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Blood Of The Werewolf Confirmed For Wii U

Indie developer Scientifically Proven has confirmed to Nintendo Life that Blood of the Werewolf is coming to Wii U. Blood of the Werewolf is a 2D platformer in which players take control of Selena, one of the last of the Wolf Clan. Selena’s parents, both of whom are refugees from the werewolf genocide in Europe, taught her to not divulge her werewolf abilities in order to survive. Blood of the Werewolf will launch this June in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U.

What’s the storyline behind Blood of the Werewolf?

You play as Selena, one of the last of the Wolf Clan. Her parents, both refugees from the werewolf genocide in Europe, taught Selena to keep her abilities secret from the world in order to survive. Still, fearing that their enemies would follow them to America, Selena’s father Nicolae taught her to fight.

When Selena turned 13, as is tradition for the Wolf Clan, she killed her first prey. She was presented with the Wolf Clan Sigil, which she wears on her side. Selena married Marko, another member of the Wolf Clan, and together they moved from the city to a small farm house away from others. Here, they were free to release the wolf within. Soon after, Selena gave birth to a son, Nickoli. They were a peaceful, happy family — but that peace was not meant to last.

The story opens with Selena coming home one evening to discover her husband Marko brutally murdered and her infant son missing. The game takes place over a single full moon night as Selena journeys through the city that is controlled by the three major houses; Frankenstein, Jekyll, and Dracula. She must encounter and overcome many minions, obstacles, and bosses to find the last of the wolf line, her son.

37 thoughts on “Blood Of The Werewolf Confirmed For Wii U”

  1. I liked the intro with the TV showing various games from Kid Icarus to Mega Man :P Brilliant touch. It looks like a nice throwback to the really nice retro games, and it’s got me pretty convinced on a purchase.

    1. I was thinking the same thing! This looks really cool. Developers shouldn’t be afraid to make games that are inspired by challenging retro games… there’s obviously a huge audience for them.


    1. I am pretty sure that other games had female protagonist that are heroes. Beside just because it has a female protagonist doesn’t mean that it will be a good game.

        1. The reasons for her emotions were stupid, but the emotional side of her itself, was definitely not.

          I LIKED seeing a different side of Samus other than being a cold, almost-ruthless bounty hunter.

          1. To a certain extent, yes it was nice to see her in a new light. But that Ridley scene really pissed off a lot of people.

            1. What was wrong with the scene? Samus was freaked out that Ridley was ALIVE after he was already dead. I think that would freak anyone out. She froze up, it happens to the best of heroes.

              1. I just didn’t like how long she froze in fear over that. It dragged out too long. Hell, it almost ended Anthony Higgs life.

          2. “The strongest characters in fiction tend to be those that have their faults. It’s also certainly not sexist for a character to be this way. It’s perfectly plausible for a character, male or female, to have emotional or psychological weakness and yet still be strong. That Samus has that moment of panic, that she has that need for Anthony to stop Ridley so that she can recover, is a dramatic moment…and not one that I find unreasonable.

            To an extent, I suspect that at least some of Other M’s critics wanted someone that could solve every problem herself and that can single-handedly save the day, because the player wants to assume the role of the character. And yet, what those particular players want is one of the worst ways a protagonist can be characterized, in my opinion. If Samus were like that, she would cease being a character. She’d be little more than a cipher.”-

          1. Yeah, but the controls basically made rage quit. IDK, only using the Wii remote to do everything just felt awkward. Didn’t help I started Other M just after finishing the Prime Trilogy.

            1. The first person control part was probably the worst part of the game. Other than that, the story wasn’t really bad like people rage about. The character portrayal of Samus was not bad either. It is a “good” game not a great game like te Prime trilogy, but a good game non-the-less.

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  4. Looks rubbish and nothing special apart the fact that you play as a woman. oooh wow that makes it so unique… not.

      1. I don’t have to do anything to prove myself, I watched the trailer and to be honest there was nothing that appealed to me and it just felt like a Castlevania clone but poorly done.

  5. did alba post this terrible looking game? alba is the perfect word to describe how interesting this game looks. Like plain boring white.

  6. Looks pretty good.
    Now it’s just a matter of time before that bitch Feminist Frequency ruins it for everyone.

    1. Don’t mention her.
      The sooner everyone stops mentioning her, the sooner she’ll realize she’s irrelevant to the gaming world, and will stop crusading for extremist feminism in games.

  7. This looks pretty cool. Worth my time if it’s a new 2d platformer. I’ve noticed there’s been a surge of new 2d platformers this week lol

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