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Nostalgic Films Coming To Nintendo 3DS


As part of its partnership with the BFI (British Film Institute), which was successfully inaugurated at last year’s 56th BFI London Film Festival, Nintendo will offer Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL owners an exclusive opportunity to see influential 1950s films Eye On The Ball and A Solid Explanation as they were originally intended, in stereoscopic 3D.

A Solid Explanation will be available to view from today until 17th April and Eye On The Ball will be available to view 24th April until 8th May.

Available to view for free via Nintendo Video, these films have been preserved in the BFI National Archive since they were first screened in the early 1950s. After being restored to their former glory they offer a fascinating glimpse into some of the earliest steps into the world of 3D cinema, from over 60 years ago.

“We are proud to be working with the BFI to launch such historical 3D content via SpotPass on Nintendo 3DS and bring two unique films to a new audience. Make sure you keep checking Nintendo Video on your Nintendo 3DS for regularly updated content for you to enjoy.”

– Shelly Pearce, Director of Marketing and PR

12 thoughts on “Nostalgic Films Coming To Nintendo 3DS”

  1. I was only interested in the video app on the 3DS when it first came out, but now it’s not interesting to me anymore unless there’s a video that catches my eye. I’m still just waiting for Nintendo TVii to come out in Australia!

  2. I have checked and it’s not available in Europe, it looks like it’s just in the U.K. It’s a shame because they could do a lot with the video, but it’s just commercials, disappointed.

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