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3D Classics Super Hang-On Announced For Nintendo 3DS


Sega has announced that Super Hang-On will be joining Space Harrier as a 3D Classics game for the Nintendo 3DS. It looks as though Super Hang-On is the second of four Sega 3D Classics games. Super Hang-On will launch in Japan on March 27th for ¥600.

Thanks, Miles

23 thoughts on “3D Classics Super Hang-On Announced For Nintendo 3DS”


    I mentioned this last week in passing about real games, and my maker heard me, sent work to some developers and now it’s on the beautiful 3DS. Of to play monster hunter 3 ultimate :).

    1. I heard its suppose to be a port of the arcade, but with 3d and/or gyroscopic for steering as an option which would replicate the arcade’s control.

      1. Yeah , just different name in Europe and America. There was some Genesis games in Europe and some Megadrive games in US too. I remember having a few Genesis boxes but mostly megadrive.

  2. Who remember in Shenmue , you could go to the arcade and Play space harrier and Super hang on :D …. those were the days , sometimes I dust of my Dreamcast just so I can go to the shenmue arcade..

    1. Monster hunter 3 Ultimate had a midnight release party at game stops in the USA, at the same time as gears and the other game. Gamestop had a lot of pre-orders the included the hunt :).

      As for your question let Simply G check am too intertwined in the hint right now. This game is epic. I shall check for you my friend :).

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