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Wonderful 101 Listed As “Coming Soon” On The Wii U eShop


Youtube user Doctre81 has spotted that Platinum Games long-awaited The Wonderful 101 is now listed as “coming soon” on the Wii U eShop. The Wonderful 101 is supposed to be released during the first half of the year and will remain a Wii U exclusive. Hopefully we will get a firm release date for the game during the next Nintendo Direct presentation.

Thanks, Mike S

56 thoughts on “Wonderful 101 Listed As “Coming Soon” On The Wii U eShop”

  1. First of all it’s not “Shovelware” in any way unlike possibly you and your kind…

    Secomd, let’s hope thisnstays exclusive for all eternity because the word “Exclusive” seems to be extinct right now…

    I’m really interested in this game…

    1. Me too, but I’m still getting it. I’m bored of playing games with the same game play over and over again. Even though I’m unsure about the game, it’s something new. All my friends are skeptical about it, but I’ll show them that new game play is better than the same FPS games that get’s made once a month.

      All my friends was skeptical to Nintendo Land too, but now we plays it each holiday I got! :D

  2. I’m just patiently waiting for the next Nintendo Direct? Surely we are due one with all the worrying news of price drops/ abysmal sales/ no news at all!

    1. Since LCU, MH3U, NFS have technically all launched (yesterday/today) and PAX is this weekend, we will most certainly get a new ND. End of the month at the very latest.

  3. Dctre81 is a legend , his is the best channel in that community , everyone else is an asshole apart from Him and Shokio .

    1. JETIKnightNY is pretty good, and so is Furious Frances. Darkcloud1983 is alright but he doesn’t do much anymore. I used to listen to Rich from ReviewTechUSA but his stuff started to get pretty silly and borderline Nintendtroll.

      I’ve thought about starting my own Tube channel. That way I can stop eating up all the bandwidth here with my 200 page novels!!! :)

      1. Yeah, I like him Because he actually Talks about Playstation stuff without Bashing Nintendo every 10 Seconds. (:

    2. U should check out LevelHeadGamer, ActiveGamerLife, & Nin10doUltra as well.
      They’re some of my Favorite Pro-Nintendo Youtubers as well. :P

    3. Wait a minute, i might not have as many subscribers as sho or tre, but my channel, playeressence is just as good if not better than theirs.

  4. Hey guys sign and share this petition for SEGA to re-release the original Bayonetta on the Wii U eShop:­ition-for-sega-to-re-release-t­he-original-bayonetta-on-the-w­ii-u-eshop

    1. Sorry but these petitions are pointless to me. If it happens, thats great, but I have it on the 360. Its an “okay” game, but I will definitely pick up Bayonetta 2

    1. Same here. Would love a demo of this game. The style reminds me of Viewtiful Joe and the graphics look great!

    1. They have this tendency to not announce one until like…..the day before it happens. Since three games launched this week and they will be at PAX this weekend…..we’ll probably get one before the end of the month or very early into April. They know people are expecting this and Pikmin soon considering they were supposed to be “launch window” games.

  5. So Wonderful 101 is “coming soon” and Pikmin 3 still hasn’t reached “coming soon” status? Hopefully that just means that W101 is coming sooner and not that Pikmin 3 isn’t coming later. Considering that these were both supposed to originally be launch titles, or at least “launch window titles,” we should really have some solid release dates by now.

  6. God, When the hell is the next Nintendo Direct?! T^T
    I can’t wait, it’s been long over due, there better be one this month.
    I don’t care what it’s about, as long as it focuses on Wii U & not 3DS for once.

    1. Don’t worry fellow citizen!

      Soon Almighty Commander Iwata along with Supreme Commanders Reggie and Shibata will give us their blessing…

    2. I think that after Monster Hunter releases,, newt week or the following week we will have a direct giving release dates for Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, Game and Wario, and Wii Fit U, all coming somewhere between April and May.

  7. Looks like Pikmin’s cool older brother! B) System-seller!
    … But I wonder if its mission-based or open world or what (?).
    Well, I’m paying either way, so…

    1. I got a chance to test-try it back when Wii U was just a prototype with no release date, and it looked pretty mission-based as it was (it was called “Project P-100” at the time). I was evolving in a rather delimited environment and I ended up fighting quite a spectacular boss (it was a big mecha on which you and your companions are). Of course, i was a very tiny demo, but nonetheless, I think at least some segments of the story are closed missions.

  8. Am buying this as like many of you the game looks different to many others.Pikmin 3 will follow not long after am sure of that.Am sure nintendo direct coming end of this month.

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  10. I would say that the quality of the video running on eShop is bad compared to the high quality video that surfaced earlier.

    1. Yeah, the eShop video was taken from the Nintendo Direct where the trailer came from. The 60fps video came out a few days later…..but whatever, I’m getting this game Day 1. Viewtiful Joe-like style, Platinum’s level of crazy, 60fps…..sold.

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