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New Square Enix President Plans To Revive The Entire Company


Square Enix’s soon to be president, Yosuke Matsuda, has announced that he plans to turn around the fortunes of the entire company and revive it. Matsuda says that he will be reviewing all Square Enix duties, business and assets on a zero-based budgeting standpoint. He will then decide what has worked for the company and what hasn’t worked for the company. Here’s what he had to say.

“After having succeeded the important role as the president, I plan on reviewing all Square Enix duties, business and assets on a zero-based budgeting standpoint. Due to the radical change of environment, I’d like to fundamentally review what works and what doesn’t work for our company, then cast all of our resources towards extending what makes us successful and thoroughly squeezing out what doesn’t.”

“As far as a concrete plan on what to expect from us, I will further explain it on another briefing session in the near future, so I kindly ask for your patience. Thank you for your support.”

57 thoughts on “New Square Enix President Plans To Revive The Entire Company”

    1. beemothelittleboy

      I do dpartly agree though I still think kingdom hearts franchise should stil be an exclusive to one console, even tho it hasn’t and I’ve had to buy every console to play each one. I hope this generation they finally stick to one console, ans stop riding Sony’s eyetoy and go back to Nintendo

  1. 1. Final Fantasy games that actually prioritise the thing we WANT. Big, open game worlds, customisation, a battle system thats actually fucking good, a GOOD story, not flashy visuals.
    2. A new Chrono game, because Chrono Trigger shits all over any FF game.
    3. Stop pissing about with FF Versus. Either release it, or just cancel it, and/or then get on with Kingdom Hearts 3.

    1. Agreed.
      I want Final Fantasy XV (which wont happen..Well it will but not as I hope) with old SNES Graphics. I want a job system like in Final Fantasy V.
      FF V was the best Final Fantasy if you ask me.

      1. This guy’s on to something here, although I think FF4 (‘Murica version) secret of mana and good ‘ol chrono trigger are square’s finest.

  2. Nintendo Commander

    The Square Enix Confederancy’s new leader should now do everything he said and make sure that the gaming community also sees these changes…

  3. So sad that no one has mentioned Secret of Mana. One of the best SNES titles, soundtrack and jrpg of all time.

      1. I loked secret of mana, but I liked secret of evermore better. Just my opinion, although they should revive the secret of games. They were great, fun to play alone or with friends and add online functionality. Could be amazing. And think of how intricute and well designed they could be now days with development. Would be epic.

  4. First fix final fantasy, it’s broken. Less focus on graphics and adding elements from Online MMORPGS & more focus on story, and battle system. You know, the stuff that made you successful.

    Either revive or SELL your best franchises!!! We know you own the Chrono & Xenogears series even though most of the team who started the original left, but either throw us a remake to test the water for a sequel or don’t sell the property back to it’s rightful owner Monolith soft because you don’t know what to do with those series. If you sell em you’ll at least make some profit off the sale, which leads me to my next point…

    Create a new IP (your gonna need something to compete with those awesome Chrono & Xeno games after you sell em lol). Stop relying so heavily on FF to save you. Stop making spin offs (sorry MMO fans but online FF’s are spin-offs to me. I know they’re numbered but I ignore them & I’ll explain why). Numbered FF should be offline & be huge, innovate story driven games. Your online FF might have sold better if they we called something other than FF because that name comes with an expectation from fans. When 11 didn’t meet that expectation it started the beginning of the end. When 14 flopped, well now were here with layoffs & stuff. Meaning it was already too late.

    They used to be the company the industry would look to for the most immersive gaming experience, until they got too cocky & figured if they put it out & called it final fantasy it would sell. Time to check yourself & get back to what made you. Great gameplay, amazing story & imaginative worlds, cause right now USRPG’s & your old students Monolith soft are kicking your ass.

    Phew, I’m done!

  5. it wil be easy.
    1. make dragon quest xi for 3ds make story dlc if you want i will but them.
    2. give us the fucking dq7 remake it look awesome
    3. i mean for europe as well.]
    4. spilt the ff brand into 2 series. one will be action rpg series like ff3vs is going to be. the other one will be turn base as always.
    5. pay for famous author to wirte the story of ff series.
    6. bring us hitman game which is sandbox title,not mgs clone. and you know dont except 5 milion cpoy … in sells for hitman.
    well done squre enix you revive.

    1. Hitman Absolution was supposed to be a MGS clone? Because if it was it failed miserably, that game was pretty bad.

      1. 1. hitman absoulution have large focous on story like mgs, past hitman games dont care about story.
        2. the gameplay become “hide and seek” in hitman 5 like in mgs. you cant let the enemy see you. in past hitman you dont have to hide from the enemy only to make sure they dont know who you really are.
        3. of course hitman 5 is bad game.

        1. I played Blood Money, thought that was pretty good, but yeah, i bought the game because i wanted a stealth game. Could probably get more stealth from Borderlands 2, it was a mess.
          “Put on a disguise, suddenly you’re aware everyone in the police force knows each other”, bullshit, that’s fucking dumb. If the game didnt have you basically in trespassing mode 24/7, it wouldve probably been good.

        2. A good stealth game is Deus Ex, or most recently, Dishonored (seriously, everyone should play Dishonored).

          1. deus ex HR is great Indeed didnt play dishonored yet, i heard somewhere it like hitman in that you have tagret to assasin and you can kill it in many ways it really is so? i really want sanbox stealth game like the real hitman games

            1. Yeah, like i played the game 4 times, each time was completely different, you can do playthroughs without being seen, playthrough were you dont kill anyone, ones were you dont use any powers, its crazy

        1. Yeah, im hoping its more like MGS3, and less like MGS4 though.
          Too much story, and linearity in 4. It was a game that had great stealth mechanics, but levels and enemies that barely supported it past the first level.

  6. Remake FF6 to 9 or new FF game like the old ones (world map, great story, secrets, sidequest, kickass characters, awesome main enemy). New Chrono game. No IOS crap. Localize games

      1. I guess I’m one of the few that like 8 and feel 7 is far more overrated than everyone thinks. If 9 was that sort of knock off of FF1, then I recall hating that game.

        1. FF8 is amazing, the battle system is awesome a loads of sidequest and secrets. Awesome Love Story. The Card game is so addicting.I Love FF9 cuz is goes back to the roots of FF.. Playing FF9 right know on my PS2 :)

    1. Whats the use if buying a company made out of.developers who where trying to scape from square enix the first place? They would just end up buying a name.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      Thank you! I got DQIX when it first came out (my first DQ) and I loved it. I don’t understand why DQX is an MMORPG.

      1. If you still have a PS2, try DQVIII. It’s easily my favourite in the series, just ahead of DQIX. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to find online.

    1. Or at least no more websites with countdowns that lead to iOS ports instead of wanted sequels. *coughTWEWYCOUNTDOWNcough*

  7. all they need to do is make a mobile mmorpg ffv style that’ll rake in money, man i should be president

  8. Kh3 and advertise it and if he cancels the series then he may die in my opinion XD and please final fantasy 7 remake with current/next gen graphics :D (i like all consoles so don’t blame me)

    kh3 also for wii u would be logical…becuase dream drop distance (3ds) leads into it……and making kh multi platform would increase sales exclusives are not always good:P

  9. Step 1. Make good games again
    Step 2. Stop the stupid story telling, and put some actual thought into them, instead of retconning every single thing just to bring back someone’s favorite character

  10. Square Enix should just merge with Nintendo and they would rule the video game console industry as Father and Son.

  11. ummmmm KH3 PLEAASSEE im not bashing FF but there have been sooooo many. seriously KH3 i think its about time, then they can do all the FF they want lol.or a new IP sounds good too :)

  12. I’ve been a fan of Square before Enix became a part of them, I don’t want to see the FF series go anywhere . Just stop making them like you have the last Seven years. Except for FF10 and 12, I could forget 13, bring a return to the menu based combat from FF 1-7, with the polish of today and online features of today.

  13. they should make portables games and console games. their ff zero should be made for 3ds and vita and kh hd should come out for wiiu. portables should get that one game and same as for console.

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