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Another Advance Wars Game On The Horizon?

advance wars gbaWith the European release of Fire Emblem: Awakening on the Nintendo 3DS only a few weeks away, game project manager Masahiro Higuchi has not denied a potential return to Intelligent Systems’ other successful franchise: Advance Wars. If all goes well, it would spell the end of a five-year drought to the turn-based strategy game.

In an interview on the official Fire Emblem site, Higuchi said: “Well, whether it’s Fire Emblem or the Advance Wars, we never want to put an end to any series we’re involved with. We always want to make games that provide a lot of fun to gamers, so if we have the chance, we’d certainly like to make another [Advance Wars] title.”

19 thoughts on “Another Advance Wars Game On The Horizon?”

  1. So they’ve basically just announced a new game, or that they will make a new one soon.
    It’s not hard Nintendo, but you know, “keep it secret” instead, everyone loves that /s

  2. Advance wars is the game that I’m waiting for the most for 3DS! I just know it will be a 3DS version sometime.

  3. Strange that they are still called advance wars even though the last two were on the DS. Granted Dual Screen, DS, or 3DS wars just would not sound right.

    A WiiU Wars would be good since you could use the touchscreen on the controler to move your units, using 2 gamepads or 1 gamepad and someone playing on the TV would make fog of war usefull on a local multiplayer match( it was pointless if the other player was watching your turn, so knew where all youre units were.)

    1. Nintendo Commander

      Agreed, we need an Advanced Wars game for the Wii U…

      It would be one of those games that were created to be on that system…

  4. I want a new Advance Wars please. But not like the newest one that is too dark and grim. I like Advance Wars with the comedic cartoon feel it had in the first games, that is what gave the game a charm and made me fall in love with the series. :3

  5. i think if they do they should add a landmine tank that drops landmine that blow the enemy up. but it only has one landmine at a time and can only have 4 on the map at one time.

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