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Criterion Developing ‘Unannounced Racing Title’ For 2013

burnout_paradiseRumours are afloat that Criterion Games – who brought Need For Speed and Burnout titles to the Wii and Wii U – are developing a ‘unannounced racing title’ slated for release sometime this year. The project has already been listed on various Criterion’s employers professional LinkedIn accounts, listed under ‘EA games for 2013’, but whether we’re looking at a new IP or a sequel to another franchise is still uncorroborated.

Last October, Criterion confirmed a return to the Burnout franchise would be a possibility, but creative director Alex Ward dismissed rumours that there would a sequel to Burnout Paradise. Yesterday, he tweeted saying: “Another #epic day working with an #epic team on something #amazing.” With so much speculation, confirmation of the unannounced title shouldn’t be too far off.

39 thoughts on “Criterion Developing ‘Unannounced Racing Title’ For 2013”

  1. I love how you make an article on a game that most likely isn’t coming to Wii U yet you post nothing about LucasArts closing…

    1. Am i the only person who isn’t remotely bothered about the Lucas Arts thing? Battlefront 3 never came, Unleashed was insanely overrrated and 1313 was just Mass Effect but in the Star Wars universe.
      Way i see it, it actually benefits me, because now people can finally shut up about that overrated looking game, and Geoff Keighley can at least try to shive something else down our throats.

      1. I really don’t care either. But some people on this site would and there should probably be an article on it.

        1. That’s true.

          Honestly, Lucas Arts havent birthed anything worth while in a long time.
          Now Disney loves money, and has alot of it, and hopefully they’ll fund big worth while products. Maybe even ask a 3rd party to make a Star Wars game, rather than a bunch of people obsessed with Tantooine, and Hoth, and Coruscant, and with pleasing fan service to all the movies, and give it to a dev that actually wants to make a good game

    2. By the looks of it, it probably IS coming to the WiiU.

      Also, LucasArts didn’t even make Knights Of The Old Republic or Battlefront, both being outsourced. So really, even if they had been made by LucasArts, nothing says that they can’t do what they said they’re gonna do, and use LucasArts as a branding name and outsource to other companies like they used to do anyway.

      Though I was slightly excited for 1313.

    1. Indeed they did a great job with their recent port. Any game from EA that they worked on for wiiu I would have no problem purchasing.

    1. Are you talking about the mandatory internet availability to play the games? Yeah, that’s strange. But, personally, I doubt that rumor will come true.

        1. Interesting article. Once this is true – going ahead in this discussion – maybe this is a Mcrosoft’s attempt to prevent piracy – and maybe track users records? – on their next console. The motivations? Time will tell.

        2. Just saw this ( courtesy of IGN, of all places), and if anyone is legitimately defending Microsoft and the Xbox at this point, that’s it, they’re just fanboy, unreasonable, arrogant fanboys, be it to Halo or just the brand.
          It was difficult for me to understand why a company “did so well”, after having a console that was common to break, all in the same way, and the fact that people could say “i’ve had 3 separate 360’s this generation” and nobody would even be surprised. Last time that happened was SEGA.

          But this has surely got to be the final nail in the coffin, they’re almost taunting the bull, they’re basically saying “fuck you, buy our shit, or you don’t get Halo, deal with it”.

  2. It better be a new Burnout, NFS is boring. Give me my hover cars and unrealistic driving and locations.

    1. Oh my goodness!

      I mean, I liked the nonsensibleness they added to NFS:MW, but THIS is what I want to see! A return to Burnout 3’s roots of plain old unrealistic SPEED.

      Always preferred that over NFS back on the PS2

  3. All hopes will be dashed pertaining to this new criterion title coming to Wii U. EA will announce shortly that they are making all devs, that they publish, use the frostbite engine that “won’t work” on the Wii U, thus alleviating all worries that any Nintendo gamer may have in hoping that this or any future EA game will be coming to Wii U. Sad, but oh so true! Criterion did an awsome job on NFSMWU, so this is a truly sad realization to come to for all of us Wii U gamers! Add me on your Wii U if you want… Unit_DTH

    1. I’m sure Frostbite 3 could run on Wii U since it’s coming to PS360 with Battlefield 4. EA is just too butthurt to port it.

      1. Sigh… Nintendo fans are the worst about understanding game development. Just because a console can run a game engine doesn’t mean it can do so well.

        Game engines like Frostbite are scalable, meaning it can run on PS3 as well as PS4, but it does NOT perform the same way on both. A game running on Frostbite on PS3 will look, perform, and play dramatically different than the exact same game running on the same Frostbite engine on a PS4; certai features are turned off, scales back in quality, etc. in order to run on less capable platforms.

        It irks me to see fanboys rave about how “developers haven’t tapped the full potential of Wii U,” because “it can run Unreal Engine 4 and we’ve all seen the demo for that!”

        Games running UE4 on Wii U will not, I repeat NOT look like their demo did. Not even close. Wii U will not have as many shaders, AA passes, tesilation quality as high, etc.

        So jus lt because Wii U can run UE3 doesn’t mean a) it’s easy to just port the game over, b) that it’ll look OR run as smoothly, and c) will be able to utilize all the tools and features needed to present the game as they feel it should be.

        Besides, I say again: Wii U’s install base is pathetic at the moment. Development and production costs are probably not worth the likely small ROI they’d see from such a venture.

        While you kids whine and bitch about how EA “zomg is so dumb and lazy and sux”, you fail to understand the simple business perspective. And remember: above all else, that’s what game studios are… A BUSINESS.

        1. I know it wouldn’t be on par with the PS4, i’m not as delusional as you think I am. But the Wii U running Frostbite, Fox, or Cryengine would sure as hell perform better than it does on PS360. About Wii U not getting UE4, if UE3 is still able to look THIS good

          I think i’ll be okay.

  4. nintendo ID: Hellstrike

    In my opinion its not going to be Next Need for Speed, but another Burnout. Most Wante–errr–Most probably its going to be Burnout Paradise 2. Its been a long time since i’ve played burnout, and a lot of people miss this exact title because it offers an unrealistic driving experience, nowhere else to be found. Also, its money that is driving EA, so if they realize there is enough demand for their racer on Wii U they will forget about their disagreements w/ big N and follow the cash.

  5. nintendo ID: Hellstrike

    Furthermore, Microsoft’s “Always on-Always connected” idea represents something which is not in fact needed at all by most gamers. I mean, which one of us would actually be bothered if this feature never came out? Unless its made to be Unique and seem important, its not going to get them anywhere.

    1. What does this have to do with anything in this news story?

      You’re just randomly bashing Microsoft/XBOX 720 for no reason, and doing so based on an unconfirmed rumour no less.

      Intelligent. And mature, too.

      1. nintendo ID: Hellstrike

        1) read the previous comments
        2)ill talk about whatever the hell i want
        3)if you cannot understand the industry is connected, i feel sorry for you
        4)classic exBucks drone “its not confirmed yet so dont talk”. then it gets confirmed: “it was always a great idea by microsoft i feel proud of my money sspent there”

    1. Right. Punish hard working developers of other companies, some of whom make great games, simply because EA doesn’t like Nintendo?

      Good choice. You must be a “true gamer.”

      BRB, gonna go play Crysis 3, cheers.

  6. This is Nintendo news because… what, they once upon a time made a game for one of Nintendo’s consoles?

    Pretty thin.

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