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Legendary Mega Man Composer Helping Out On Shovel Knight


Manami Matsumae, the legendary composer behind Mega Man and U.N Squadron, will be creating two new tracks for the indie release, Shovel Knight. The retro themed platformer is currently in development for the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and PC. You can check out the game’s official Kickstarter page, right here.

16 thoughts on “Legendary Mega Man Composer Helping Out On Shovel Knight”

    1. I think your anger is a bit misdirected, he’s just the composer, he has nothing to do with wether Mega Man Legends 3 comes out or not.

    2. Yeah, let’s act like the composer has anything to say about a game coming on the market or not, and let’s also act like an “obscure” game being developed is a bad thing. Finally some refreshing gameplay, but of course little bitches like you are able to even complain about good stuff like this.

      For fuck sake, how stupid can you be?

  1. Yeah, another app game, that the wii u needs, its not like it need real third party support, i mean it looks like a cool game, but nintendo needs some reall full tripple A+ games, if it want to stand out, well maybe advertising should be number one, ive never seen one comercial for the wii u in australia, i brought but man it needs the games, really badly…

      1. PS360 say “other than that cool Wii game we’ve got that stuff already.”
        Come on, just be honest: the system’s line-up is under-impressing to say the least. I’m not saying the system is bad itself, I’m confident that when Zelda, 3D Mario, Metroid and so on will arrive it will be amazing…but they haven’t…

        Sure, the games you listed may be slightly nicer to play than on WiiU than ps360, but they absolutely aren’t systemsellers, and it takes a fanboy to deny that.

        1. But that’s the thing, the ‘fanboys’ only clamor for Smash Brothers, Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Mariokart. There ARE other quality games out there. I hear Lego City is pretty stellar too.

          I disagree, I can’t get enough of the Wii U now. I have a Wii U backlog of games, and my 3DS has piled up games too. I feel like Skyward Sword and Skyrim launched at the same time again. These 100 hour games and having all these others to play. I’ve only played like an hour of AC3. I’ve only played like 5-10 hours of Nintendo Land. What’s been eating my time? Monster Hunter 3, Black Ops 2 (did), Puddle, Punch Out, Mighty Switch Force, Little Inferno, playing demos, there’s plenty of stuff there to keep one occupied. Just need to expand your tastes. These are stellar games if one would give them a chance. They are not system stellars, but they sure are some good games to be played.

          1. Agreed, but the whole point of my post was having systemsellers, so even though I think you are right, I think you’re miss the point a bit.

            For me, Lego City IS a systemseller. Why? I can’t play it on consoles that are a lot cheaper because they came out 6(?) years ago. Need for Speed? great use of the gamepad. Will it convince people who can play the game, albeit without a gamepad, to buy a WiiU? No.

            I’m glad your WiiU was worth your purchase…unfortunately; mine was not. I was counting on Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3 and Scribblenauts. Lego is cool, but doesn’t take my disappointment away. I was excited BECAUSE I wouldn’t have to justify my purchase solely for the 1st party titles, yet that is what is has once again come down to.

            /rant :”)

    1. Major third parties are supporting the Wii U. Capcom, TT games and even shady EA via Criterion have boosted the Wii U in this last two weeks. Monster hunter 3 Ultimate is sold out at retail in Europe, they are restocking next week.

      Let me call it now, game development has become expensive, major developers, 2 that knocked the Wii and early Wii U are now no more, Vigil and THQ. If rocstar ( who might have delayed grand theft auto for a PC and Wii U version ) don’t play with nintendo. They too might disappear, square Enix and EA mega companies are in financial doldrums trust me they third parties shall show up with or without their own wanting.

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