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SEGA Confirms Cancellation Of Aliens: Colonial Marines For Wii U

aliens_colonial_marines_wii_u_box_artSEGA confirmed today that Aliens: Colonial Marines is no longer heading to Nintendo’s latest console. In a statement provided to IGN, the publisher said the Wii U version of the first-person shooter has been canceled and it’s development has been ceased. When it was released in February for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Aliens: Colonial Marines received very negative reviews. The Wii U edition of the game was said to be even worse than the other versions, but now we’ll never be able to confirm whether that rumor is true or false.

“SEGA can confirm that the Wii U sku of Aliens: Colonial Marines is no longer in development.”

-SEGA representative

147 thoughts on “SEGA Confirms Cancellation Of Aliens: Colonial Marines For Wii U”

  1. I ain’t even mad.

    Back to laughing at Microsoft for murdering their repuation and the Xbox brand.

      1. Successful of people that were dumb enough to buy three xbox360s average of the RROD. while paying to play online. If the xbox360 is your main console shut permanently and never partake in console war discussions. lol paying for xbox live when it’s free online for Sony and nintendo hahahahahaha. How dumb can one be lol.

        1. Yeah, people paid for online. They’ll pay for this too, as long as it has CoD and Halo.

          LIVE is the reason Microsoft is are the only ones who didn’t lose money this gen.

          1. Um, did you just forget all the money Nintendo made from the Wii and DS? If that’s not considered “profit”, I don’t know what is.

        2. i was one of those idiots who bought multiple xbox 360’s. now i know better. But cut me some slack i was very excited for the new banjo kazooie game, so i bought another xbox :) too bad the new banjo kazooie sucked.

          1. Nintendo should just buy back the IPs or somehow find a way to have the ex-Rare staff get together and make new stuff for Nintendo. The Microsoft Rare is a joke.

        3. Yup, and there are those who don’t learn their lesson while going to buy another one and paying extra for online. Smh. Of course Xbox’s sales figure were high as half of them caught Red Rings; I’m sure those numbers were included. These poor folks continue to fall victim to America’s way of doing business.

      2. Says who?
        If the next xbox is a success, that i stand by my claim that everyone that bought one, is a fucking moron.
        You have 2 superior systems, the PC and PS4, not saying WiiU because its nothing like the other systems as far as we can tell with 3rd party support, its another console solely made for exclusives for the fans. But the fact that over alllll the advantages PC has, and aaallll the advantages the PS4 will have, they fact that people will BUY the 720, probably multiple ones, i dont see the system NOT having a RROD that suspiciously happens after the warranty runs out, then those people are fucking stupid, the purest form. And you know some of those people will be like “well err Halo *fapfapfap*”, most overrated game ever as it stands, just sort of exposes all the Nintendo haters saying “you just buy that shit for your Nintendo” when people are literally doing it just for Halo.

        And dont say, well whatever it’ll still sell tons of units. Know what i say to that? Two things.
        1. And sold at what loss exactly? Hmm? Nintendo have barely any loss on the WiiU, they make money, safe console. How much money are Microsoft willing to bet on a console that might hit them in the face due to their lust for money.

        2. You know what else there’s alot of? Rednecks, and racists, and muslim extremists, and right wing idiots, and homophobes, and god fearing social retard Christians, and Mormons and all religions.
        There’s alot of those. Does that make them any less stupid? No. Unless you’re one of the stupid people.

        Xbox is a joke, and goes against everything gamers deserve as the people that make this industry possible, buying into Microsofts money slavery is an insult to gaming as form of media.

        1. Nice rant dude. I would like to add that if the 720 does bomb in sales and the Wii U picks up and sells much better by comparison, third parties will be pretty much forced to support Nintendo. They do have to make money off their games after all.

          1. In a perfect world, it would be, Microsoft abondon market, Playstation rises to the top, and merge with Nintendo due to broad market, and popularity of mobile and PC. THAT is what i want to happen. Then slowly, Valve and Linux will actually deliver good and consumer friendly products, abolishing PC and Microsoft altogether.

            If fucking only.

              1. I know enough to realise that people that have a brain use Steam, and will gladly sell their soul to Valve, and rightly so if im honest. There’s no way that if Gaben made his own PC software, and operating system, that most PC gamers would eat that shit up like it was crack on marshmallows. Know why? Because nobody actually likes Microsoft as a company, nobody logical, they just have to say “well…no-one else is doing anything, and Apple is even worse”. So as someone like Valve puts their foot in, Microsoft will burn.

            1. I agree that PS4 will eat up the 720 this time around. I do hope they fail just so they can reflect on their failure from too much greed.

        2. Well said. Wiiu will be my first choice console . With either a PS4 or a high end PC providin my Wiiu with back up. Probs the PS4 as it will be much cheaper than PC and effortless to manage. Xbox can suck a nutsack , im through with them

        3. “If the next xbox is a success, that i stand by my claim that everyone that bought one, is a fucking moron.”

          Yeah, same goes for the 360. I don’t think you realize that I’m not defending the system, merely pointing out that their userbase will still buy it. Didn’t bother reading the rest of your post.

          1. Well i stand by it all that the fanbase is insane, and elitist morons, equal to a tramp fighting over a wheel of cheese, instead of not being a tramp.

              1. Well that depends on what side really. But just being on the internet, ive seen more logical people on every other fanbase aside from Microsofts. All they do is talk about party chat, and how Halo is the best game ever, which is hilarious. I even had one guy use the arguement that it was better because it has Internet Explorer, the other thing that nobody likes, and now theyre all defending DRM, the most hated thing in the indusrty at the moment, and theyre defending it

                1. i have a ton of friends who own Xbox’s and literally none of them ride Halo’s dick
                  i can count 5 online peeps on my skype friends list right now, that i talk to almost daily

                  in my experience, sony has by far
                  by FAR
                  the worst internet fanbase, but i don’t even think twice about it when i meet a guy who plays on ps3 only or something. every fanbase has awful people, that’s just how it is.

                  consoles are drm machines, this isn’t new. while the 720 looks to be even worse in that regard than previous consoles, it’s not something shocking. it’s not a clear indication that the system will fail, especially as devs will WANT to make their games for that system.

                  1. Well the fact is nobody logically wants an always online system, where they can block used games just because they want to, and charge whatever they want for the system.

                    Fanboys are always bad, but at least the Sony fanboys have some sort of right, as Sony is a very good company that clearly cares for its consumer, that probably makes the PS fanboys more volitile, but in the real world, in simple logic thinking, nobody should be looking at what the Xbox offers or rather, doent offer, and be like, thats perfectly fine.

                    1. no one wants to pay for online either, people bought 360’s
                      no one wants mandatory game installs either, people bought PS3’s

                      the most we can do is speculate right now, factually no one knows how the system will do
                      remember when people thought the 3ds would be doomed as soon as vita came out?
                      remember when people thought the wii was DoA because it was underpowered?

                      “at least the Sony fanboys have some sort of right, as Sony is a very good company that clearly cares for its consumer”

                      that’s all opinion
                      all 3 of the companies have done underhanded things, the “lesser of evils” doesn’t change the fact that they’ve all done bad stuff

        4. I will remember never to get a Microsoft console in the future.

          I got one Xbox 360 (luckily quite near the end of the console’s lifespan), and it was horrible. The only good thing about it was the ability to actually play Just Cause 2 and BRINK on it.

        5. Say what you will about Xbox but Halo is by no means overrated. Its a good game with a good lore albeit a bit similar to starcraft. Sure the fans might be annoying but the developers have done nothing but greatness with the Halo series.

        6. Nothing wrong with rednecks or other types of different people. Someone is a bit prejudiced.
          Everyone has their own opinion on game consoles. Deal with it, Xbox is popular just like Nintendo and PS. Just like how you feel about people you feel about gaming, so go troll somewhere else.

  2. “SEGA can confirm that the Wii U sku of Aliens: Colonial Marines is no longer in development.”

    It’s gone gold!!

    1. Yeah, you never see a studio or publisher going into development wanting to cancel a game. That’s always a hard choice to make. It’s too bad things didn’t turn out better. SEGA definitely could have used the boost.

    1. Considering that pretty much everyone hates DRM, the fact Microsoft are doing just proves their exactly like EA. theres no middle part, or defending it, theyre exactly like EA.
      You type DRM into Google the first few results are about REMOVING DRM. I mean, thats the mass reaction to DRM but they STILL want to do it?
      Fuck Microsoft, i’m so glad that Bungie is making a game that mostly likely, 90% chance, will DESTORY the Halo franchise, because then theres literally no fucking reason for anyone to buy the Xbox, and i’ll fucking laugh.
      Yeah, i’m supposed to be happy at any conpanies success and one failing sucks ect but no, i dont give a fuck, all the consumer will go to other systems, s’all good.
      Boycott that shitty company.

  3. Great news, am only sorry for the xbox360, PS3 and PC buyers of that awful game.

    As nintendo gamers, let us request every multiplat IP to release a month or more later on the Wii U. That way when the bomb like Aliens and Crysis 3, the simply skip the Wii U, or get a Ninja Gaiden 3 razors edge make over.

  4. I’m late to the game, so I don’t fully know what the story is, but what is the excuse for the cancellation other than it being flawed on the Wii U? They couldn’t fix what was flawed?

    1. Gearbox probably still didn’t want to make it and were just going to outsource it to another crappy dev and then stamp their name in the credits, but Sega wanted them (Gearbox) to fix it themselves and since they most likely didn’t want to (too busy supporting BL2 and junk) Sega has decided this game should be burried in the back yard!

  5. I called this to the DM of GameStop and he kept trying to reassure me that “It will still be coming to the Wii U!” WRONG… and thank goodness for that! But, it does make one wonder as to whether or not all other 3rd party devs are planning on doing the same thing to the Wii U.
    Is this some type of indication of perils to come for the system and it’s “3rd party support”?
    I guess we will find out. Maybe EA will stop being such jerks as well and bring the support they promised at E3 2011 back to the Wii U… Pipe dreams I’m sure, but maybe. Nintendo may have said no to Origin on Wii U, but this shouldn’t deter them from making money on the console just the same. Nintendo dodged a similar bullet when they decided not to partner with Sony on the N64. Sony then entered the home console business and now we have the “fanboy”base that exists today. Sorry, that was a lot of random stuff there, but maybe some of you can put it into concise thoughts in your own heads. Bottom line is Sega better make amends after this atrocity!!

  6. People are rejoicing over the project being canned not realizing, even thoughit’s a game that received a lot of negative feedback and reviews, that’s still a lot of money gone down the drain.

    Clueless gamers.

        1. How exactly did I prove your point? Explain that to me. The PS Vita is dead in the water, deal with it.

            1. I’m trolling? Really? Lol.

              I could see you as a lawyer. Prosecutor presents facts and evidence and you scream, “Your honor! He’s trolling!”.

          1. how is the ps vita dead in the water? it’s still selling. and there are still more games coming out for it.

      1. Excited for what? Watered down PS3 ports? PS Vita and Xbox 720 will be in a tight race for worst system of the 8th generation.

        1. “worst system” that i’ll be playing games on, while you’re keyboard warrior’ing everyday on this site

          clearly you don’t understand that no system would ever take off without early adopters

    1. Yeah, but nobody really cares because it’s SEGA’s money. They don’t do anything useful anymore. Its like if Tecmo Koei lost money, nobody really cares, people are scarred for life by the god awful games they make. Way i see it, better to cut the project now rather than releasing it and loosing even more money.

      1. True, obviously cancelling the project was in their best interests, but it still holds a negative impact. The whole project does.

        With that said, I’m sure we don’t want to see SEGA go the way of THQ (or other companies of the past) and have a lot of their IPs in limbo.

        Nintendo fans have been touting Bayonetta 2 so much, rejoicing that it is a Wii U exclusive. Sure Nintendo is publishing the game, but it’s still a SEGA IP. Imagine if SEGA had gone under before Nintendo took up the project, then there would be no cause for rejoicing.

        Little to no hope for a lot of IP’s that people want to see come back as well. I’m sure there would be a lot of angst if SEGA went under and they are in financial straights at the moment. This is another multimillion dollar loss for them.

        1. Well if SEGA went kaphut, then rights i assume would go to Platinum Games, and theyd ask MS and Sony and they dont care, and Nintendo would say sure, so i think that wouldnt of been an issue.

          I honestly cant remember the last SEGA game i played where it was good. The company is just a train wreck, and id rather they jus pull the plug before they embarress themselves even more.

            1. Well obviously those IP’s would be sold to another company, i find it hard to believe Sega will release one of those, except for over a good amount of years.

              But yeah, no chance Shenmue.

              1. Who knows? There are a good number of properties that are in limbo and untouchable because of closures in the past. Even THQ had problems selling some of its most popular franchises.

                But anyway at least SEGA is still alive for now.

                On the note of releases: Phantasy Star Online 2 was already announced for North America a while back (PC). It was just delayed recently though – hopefully for a Vita release. Since the Vita version got huge numbers in Japan too, I think they might give it a go in North America.

                As for Yakuza 5, almost every other Yakuza game has been released stateside, but so far we haven’t heard anything for this one. I’m hoping someone helps to bring it over.

    2. I think the loss of money is worth it, if it means salvaging whatever little bits of their reputation that they can by not releasing something potentially worse than the PS360 versions of this game.
      I’d rather see Sega announce Sonic Adventure 3, 4, 5 and 6 before going that route.XD
      As for GBX, I’d rather see them announce Borderlands 3 for the Wii U, PS4, and Nextbox, than try to push the Wii U version of A:CM to fruition, knowing it’s going to be poorly received after all the negative press.

      1. Yeah, it was the best move to cancel the game now, but it still sucks that any of this stuff happened. ;/

        Hoping SEGA can churn out some good stuff soon too.

        Also: Still waiting on a few localizations. lol

        1. Thenintendowatcher

          the only way I see SEGA churning out anything good is if they follow square enix and reform there whole company. Some new ip’s and some new sequels and better marketing and then it’ll be like the 90’s all over again!

  7. So 1st the WIIU version was the best, now it was the worst… wtf. I ciuld care less about this game. I rented it on 360 and it sucked ass lol. The aliens were slow as hell it felt like playing a revamped version of aliens vs predator on the Atari Jaguar lol, but what bothers me is the inconcistency… one minute they praise the WIIU the next it was the worst version. Fuck Gearbox.

  8. I’ve never really spoken my mind on here, let alone posted very much at all, but frankly, I could care less about this game. I’m tired of FPS. It seems to me as if thats all a lot of gamers want to play anymore. I was in the military for over 7 years and was deployed to Iraq twice. The last thing I need is something to give me flashbacks. What is wrong with people today. Point, shoot. Point, shoot. In my opinion thats not a real game. I want to see more RPG/adventure/puzzel games. Game that are very unique and creative and have wonderful story lines. Those, in my opinion are what I consider to be good games.

    1. Thank you very much for your service. Though I did not serve, I absolutely feel the same way. I always believed that games were meant to be played to have fun. Far too many “gamers” seem to forget that part and take themselves way too seriously. We see it in the discussions even in the threads in this article. Fun shouldn’t be grounds for an argument LOL

  9. Just accept that the Wii U is far inferior to the other two systems. The only reason why it is eight gen is because of the time it came out but technically it’s a 7th gen system. Every “Wii U is very powerful” statemnet turned out to be a lie.

        1. The Nintendo Color TV Game lacked the power of Magnavox Odyssey and it was still a 1st-gen and it WON.

          The Atari 2600 lacked the power of the Atari 5200. It was still 2nd gen and it WON.

          The NES lacked the power of the Atari 7800. It was still 3rd gen and it WON.

          The SNES lacked the power of the NEO GEO. It was still 4th-gen and it WON.

          The PS1lsorely lacked the power of the N64. It was still 5th-gen and it WON convincingly.

          The PS2 lacked the power of the GameCube and XBOX. It was still 6th-gen and it is the best-selling home console ever and beat the competition like a rented mule.

          The Wii was comparable to the GameCube in power so it most certainly lacked the power of the PS3 and 360. It was still 7th-gen and it WON.

          This same like of reasoning works with handhelds too. GameBoy, GameBoy Advance, DS, and 3DS all have or had console more powerful. Some FAR more powerful (in the case of the Sega Nomad versus the GameBoy.) Nintendo won all those races without even breaking a sweat.

          What is your point? Generations have nothing to do with power-levels. This is not Dragonball Z. There are no Super Saiyan 1,2,3,4 consoles.

          The Wii U is a 8th generation console. Period. It is not an opinion. It is fact. To say otherwise means you are an idiot, a troll, or starved for attention.

          And since the Wii U lacks the power of what we know of the PS4 and 720, based on history that says that the Wii U is in great shape to win the 8th-gen. If it can sell 3 million units in 45 days with only two 1st-party IPS and a bunch of badly-ported retread mulitplats when it took the PS2 (best-selling console ever) 5 months to do that, what’s is gonna happen when those new games start coming?

    1. I’m pretty sure the Wii U version was cancelled because putting another version of a game that was already a flop to begin with would only lose them more money, nothing to do with the console itself.

    1. Bioshock Infinite was a good game (which might be an understatement). A rarity in that genre.

      Colonial Marines was released on other systems and proved to be a huge letdown for the majority of people who went out and purchased the game. It was a mess.

      If you’re saying Colonial Marines was better than Infinite… Well, I guess everyone has their own tastes. Ain’t no problem with sticking to your guns I suppose. :)

      1. “Well, I guess everyone has their own tastes.”
        Yet you try to enforce a subjective opinion on Bioshock Infinite as a fact, smooth transition.

          1. It’s not semantics and it isn’t expressing an opinion.
            “Bioshock Infinite was a good game (which might be an understatement). A rarity in that genre.”
            This doesn’t show any kind of subjectivity, this is the kind of thing you say when you have the certainty that your argument cannot be rebutted because it is based upon a fact.
            It may just be the way you worded it, like you say, but dismissing it like that downplays the perceptible amount of entitlement you seem to give your opinions over somebody else’s, and be it either a conscious or a subconscious act, speaks a lot about USI.

  10. I’m a little sad given how the game turned out and the loss at a chance for a bigger library, but at least it won’t tarnish the current library. Thank goodness I didn’t pre-order it.

  11. Lol I could just imagine Nintendo walking into the room

    “Let’s discuss Aliens on the Wii U”

    Nintendo: “We don’t want your stupid game. Make a better game and then ask us. Bye Now”

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  13. I read about this…this morning.. Not really shocked by it..but I do find it really sad that gearbox still hasn’t apologized for the game.. Don’t get me wrong.. I enjoyed the game and all…but really something should have been said by the company that wasn’t and probably isn’t going to be said… short of Borderlands 3 I can’t see myself buying anything from this company again..

  14. Can we please move on from this now? I don’t think anyone cared anyway, it doesn’t take a professional programmer to see that this game was unfinished.

    1. Because it’s a terrible game at its core. No amount of polishing will fix a game with terrible graphics, horrible sound, bland/boring story, forgettable cast & characters, repetitive gameplay, abhorrent enemy and friendly AI, etc.

      It’d be easier just to start over from scratch, quite honestly. But if I were them, I wouldn’t even try. Besides, Wii U’s install base is pathetic at the moment; the game would sell badly on that fact alone, let alone the stigma of the negative consensus already surrounding it.

  15. The Nintendo Reviewer

    Instead of making improvements, you gave up on it due to negative reviews. For shame. Fine. Time to cancel pre-order.

  16. and the first Wii U cancellation goes to……..ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES
    Well at least it’s a shitty game.

    1. Thenintendowatcher

      actually ubisoft cancelled a Wii U sports game before they even announced it, this is the 2nd cancellation I believe

    2. First cancellation, but definitely not the first game to skip/pass on the Wii U. I mean it didn’t even get Crysis 3, which was all but running on the Wii U and Crytek scrapped it anyway. That sort of situation has happened a lot; much more than most people realize.

    1. Thenintendowatcher

      Depends it has some really cool features and will have all the 1st party Nintendo titles along with a fair share of 3rd party titles (especially on the eShop). IT still has some kinks to work out, but there working on those and there is a stream of games coming to it so I would recommend it. plus you can play all your old wii games on it

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  18. Why is this news showing up everywhere as if its some highlight? I don’t understand. Not only was this a terrible game, but its breaking news when we find out that it wont be coming to a failing console? Are we going to hear about how Helen Keller lost a third sense, as well?

    1. The Hellen Keller reference was a piss-poor attempt to be clever and obscure, and was an even worse comparison; Cancellation of Aliens Colonial Marines is to Wii U as losing a third sense is to Hellen Keller? Not quite. Not at all, in fact.

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  20. Sega: just give up entirely. Even your Sonic games are terrible these days. There were moderately decent at best during their peak.

    Nintendo will be joining you shortly if they don’t pull their heads out of their asses and stop make consoles that are each worse than the last, games-wise. GameCube failed compared to PS2 & XBOX, Wii sold many consoles but survived only by being a party gag for occasional/casual “gamers”, and Wii U is failing both at casuals and the “hardcore” that Nintendo promised to “win back”.

    These are two companies that should merge together and just stick to making their flagship games, not branching out with new games and definitely not trying to make hardware.

    Just. Makes. Games.

    Marios, Zeldas, Sonics, Metroids, Star Foxes, etc. Flagship titles! I personally think they’d do much better if they made these games for other consoles and platforms, and offered something like the GamePad as a pack-in accessorie. Only hardcore Nintendo fans seem to care to pay $300+ for an XBOX 360 with a touchscreen controller to play a Mario Bros. game that looks very similar to one they just played on the Wii a couple of years ago :/

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