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Japanese Franchise Beast Saga Announced For Nintendo 3DS

beast saga 2This summer will see a whole host of games hit Japan, but there’s now one more to add: Beast Saga: The Strongest Clash in the Colosseum for the Nintendo 3DS will hit the shelves on July 25. Based on Japanese toy company Takara’s Battle Beasts toy collection from the 80s, the action title will boast a selection of playable characters from the successful multi-media franchise.

So far, only two characters have been confirmed – Liogre and Big Serow – but many more are in the pipeline. In the past, Battle Beasts has been linked to Transformers, as a spin-off to the series, and even went so far as to name their toys ‘Beastformers’. In 2011, Takara announced the Beast Saga line, a successor to the Battle Beasts range. Currently, it is not yet known whether this game will appear on Western shelves, or indeed the eShop.

26 thoughts on “Japanese Franchise Beast Saga Announced For Nintendo 3DS”

  1. its really strating to get annoying that 3ds is just getting jap games. I mean sure they port jrpg over to europ and America but who the hell even wana buy that shit when the vita is getting games like killzone ect. im starting to think the 3ds isn’t really for anyone other than Japanese and anime lovers.

    1. No matter how much you try to make up absurd reasons to put the Vita above the 3DS, know this, in the land of handhelds no handheld can mess with the gameboy line and it’s generations. Ask history, the Atari lynx, nokia 2003 handheld and the sega gamegear.

    2. If the 3DS isn’t for anyone, why are people buying it and not the Vita?

      The reverse of what you said is true. Only people in Japan and anime-lovers are buying the Vita.

    3. “its really strating to get annoying that 3ds is just getting jap games”

      Actually, we’re getting anything but, they are bucket loads of games I would love to see localized that arent and never will be.

        1. Bravery Default FF
          Beyond the Labyrinth
          Ex Troopers
          Time Travelers
          Super Robot Wars UX
          Dragon Quest VII
          Dynasty Warriors VS
          Fantasy Life (Probably will end up localized)
          Gundam: The 3D battle
          Hatsune Miku & Future stars

          Shall I continue with more?

          1. just my point jap games. if 3ds got a game like mass effect or zombi3d the 3DS would be more for everyone. but like i said 3ds is only jap games no EA not really ubisoft or activision.

          2. Fantasy Life has been confirmed this month to come over. Besides not ever game is going to come over asap.

  2. At this rate there better not be one DROP of 3DS news at E3. I mean NOTHING. Not even cameo. It better be 100% Wii U all-day long. I’m grateful that the 3DS is getting so much attention, but it is always good to do things in moderation. It seems like Nintendo is focusing too much on the 3DS.

    I hope this is a sign that when the Wii U news does start to come, it comes like a tidal-wave.

    1. Pretty much every day I see news for the 3DS and I only see one game and/or demo come out on the eshop every week, It’s pretty rare to see even 3 Wii U games come out on the eshop in one week. I have $31.10 waiting to be spent on Pokémon Rumble U and Cloudberry Kingdom which I haven’t heard of any news about it since last year!

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