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Luigi’s Mansion 2 And LEGO City Undercover Enter UK Top Ten


Both Luigi’s Mansion 2 and LEGO City Undercover have entered the UK individual-format top ten chart. Luigi’s Mansion 2 for the Nintendo 3DS took fifth place in the individual-format charts, behind Bioshock Infinite, Gears of War: Judgement and Tomb Raider. LEGO City Undercover, which is exclusive to Wii U, arrived in the UK individual-formats chart at number eight. Not a bad week for Nintendo related titles. You can view the entire chart right here.

47 thoughts on “Luigi’s Mansion 2 And LEGO City Undercover Enter UK Top Ten”

  1. Lego City actually entered at number 12 not 8!
    No surprises. There has been no advertising for the game. Just like monster hunter which has now dropped out of the top 20 after 1 week!

  2. It’s crazy there are million charts showing that no games hit the top 10 for the Wii U in europe. But one or two that shows that a game or two has hit the top 10.

  3. The UK charts in a state of transition. If you go back 2 years he charts were dominated by DS and Wii . But those console both hit the end of their lifecycle and the focus has moved to their successors. PS3 and 360 have lasted very well and have this huge installed base and continue to sell. But those consoles will be all but finished by the end of this year and Wiiu will have Massive games like Mario kart and 3DS games like Pokemon X and Y.

    1. You do realize that this means the Wii U is doing fine now. Great games have released and now this baby is flapping it’s wings again. You guys forgot nintendo is like Mercedes, everyone know they are quality game and console makers. These games charting are third parties on the Wii U. Nintendo is yet to unleash their works of art.

  4. The European gaming market its messed up and twisted.the Japanese market had the best gaming market in the world.the American has its issues but its better than in Europe.

  5. Nice am disappointed monster hunter and need for speed are not on the list for the wiiu I wanted dlc for need for speed

    1. They are both selling well everywhere else, plus it would be hard to make the top 10 with the low adoption rate.

      1. Im was extremely surprised they even make it in the release week but not just that they moved consoles too.

  6. Never doubt the endurance and stubbornes of High Command…

    Now our invasion is getting started!

  7. I have both games and Lego City does not feel like a game for children. It feels more like a family game like 12 and up. Both games are fun as hell. Also find us how Wii U sales did in the States.

    1. you forgot FIFA tbh

      As a UK gamer I have never bought a COD or FIFA game, however I personally like CoD because I only play it from time to time when I’m at my cousins’s houses, usually I’m never playing them so it’s not always the same for me. :P

    2. Actually , that’s America you’re thinking of :P . UK is very similar taste to America . Virtually identical apart from Madden and Fifa…

  8. Maybe FPS games are boring them in UK. After all those FPS games is the same shit different name. The characters face is the screen of what he or she is seeing and you shot enemies. All they going to do is just better the graphics on the when it comes out for PS4. Those SSBB’s game play will be different. That’s why Nintendo games are a success.

  9. Pokemon X and Y also is the same way. It is different. Look at the enhanced graphics and new game play. As a result assume that game top be top ten as well as Pikmin 3, Mario Kart Wii U, Zelda and Retro games. So bring it on Wii U haters!

  10. 1) Nintendo sales great and well globally
    2) Monster hunter Charted at number 8 on release ( like Mario, Zelda and Metroid this game shall continue selling by Nintedward-word of mouth and pure greatness )
    3) Last week it was monster hunter, this week is Lego city under covers turn. Need for speed is doing very well, for a PC port with off screen play and a release 5 months after it’s cousins.

    P.S : Nintendo has played this one out well, those with patience and wisdom have figured this out. If you need me to explain just ask and I shall gladly :).

  11. This is great. Laughing at the haters now. There is a saying in Britain that goes, “He who laughs last, laughs longest.”

    If Ubisoft had been smart, they would have been the Wii U’s top dog third party. That privilege now belongs to Capcom, seconded by TT ( Tale tale ) games and in third is Criterion for their beautiful need for speed most wanted.

    1. Yes, I bet the Ubisoftians are either going ti regret their decision, or release Rayman earlier than september…

      Either way, the Capconians are evolving…

      1. Commander so you too know like most that Capcom has with hard work, a game that’s 1000 % compactly and completely made taken over 1st place as third party chums :). That with free! DLC. monster hunter 3 ultimate is one of the greatest games ever made, and for them to add free DLC makes it legendary. All this before off screen play and all region online wow!

        1. Indeed, their work has been top notch and hopefully they’ll bring a new MH for Wii U later…

          The Deux Ex game set to release soon also appears to be a great improvement over the original and my guess is that it will do rather fine too…

          Now all I want is a date for Pikmin 3…

          1. Pikmin 3 is going to have great sales. With the extra time that Miyamoto-San has had to work on the title it shall be one of the greatest games ever made; am calling it now. Famitsu shall give it 40/40, at the most least it shall be 39/40.

  12. Bioshock infinite, Tombraider ( marvelous game by the way ) and Gears of greyscale all released on consoles that have an install base established in six and seven years respectively. Still the Wii U managed to place monster hunter 3 Ultimate in those individual charts last week, and Lego City undercover this week.

    I shall not talk about the 3DS because that powerhouse marvel of a console is showing us that in this next generation, excessive power is not everything.

    One wise man, is better than a thousand strong ones.

  13. I would hope so.

    I bought LEGO City and played it fiercely through this 3-day weekend and oh my, what a breath of fresh air!!

    This game is truly awesome. Some long loading times I concede, but when you explore LEGO City and understand the HUGE amount of data that gets loaded, it makes a lot of sense.

    sickr, do you have numbers for the French market? I live in France and don’t know the slightest bit about how the WiiU does in here.

    1. Agreed. Lego city is amazing. I mean it should have online Multiplayer , Faster loading times and a bit more polish and optimization of the city.

      But none of that can stop the game from being so great. The loading time is understandable when you think that almost everything is destructable and interactive it’s crazy. Much more to do than even in a GTA game.

      I would give the game an 8.5/10 . It should have online and local Races , Cops and robbers and that sort of thing and a little bit more overall polish.

      1. All that can be added by DLC content, simple software patch. Like the software additions Capcom are giving monster hunter 3 Ultimate this April.

        1. OMG that’s true!

          Regardless of this, I’m most certainly buying the 3DS prequel day one. I do love me some Chase McCain :)

      2. I agree to everything you said. I wouldn’t give it a mark today, though, since I’m at about 20% completion ratio.

        If this and the 3DS prequel sell well, I really hope for a sequel on WiiU. This IP looks very promising to me.

        1. It would not surprise me if they have already started on the drafting a sequel. Let’s just say a sequel is in the making with four player local co-op. Arriving with the addition of two Wii U pad play :).

    2. Just like the UK, nintendo of France said the Wii U there saw a 125% and above sales boost with the release of monster hunter 3 Ultimate. Smile our French gamer goodness starts now :).

  14. ‘GAIST CRUSHER’ I didn’t know the 3DS is getting yet another game wonderful. Capcom has realized nintendo is where you want your games if you want lasting sales and respect. THQ and other one hit million sales in one week companies do not understand the simple but yet profound importance of a great but gradual continual selling IP. IPs like Mario and Luigi, Monster hunter series, Metroid, Zelda and even Donkey Kong.

    Great news for younger nintendo inductees to he hall of true gaming. Hope now you also have learnt like the industry and some haters; that games and games alone except if you have the nintendo mario or Capcom street fighter megaman name recognition, sale consoles.

    1. I just hope no one repeats the same blasphemous action the Atarians did ages ago…

      Although our Empire would save the day a second time…

      1. They saved the industry in 2006 once again Commander. The Wii U is poised to save the industry from the PS4 and Xbox720, both great consoles might I add third party stale FPS mishaps. The Wii U shall this generation have the best 1st party, third party heavy weights plus the necessary third party ports like Watchdogs. FPS need a vacation a very long one, especially after Crysis 3 lol. We all know third party releases missing from the Wii U shall release as nintendo select priced all DLC enhanced PC graphics and mechanic ports next year. Which is what I want :).

        1. Well 2006 pre Wii domination was really more a setback than a complete disaster like in 1984 if memory serves right…

          Well I guess aslong as forces like Apple or Samsung don’t destroy our console universe, things will be good for us…

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