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Netflix Is Now Available On Nintendo TVii


Nintendo of America has announced via Facebook and Twitter that Netflix is finally available on Nintendo TVii. Nintendo TVii is only currently available in the United States and is supposed to be coming to Europe sometime this year.

Netflix has arrived on Nintendo TVii. Now you can find even more of your favorite TV shows and movies right from your Wii U GamePad. You don’t need to make any update to your profile – Netflix will automatically appear as a viewing option as long as the program is supported by their streaming service.

Thanks, Joel

35 thoughts on “Netflix Is Now Available On Nintendo TVii”

    1. In NA it usually updates around 12PM. I’m not sure about UK though. It sucks Europens have to wait so long for FE: Awakening. It really is an amazing game.

      1. I know right -.-

        Oh well, i have Luigis Mansion 2 downloading tonight, and Bioshock Infinite right now, which is easily creeped its way into my top 10 favourite games ever. Its amazing.

          1. My guess is its already won. Nothing we know of so far is going to beat it, its just that good, and if people genuinely vote GTAV, that’s it, im just abandoning the internet.

            1. dude…that’s like impossible. “abandoning the internet”? That’s like abandoning money in this day and age Dx …or Google

  1. Awesome news by Nintendo of America. Looks like my choices of finding a TV show or favorite movie will be much easier using Nintendo TVii. What they need to do next is add MLB and NHL to the list.

    1. Acoording to you, I got laid with Adarazz and Jellybean. Taking cheapshots when I’m not even around little pervert?

  2. Not trying to be facetious but what is the different between watching Netflix using the app and watching it from Nintendo TVii?

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