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Sega Is Apparently Telling German Retailers That Aliens Colonial Marines Wii U Is No More


Sega has apparently begun informing German retail outlets that the critically flawed Aliens: Colonial Marines for Wii U has been canned by the publisher. The publication that reported this news is unsure whether this only applies to Europe. Sega has been notoriously quiet on the subject of Aliens: Colonial Marines for Wii U. We heard a few days ago from a representative of the company who said that they have no new information to share on the game.

55 thoughts on “Sega Is Apparently Telling German Retailers That Aliens Colonial Marines Wii U Is No More”

  1. Well, I’m sure that the news won’t be that disheartening to many Nintendo fans. The game wasn’t exactly one of the greatest and I don’t think many would have bought it. Still too bad that it was cancelled this far in post production though

      1. Yes, it was GearBox that misappropriated the funds for the game and use them to make Borderland 2 and where the folks that lie to all about who bad the game actually was.

      2. Frankly it was both. They both received a project that they passed off to someone else. Sega could have kept it in-house and produced a reasonably decent game as well as Gearbox, but neither evidently wanted it. Both have lost face and I for one won’t ever support (nor have I ever) Gearbox after that fiasco.

        Sega is better off in this situation since they did what a lot of publishers do. What hurts their reputation is their negligence of project management. They should have had better oversight and dealt with the problem (Gearbox) early on so the game would have been considerably better or scrapped entirely.

        Sega throws a huge chunk of money at Gearbox and they embezzle it? I would have slammed Gearbox in court and buried that company for that. As successful as those two games might have been, I don’t see how anyone in their right mind would want to do business with those guys anymore.

        1. Yeah, there is no way in hell, Nintendo would ever let something like this happen with one of there IPs. Retro Studios is in Texas, yet Nintendo had their people monitoring the project to ensure it’s quality.

          Fuck Gearbox, those bitches said they didn’t put Borderlands 2 on Wii U because they couldn’t think of anything cool, then they pimped up the Wii U version of Aliens as if they were developing it. And now it’s been cancelled all together.

    1. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

      They canned a shitty game on a console that has a smal install base

      Whoa, they’re so evil.

  2. Hahaha, i cant help but laugh at sort of the awkward way in which Sega’s just gone about doing this. It’s like walking on the street and seeing someone you pissed off and just sort go “ahhh shiiit” and just quick turn back and walk away slowly.

    Oh SEGA, you’re so tragic xD

  3. I am disappointed the wiiu needs games! The game is almost completed w by not fi ish it and put it in the e shop

    1. That desperate and piss-filled impatient to play a port of an abysmal cash-in? Just wait for Injustice; that’s coming out in less than 2 weeks for Wii U and it’ll be more worth it than this given the demo.

    2. Yeah dude, A:CM Fails so bad. It’s a TERRIBLE game. We already got stuck with Activision’s shitty Walking Dead game, we don’t need another shitty game cluttering up the Wii U library.

      1. I played the ps3 version at my friends it was kind of fun. If people don’t want it on the wiiu don’t buy it but I want this game so bad

            1. bioshock infinite> Colonial Marines by about 1000%. ACM is absolute garbage regardless of what system it’s on. and honestly the game just needs to die out.

  4. Off topic: Sony made the PS4 seem as it was so super powerful. All it is is a low end CPU duct taped. Still outdated.

      1. Both of you are idiots.

        Must be a very “odd” choice to go with a solution that developers won’t be alienated from and actually support the console more, as clearly seen by the huge amount of support its getting a little over a month after it was revealed.

        oh and the wii u cpu is just a 1997 mac g3 cpu “duct taped” together

        yeah I can do it too

        1. it’s actually more amusing people were calling the Wii U CPU “power7” for some retarded reason and didn’t actually look into what IBM actually said despite my numerous sources proving that was not the case

          oh how did that end up again? right lol

          1. The reason why people were saying it was a Power7 is because IBM said it themselves.

            “The Wii U is a custom 45 nm #power7 chip. Same SOI design in #ibmwatson”

            They later retracted that statement to say…….

            Wii U chip clarification: It’s a “Power-based microprocessor”

            What’s amusing is you acting as though you broke the news story when the tweets from IBM was common knowledge to everyone.

            The Wii U CPU is still a mystery. The tear down by Digital Foundry was incomplete at best based on assumptions of what they could visually see. All we know for certain is that the Wii U has a IBM CPU, ATI Radeon HD GPGPU and 2GB of RAM. It is a safe bet to assume that the CPU is a PowerPC750 architecture since both the GameCube and Wii also were built using this style chip. However, this CPU was custom-designed by IBM for Nintendo. It’s not just off-the-shelf. In addition to the CPU and GPU being on the same die, there is another smaller chip that no one has any idea on what it does. There also is better than 30% of the GPU that no one knows what it does.

            My guess is that IBM fashioned the Wii U to function like a Power7 without using the same amount of system resources a Power7 does. That could be why when asked IBM stated that it was a Power7. If it is giving the same level of performance it’s easy to make that error.

            Source –

            1. @D2K..Thank you! Everything you said I was already aware of, but I know there’s still some people who are either confused or choose to lie about the Wii U. Again, thanks for clearing up that misinformation that Aelous said.

            2. Radeon HD “GPGPU”…? The fuck? Just say GPU. GPGPU is a SETUP.

              The only Power7 “features” are the architecture and eDRAM; that’s it. The CPU is dated crud. :)

        2. The framework of the CPU does not having anything to do with it’s power level. The x86 64-Bit CPU’s used in the PS4 and 720 obviously are far more advanced and powerful than any CPU from 2006 and the PowerPC750 in the Wii U far more powerful and advanced than Mac CPU in 1999.

          This whole “this CPU is *blank* duct-taped together” needs to go away as it is hilariously stupid. All three of these CPUs are state-of-the-art.

  5. What I want to more than if the Wii U version is canceled or not is why has Sega not sued Gearbox yet for taking the money to do Bordelands 2?

  6. Oh well, wasn’t interested in that crap anyway. Of course, SEGA can issue an apology of sorts by getting Madworld 2 started.

  7. The wii u kiosk by my house have been updated with footage of this game and mario u demo. I would think this game would come out

  8. they should at least fix the game, polish it, and add any other stuff to make the wii u version better. like team ninja with NG3 RE, ps3/360 sucked and they made the game better on wii u

  9. bl1& 2 sucked i beat the 1st game never touched it again played 2 for 10 minutes before getting sick of being bored no! not bored in 10 minutesbored from the start… fps is dead until mph2 or timesplitters

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