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Nintendo Releases Infographic To Show Nintendo 3DS’ Evolution Over The Last Two Years

nintendo_3ds_two_year_infographicThe Nintendo 3DS has been on the market for about two years, and its developer, Nintendo, released an infographic to show how the portable game console has evolved over the period. So far, there have been multiple fine games on the device, including Super Mario 3D Land, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop DistanceFire Emblem Awakening and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, with plenty more titles on the way, such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Shin Megami Tensei IV. Of the games released, which one is your favorite?

79 thoughts on “Nintendo Releases Infographic To Show Nintendo 3DS’ Evolution Over The Last Two Years”

  1. i wanted a 3DS since before it launched but when Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D was released i had to buy my 3DS and i’m glad i did, we got the cool ambassador games for free and some amazing retail and eShop releases, this is my favourite nintendo product ever and i’ve owned them all.

    1. yeah the vita is doing pretty bad isn’t it. oh you mean 3ds ? it’s selling really well now isn’t it?

      1. Yes, sure I know. But it just doesn’t seem like it has been 2 years already.
        You’re right, it probably is because of the slow start it had.

      1. It’s not that i have anything against all that stuff, it’s having all that stuff WITHOUT anything else. They JUST put out a new system….i’m excited for Pikmin 3, which last heard, was a “launch window title” (its now APRIL, Nintendo), and Monolith’s “X” that we know NOTHING about….that’s it.

        “Ohhh but we’ll see some games at E3”.

        Yeah, because i’ve never been let down by an E3 conference….wait…
        Fuck E3, i’m supposed to be getting huped for this system, and games, but instead i’m just frustrated.
        On the other end, there’s all the PS4 news, Infamous SS may be a launch title, with Watch Dogs and maybe MGS5, damn right i’ll buy that system day 1, and theres just other games like The Witness, and Dark Souls 2, and even for PS3, there’s The Last of Us. Nintendo has me excited for Fire Emblem which is 2 months fucking late in Europe…that’s it. Sure, i’m looking forward to Animal Crossing and Pokemon, but i know what to expect, and its a 3DS game, again.

        Need more WiiU news that i can say “oh man, that looks amazing”, or “hey, check this game out”, not fucking AR cards….

        1. Honestly, the fall/winter for Wii U better be as good as people are hyping it up to be. If the Wii U doesn’t get some amazing games and vast improvements by this time next year, I’m selling it and will most likely not buy any future Nintendo console (if there are any).

          1. I’m not saying i wont buy it, or id sell it, but they need to pull it out and stop fucking about, everyones getting impatient and bored.
            It’s not like they have tons of 3rd party support to back up on, and have people say “well thats coming to PS4 no doubt”, people can only say “i hope this comes to WiiU (but probably not)”.

            If their going to play it safe business wise, and make a console that makes them money, just selling the exclusives people want, which i think is fine in such a volitile market, where no doubt Sony or Microsoft is getting booted after this gen, or something, if theyre gona do what theyre doing, they cant sit there and rely on people saying “oh just wait for E3”. No, fuck E3, its just Geoff Keighly flapping his jaw around, run your things private, fuck everyone else, and do what the FANS want, Nintendo.

      1. Who the fuck cares how long it’s been released? Last i heard games take 2-3 years to make. Sooo, what? Either we’re waiting for 2-3 years, or they just have footage that theyre holding out on for no reason, in light of all the stuff that’s happened recently with PS4, and GDC13, they’ve done NOTHING.

        Look at the PS4 announcement and MGS5. The amount of hype surrounding those 2 things was insane.
        Sending out invitations to a surprise press event, with just “The future of Playstation” as the only tagline.
        Making up a fake company name, and a “mysterious game” called The Phantom Pain, just so people could say “is that Metal Gear Solid?”, and have people talk, and seculate from months, wondering what it is, and finding clues in the trailer.

        Im not asking for things to be released right now, at this very moment, but whoever is in charge or marketing at Nintendo needs a swift slap in the face, they cant even TEASE a trailer, or a name, or even a clue for Retro Studios new game…WHY?!
        Nobody is sat at home saying “I DONT WANT TO SEE THAT SHIT, I WANT TO SEE THE GAME 2 MONTHS BEFORE ITS RELEASED, I CAN WAIT”, oh wait, people DO do shit like that, the fanboys.
        Stop putting up with this crap, fucking demand SOMETHING, ANYTHING, because:
        1. There’s no fcking reason they can’t tease something.
        2. Because there is NO hype for this new system, AT ALL.

          1. Oh that’s the other excuse, “well there’s probably a reason”.
            Wow, good for them.
            When was the last time Nintendo PROPERLY showed a first party console game, that was Pikmin, and that people cared about?
            Some Yoshi game which is going to serve no challenge what so ever, just like Epic Yarn, X, a Wind Waker remake, Shin Megami X Fire Emblem (which isnt even first party, its Atlus), games that have no information given out about it what so ever, that offer no speculation, other than “was that box in the X trailer a chat box”.

            Way too hype up your new system Nintendo.

              1. Shut the fuck up, you stupid little fanboy.

                Yeah, its so normal to have to wait TEN YEARS for a Star Fox game, or SIX YEARS for a GOOD Metroid game, or 6-7 years for a new Mario, a GOOD Zelda.
                Why the FUCK should i be impatience for a fucking TRAILER!?

                1. Skyward Sword was beyond just good. And this is a problem Nintendo has. People who don’t like Nintendo say Nintendo milks their franchises yet there are peopple who wan’t a Mario every 2 years. There were 2 Galaxies and 2 console NSMB’s in the past 6 years.

                  1. If think Dragon was trying to explain it’s been a LONG time since we’ve got a good console Zelda. Skyward Sword wasn’t great at all in my opinion.

            1. Hehe, people whine becauses Nintendo doesn’t have third party support, now you disagree because a non-first party game (Shin MT x FE). Ooh the irony.

        1. Nintendo has a very specific marketing strategy, and part of that includes revealing things only when they feel they’re ready. They’ve stated countless times before that they’re uninfluenced by rival companies in their strategies. To use MGS5 as a basis for comparison is unfair – I’d like to see you list 5 other games that had the same marketing strategy, otherwise it’s a specific game and shouldn’t be used to compare to Nintendo’s marketing. Nintendo has announced a lot – a new Mario and Mario Kart to be seen at E3, a new Smash Bros, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Zelda: Wind Waker remake, a new Zelda, and then we have Rayman Origins, Deus Ex, AC4, Watch Dogs and more from third parties… Stop complaining and enjoy what you’ve got NOW, and when announcements come you can get excited over them. But there’s no point in getting shitty over games you don’t even know exist.

          1. Well guess what, their marketing stratedgy SUCKS.

            Seriously, the PLAYSTATION 4 GET ANNOUNCED AND REVEALED, and all Nintendo do is….NOTHING.

            Why?! Why would they sit there and do FUCK all?

            I know what games are “supposed” to be coming out soon, like Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2, oh wait, they dont even have a release date. Great.

            Guess what, those games? Minisucal compared to Metroid, or Star Fox.
            And how is it unfair to compare it to the MGS5 teasers? Is it unfair because Kojima is actually GOOD at marketing?
            Why not leak out a 10 second clip of ambigous footage, that looks kinda like Metroid. Why not?
            At least people would talk about.

            “Oh theres a new Mario and Mario Kart coming”.
            WOW, REALLY?!!?! Wouldnt of guessed that….
            When was the last GOOD Metroid released? With Metroid Prime 3. What about Star Fox, and FZero. THE FUCKING GAMECUBE.

            Look back to the Wii’s reveal. We got shown Zelda, Mario AND Metroid.
            Well, least we have footage of Pikmin and Wonderful 101. NO.
            Enough of the hiding, and secrecy.

            And if they carry on, i swear, if i dont see Mario, Mario Kart, Retro Studios game, X, Wid Waker HD, and some other secret games all at E3, then Nintendo might as well just go software only, because then at least someone would actually be able to market their games they way they deserve.

            1. Wow you need to relax. Guess what? Nintendo outsold the PS3 and all their handhelds. What is the PS4’s main game, Killzone? The series can’t even outsell Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. MGS is not the best selling franchise, it’s Mario followed by Pokemon and the Wii series. Nintendo knows how to market their games. We are customers, we need to stop acting like we know how to run multi-billion dollar companies.

              1. Wow, great, i dont give a fuck about sales.

                I dont even care about Killzone, its just one of those “i might as well buy it”.
                You what Killzone does though? It has a trailer.
                Yeaaah, that game that is apparently insignificant compared to Nintendo’s giant franchises, which it is, even has a trailer, a gameplay trailer.

                What gas Nintendo got, lets see….
                Oh. Nothing. Okay…

                1. i get what you are saying and i see you might just have a passion for the games, maybe so excited that not knowing anything is painful and you are getting annoyed but maybe even if you don’t care about E3 they are finally gonna have an amazing E3 to outdo the competiton. which idc if they did that or a nintendo direct tomorrow annoucing everything.But doesn’t part of you want to wait because my problems with the hype over the ps4 as cool as it seemed they : A.might not have many more announcements to reveal beyond what it looks like and the price (which could be pretty steep) B. now it has potential to be over hyped since it doesn’t come over for another like 8 months and it never is a promise with sony that it will blow your mind.ps3 at first was super over hyped and over priced. and C. they never said ps4 games were launch games anyways. and while i do agree i would like to see more, if it means they are making sure everything is ready and playing and looking good i’d rather wait for great games than have medicore or okay games. but i get it man if we could see more now it would deffinitly give wii u a ton of hype

              2. Guess what? No one in there right mind gives a fuck about sales. Unless it means more quality games, sales figures can go fuck themselves. They ar right, Nintendo need to bring more out for the Wii U. Like now.

            2. You should be thankful for Nintendo Direct. It’s the best way to connect consumers and I think it’s a good marketing. At least I don’t have to wait whats coming to E3.

              Although I’m looking forward for PS4 but I’m not hype for the announcement of the system especially the games. PS3 did mislead us of their trailers when its 1st announced of the system, well for the likes of Killzone and Motorstorm trailers. That’s why, it’s not overwhelmed to me to see a graphical leap to this generation especially Capcom’s Panta Rhei Engine and Luminous Engine. It’s great to see that every company push the enveloped for creating their own engine. But I’m not expecting what I saw in the trailers to be an in-game gameplay. Anyway I have expect less to this next gen… I am hype for innovation, unique art and creativeness of the games. I think Nintendo doing the right way.

              I am both supporting the SONY and NINTENDO system for this gen.

        2. all im saying is don’t get over hype yet, i seen everyone get over hype in Nintendo e3 2012 and in the end they got butthurt except for me.

  2. My decision to buy a 3DS was solidified the second Luigi’s Mansion 2 was announced. After finally playing the game, the purchase was totally worth it. It also helps that my early purchase got me 20 free games ;)

  3. This is a good example that patience is needed. Most people expect all the goods of a system to be available at launch, but it takes time. It is best to do something productive than to complain.

    I bought my 3DS on launch day and I do not regret it. It was a slow start, but it was worth the purchase.

    1. Unless you want a bad game or production, it is best to wait and let them take their time. It is just a machine and there is no need for high stress over an object. Things are not done overnight, it takes time and that is something that needs to be accepted. There is plenty of other things to do while a person waits on something.

    1. Gamers > Fanboys

      People who want more games or even just a trailer for a new one instead of just games from more than 6 years ago and nothing else > Fanboys

      I’m right here….no? Just gona throw in a sly comment at the bottom instead?

        1. Yeah, you’re right, let’s all be patience for another 6-7 years…

          This is reality.
          And alll the way down here
          Is you, in “Fanboy Land”

            1. It’s just annoying.

              I look back to the launch of the Wii, i got it for Christmas, and i was so excited, they showed Zelda, Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, Excite Truck (which i thought was a good game), and just had this strong launch, and now for WiiU we have Pikmin 3, and it doesnt even have a release date…

              Seriously, just a sneak peak, like a 5-10 second preview, for fans to speculate and get hyped up for, for any game, Retro’s game, Zelda, Mario, Metroid, anything, some BIG game.

    2. Patience is virtue.
      Looking forward for Wii U. 3DS. Vita [if have good games on it] and PS4. Xbox? No.

  4. Thedragon234 you need to relax, Do you even own a WiiU? In a year from now the WiiU will have all the Super Marios, Starfoxes, and Zeldas you need. You don’t want them to rush the games because then they turn out terrible.

    1. “In a year from now”
      Says who? Are you from the future?
      And no, i dont own a WiiU, know why? Because theres nothing to look forward to yet, other than 2 or 3 games, all of which have no release date.

      And if you could READ, i asked for a TRAILER, or anything, not just pointless silence while they waste their money away with this crap.

    2. In a year from now, PS4 will be released and may or may not have a stronger line up. So lets see what Nintendo do.

  5. This is a poor infographic for a couple reasons.

    1. No acknowledgement of the eShop. It and the great digital-only titles on it a large part of what makes the 3DS great. It’s something they really need to advertise a lot more, and it pains me to see clear opportunities like this not get utilized.

    2. Super Mario 3D Land was a touchstone Mario title that proved the system’s worth and effectively brought 3D Mario (however 2D based in structure) to a portable. I suppose they want to show top-sellers, but it’s odd to see NSMB 2 and not SMB3DL, very much a part of the 3DS story.

    I do understand they don’t want to highlight a price-cut, as they’ll want to put their best foot forward as far as image goes.

  6. I bought 3ds day one, when everyone said it was a gimmick and would fail, then I upgraded to the XL day one also. Now it’s heralded as the “system of 2013” with a solid lineup of FIRST PARTY games. I guarantee I write a post JUST LIKE THIS about Wii u in 12 months.

  7. Favorite 3DS game is Super Mario 3D Land. :)
    Also, the whole patience thing is bewildering. You guys are both right, in a way… while patience rewards us with a more polished game, it’s really stupid and shitty when we have to wait 6-7 years for a new one. Also, the eShop’s slow ass trickle of Virtual Console games is a terrible decision too, but that’s just me…
    So, yes, a trailer or SOMETHING for SSB4 would be fucking nice, but I don’t want to play a piece of rushed shit either…

  8. Well, my favorite 3DS game so far is Kid Icarus Uprising. It was a lot better than I had expected and I’d call it a 9 star game. My only complaint is the controls, but game’s perfect right? Of course once Super Smash comes out, all bets are off!

  9. So far my favorites are…Zelda, Nintendogs (hey I’m a girl so I can like this game! XD ), Mario Kart, and 3D Land. I haven’t played Fire Emblem yet so I don’t know about that one.

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