with mommies money, a full retail priced download is great, but for the rest of us, it’s idiotic!

  3. I ordered mine from Amazon and it has always said potential shipping delay. It doesn’t qualify for release date delivery. It is expected to come on Wednesday but it hasn’t shipped yet so who knows…

    1. I was about to say exactly the same thing. The advice below was copied from Amazon webiste one minute ago:

      “Potential Shipping Delay
      Delivery of Lego City: Undercover pre-orders may be affected by manufacturer shipping delays. Amazon apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.”

      1. I pre-ordered mine from amazon last september. Before the console was even released…. and I just got a email this morning stating that the games shipping has been delayed by 3 weeks…. This SUCKS!!!!

  4. If Nintendo wouldn’t be the odd one out and release it on Tuesday like PS3/PSV and XBOX 360 titles there probably wouldn’t be these types of problems. I can’t say I’ve had this problem with games on the other platforms. Nintendo needs to stop the Sunday release dates.

        1. Actually, there is a lot of EB Games stores all over US. But I confess I’ve never seen one – I can only find GameStop stores (the actual owner/holder of EB Games) where I live.

          1. I assumed Canada but EB used to be all the Gamestops you see in the US, now most all are closed. Anyone remember Babbages? (sp?)

            1. Yes, I worked there a long time ago. Babbage’s renamed their stores Gamestop as a trail run to improve things after they bought Funcoland and Software Etc.

  5. Even that Target deal you guys posted about where you buy 2 games and get 1 free, saying we could get Lego City today as part of the deal says “Available Wed.” in the ad above LC:U. And that ad came out last week so apparently, they knew of this in advance.

    Kind of slows down my plans of LPing that and MH3U tomorrow but ah well. We’ll have to wait.

  6. Well im still playing MLB2k13 and GoW I can wait another day or 2. Plus I’ll have the money Friday to get Buy 2 get 1 at target. No biggie

  7. I got mine today, it shipped last week and arrived this morning. I’m in Canada so not sure if it’s just people in the US or if it’s happening in Canada as well. Of course you could always download the game assuming you have sufficient HD space. :-/

  8. To all the people saying well just download it, well no. Some people like having a physical copy. I prefer it and I only download small games like on the virtual console, but any big games, no thanks, I wanna open up the box and smell the new plastic. That’s part of being a classic gamer. And some people don’t feel like buying a hard drive or anything. I happen to have a TB hard drive unused but I still am not going to download most of my games. I’m not the only person who thinks this way, lots of people are against downloading games no matter how much space they may have. Convenience isn’t everything kids.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      Agreed, I too buy physical copies, never digital…

      Other than that, let’s blame all these shipments delays on the Xbots untill proven otherwise…

    2. Same, I bought a 1TB HD for Wii U, but will only use it for Digital only games, demos, eshop, etc. If a game is retail, I will buy retail. I have a terrible Internet connection. I downloaded some PSN game last year, 2GB; took over 5 hours. I’ve had my 360 (250GB) for 6 years… Still have over 203 GB remaining. You are not alone.

  9. I went into best buy and found a copy after looking
    All the stores and best buy had a few copies in store so I went to pay for it just to be told that lego city undercover isn’t released till the 20th. After all the different sites I read saying today is the release date that is pretty lame, best buy didn’t not want to sell it to me ugh.

  10. i am a classic gamer. i used to just download the odd VC game. that was until i bought a 3TB hardrive on boxing day for $60. the convenience of having all my games at my fingertips, having 10% going into discount codes, not paying taxes… these all trump having the disc (which for me historically get scratched, lost or stolen) and a whole collection of disc boxes taking up precious shelf space (just sold all my bad wii games and gamecube games and reclaimed a full shelf).

    1. Yeah I just wish you could put your games on 2 different systems like the ps3 but oh well, when it comes to Nintendo I buy the actual game.

  11. Of course an unmanly and retarded company like Nintendo would have trouble doing something as simple as shipping a game on time. Things like this is why I’ll always stick with Valve’s mighty Steam service.
    ~THE REAL Bill~

    1. In the 1950s nintendo has brothels. We nintendo gamers have girlfriends, and the girls have boy friends. The generations before married and had babies. Unmanly basement dweller. If you fear women, then say so, we can teach you how to attract a beautiful one by just saying hello and being like us, gentlemen.

  12. After reading this article, I called my local EB Games (GameStop equivalent) to make sure.
    The manager told me they already have it. What’s weird is that an employee called me Saturday (usual procedure when you pre-order) to tell me that it would be available only tomorrow.
    Long story short: I’ll buy this game tomorrow morning and I’m sure it will be amazing!

    1. Target doesnt even say when they are supposed to get it(In their ad it says tomorrow) but when you go on their web site it just says not available and when you go to see which local store has it they all say “Out of stock”

  13. Went to my Gamestop in LA and they said they didn’t get the game into their warehouses until today and the memo they got said estimated arrival was actually not Wednesday but Friday the 22nd.

  14. My local game store (Not a big retailer, they have one store, but it is close to me) said it was delayed due to weather, because we had a blizzard today, but will be there tomorrow.

  15. You guys answered my question which was should I buy the physical copy or download. So I’m going to go to a retailer like I did on my Wii to buy games. Besides it is better for the econmy too. So always buy games at retailers not download them. GOT IT!!!

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