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Devil Survivor Overclocked Patch For Nintendo 3DS Confirmed

Game publishers Ghostlight may have bitten off more than they can chew with the European release of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked on the Nintendo 3DS, as reports of bugs and in-game freezes become the recent topic of debate. Fortunately for players, Ghostlight are working with game developers Atlus on a patch which will fix temporary freezes when you summon a demon into battle and a crash found in the Auction House.

In an official statement from their blog, Ghostlight said: “Nintendo have also been contacted and will be able to help us both quickly and efficiently through the process of looking at a patch solution. Sorry that we don’t have any more news for you at this time but we are working as fast as we can towards a fix. We appreciate your words of support and continued patience through our first release on 3DS.”

19 thoughts on “Devil Survivor Overclocked Patch For Nintendo 3DS Confirmed”

  1. This is really unfortunate. I’m in the US, and had no trouble with Overclocked. Loved it and will be keeping it (rather than trading)

    At least they are working on a patch so quickly.

    1. Of course you wouldn’t have any trouble if you live the US as you guys got Atlus, whereas we European had to wait 2 years for an incompetent publisher to localize the game only to mess it up.

      None of this mess would have happened if Atlus had a European branch or at least released it on the e-shop.

  2. How about Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns 3D? The glitches and lags there aren’t given attention at all…

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