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AR Cards To Feature In 3DS Title Detective Conan

conan 1After Nintendo announced their new Super Mario AR cards in a recent Nintendo Direct, another 3DS title is set to get the ball rolling by integrating the AR cards into core gameplay. Detective Conan: Marionette Symphony – a title exclusive to Japan – focuses on a detective who was turned back into a child after drinking poison. The Japanese multi-media franchise, developed by Chunsoft, will feature an AR Conan to give players hints and tips to solve various cases. The hints the player receive will depend entirely on what case needs to be solved and the animations, or movements, will react accordingly.

With the integration of the AR cards in gameplay, there is a strong possibility we may see card sets becoming a staple in other Nintendo releases as well – Professor Layton perhaps? Detective Conan: Marionette Symphony will be released in Japan on April 25 for the Nintendo 3DS.

32 thoughts on “AR Cards To Feature In 3DS Title Detective Conan”

      1. Detective Conan can stay in Japan. Funimation stopped supporting the series years ago plus theres like 850 episodes and Conan is still a kid.

        1. The English version produced by Funimation was of poor quality to begin with, unlike the awesome original Japanese version. And for your information, Detective Conan has only 700+ episodes, and not 850. Besides, it is named Detective “Conan” for a reason. Conan will obviously remain in a 7 years olds body until the end of the series. Get your facts straight before you start criticizing.

    1. Not only for Trophies, –but why not use the AR Card that you already received to play flat-formatted battles in real-life? –Like 4 players around the same card just battling it out on their kitchen counter…? <=I

    1. Of course he is, he’s the founder of Atari.
      He’s just butthurt because 3 companies made his products shitty and irrelevant, which they were, on too of incredibly faulty, and prone to breaking……maybe thats why he likes the Xbox. Microsoft used Burn Heal.

  1. I’d want this, but I know Conan wouldn’t be normal until 900 chapters later. Hell, even then, he wouldn’t be brought back to his former self.

  2. Detective Conan was my childhood though ;;
    I really want to play this.
    Even though I’ll probably be around thirty when the manga ends and it started before I was born.

    There isn’t a day I don’t curse Nintendo’s region locking. Ugh.

  3. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    Can someone explain to me why Nintendo doesn’t sell Kid Icarus AR cards at retail? Seriously, you can’t get them anywhere and I’m pretty sure they’d make a ton of money off of them.

  4. someone please make a petition so it could at least get localized to europe :[_ i really NEED this. not want…. NEED

  5. I love Detective Conan. I’m sad that I can’t play this on my 3DS. It would help with my Japanese studies.

  6. I use to watch this show on my Wii internet browser in German via YouTube every night before going to bed. I reached episode 250 or so…
    It is okay…
    But the Animes I like are:
    The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (my favorite)
    Clannad (the saddes anime I have seen)
    Kanon (A really nice story)
    Death note (The story is so… so… awesome)
    School days (so messed up)
    Kotoro connect (funny but interesting… Very good)
    Skip beat (very amusing)
    Angel beats! (somehow crazy funny but sad at the same time)
    Fullmetal alchemist (It is soooo great… Story is very good… It is a must see)
    Little busters (makes me sad because it makes me remember that I will have to leave school soon. It is a nice show though… Very nice)
    Spice and Wolf (very… Strange. It is very good)

    Those are my favorite… Detective Conan is rather… Nahhhh

      1. Hey Einstein… First of I would like to thank you for your awesome formula that you made 1905 ( E²=mc²)

        And 2nd… I never heard about it.
        But thanks for the friendly recommendation.
        I might watch it after air.

  7. Am I the only one who really doesn’t want to have to play a full retail game with AR cards? Couldn’t it be just optional?

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