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Punch Out!! Now On North American Wii U Virtual Console


Punch Out!! for the Famicom is now available to download on the Wii U Virtual Console in North America. The classic title is only 30 cents to download and will remain at 30 cents through till the 18th of April. Punch Out!! joins the likes of F-Zero and Balloon Trip.

Thanks, Nate P

23 thoughts on “Punch Out!! Now On North American Wii U Virtual Console”

    1. Can’t wait for THAT game. Super Metroid is definitely one of those games that are worth buying even if you have them already on another console.

  1. Not a fan of these “classic” Virtual Console titles. I can’t play them for more then 10 minutes before getting bored… Well I’m still gonna buy them cause they are only 30 cents lol!!!!

    1. Same here. It’s nice to remember how fun it used to be but that’s about it lol the effect wears off after like 5 minutes lol still waiting for super metroid tho. Ill never get tired of that game

      1. haha! I know, I am waiting for Kirby’s Adventure. I am a huge Kirby fan so I think I could manage some time out of that game!

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  3. That nice crisp clear screenshot at the top of this article is VERY misleading. NES games on Wii U have a blur filter over them. They are not crisp and clear like this. The image must be from an emulator on a computer.

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