Nintendo of America has announced exactly which games you can get your hands on this month from Club Nintendo. Club Nintendo’s April game rewards are Super Mario 64, Super Metroid, 3D Classics: Urban Champion and Kirby’s Pinball Land. All four games of these games will be available until May 5th. Which one are you going to choose?



  1. Not that exiting as the only game I would get is Super Metroid but that’s coming to Wii U so I will wait then. Other than that I’m more exited for future merch.


  2. Note for any Wii U owners: Remember, Super Metroid will be on the Wii U’s virtual console next month for 30¢. I know it’s hard, but it might be worth the wait!

    Man, I love Super Metroid….


  3. If Mario 64 or Metroid were available on the Wii U, I would probably even pick both. But I already have those on my Wii (and I don’t want to transfer my data to the Wii U). I guess I’ll pick Super Metroid on the Trial Campaign.


  4. I’ll choose the game that changed how future games were developed and showed the world that 3D platforming is the future. The game that made me say “That was so fun, I’ll do it again! over and over. The game that opens the doors to the gamer that I am and takes me away on an adventure like no other. The game that defined adventuring, exploring, and creativity in its level designs and left a part of its self in my heart. It brings out the younger me, making him yearn to play more. I will get Super Mario 64. The first game I played on the N64.


        • Haha, no, I mean if you keep waiting for games you actually want to spend your points on, you’ll end up like me with thousands of points and nothing to spend them on because you either have all the games already or they’re awful–mostly the latter.


  5. Guys, is the new controller for WiiU (not the gamepad) compatible with vWii mode in order to play N64 games? Or do I have to buy Wii classic controller? thanks.


    • Hi GuiLlo,

      Sorry to say, but no. It is not compatible now. But some time later this year, you will be able to bring any Wii Virtual Console game to the WiiU Virtual Console. It will cost an additional $1 to do this, but once you do, it will be playable on the Gamepad and WiiU Pro Controller. And yes, you will have to pay an additional $1 for every Wii VC game to do this.


  6. I guess Ninty listened to me when I wanted SM64 as a reward lol And people, save your coins for Super Metroid on the Wii U. I mean 150 coins is like 150 bucks worth in games, why waste that much when you can get it for 30 cents? And everytime I make surveys regarding the eShop, I always say that I’d like NES, SNES, N64, and GBA games on the 3DS eShop, it’s a longshot but if enough people do that, Nintendo will listen.

    Also Nintendo can’t release Ambassador games because then the program will be redundant. They might release them on the Wii U’s GBA game list. But that doesn’t mean they can’t release other GBA games like Zero Mission or F-Zero GP Legend…


  7. FUCK

    I should’ve saved my coins to get Mario 64… I wasted them on that Kirby game from last month’s rewards. I hate it. I knew I should’ve waited longer…


  8. Urban Champion again? Sheesh Nintendo, I love you but you’ve put that stupid game up there so many times already. Kind of a wasted spot up there this month.


  9. They have this garbage on wii wut kinda idoits keep rebuying shitendo games smh nincocksuckers mario is trash metriod<halo shitendo wins sales cuz it full of shitheads kissass rebuying outdated trash cant wait till black / mex take over to end it xbox ftw


  10. I wish you’d state in the headline whether it’s US Club Nintendo or Europe Club Nintendo – then I’d know whether to bother clicking it or not ;)


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