little_inferno_safety_instructionsDeveloper Tomorrow Corporation has announced that it has, so far, sold around 250,000 copies of Little Inferno, which is available for purchase on iOS, PC and Wii U. Considering the peculiar nature of the game, in that players purchase items, throw them into a fireplace, and burn them, it has sold extremely well. If you’ve played Little Inferno, are you surprised that so many people purchased the game?



  1. I haven’t touched it much in the past few weeks, or past month even. For me I see it more as a fun time-waster or short diversion but otherwise I’m not playing it nonstop. Good game, but there isn’t much else to it.


  2. Well it has a good rep and there aren’t many games to play on Wii U right now so that probably helps too. If big budget smash hits were out right now no one would be buying it.


  3. I am surprised. Mostly because I was extremely hesitant to purchase it, even hearing how interesting it was. It is still just tossing stuff into the fireplace and burning it with a life message buried in the back drop. I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘game’, but I would still have a hard time recommending it to someone without letting them know exactly what it is. You burn stuff, but thats about all you can say about it without destroying the message within the ‘game’.
    Would I buy it again? Probably, however once you are done it I don’t find it compelling to play anymore. I played it till I was finished and haven’t played it since, maybe in a year or so when I want the meaning and/or ‘story’ again, like reading a good book. But beyond that I don’t see much replay value in it for me. So the price seems a bit hefty for the length of the game.


    • Somebody in the past complained though that this game was giving a bad influence to children because all you do is burn stuff. Whoever that person was forgot to take into account that there was a warning screen…


  4. It is strange that former haters of nintendo at times are the ones that that flood certain news articles. Like this one, they have realized that nintendo is beautiful and gaming is more than FPS. To you gamers I remove my hat and salute you, let’s game on Wii U, 3DS, PS4 and hopefully xbox720.


  5. I think the price is not reasonable. For a 5hr gameplay and $14.99 is not worth it. I got the game for $10.00 during the discount.


  6. Phenomenal, creative game. The concept is bizarre and simple yet extremely effective. I’d recommend buying the Wii U version, sitting around with some close friends who appreciate art, and figure out the puzzles together and build an amazing memory.


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