Here’s The Animal Crossing: New Leaf ‘Tourism’ Trailer

Nintendo of America has released a fresh trailer for Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS. The video highlights the range of stress free activities you can participate in when the game launches in North America on June 9th and in Europe on June 15th.


    1. That would completely ruin the game series if there was an M rated version. Not all M rated games r good u know. There are MANY E rated games that are the most fun you will ever have. Some E rated games in fact are better than some M rated games

    1. Hey! Just because older men that won’t ever be married like to play this game doesn’t make it garbage. I actually rather enjoy it.

  1. Stress free? Haha we have too much stress waiting for this game. This game looks top good.

  2. Man, I really, really, REALLY want this game… but I can’t buy a 3DS until it comes in black, white, or green. And it has to be XL, I couldn’t deal with the small screen.

      1. All of the other colors are so ugly to me! Lol. If I’m going to be putting in well over $200 into a gaming console, I’d better get the color I want! Haha.

          1. No that isn’t fair enough, it’s ridiculous.

            As soon as I saw that guy’s Gravatar, I knew he wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. His comments gave me further confirmation.

          1. I’m definitely considering skins! I don’t want to rush out and buy anything just yet, though. What Nintendo shows at E3 will determine whether I get a 3DS or a Wii U.

            1. stop being a derp. color! who gives a fuck why miss out on 3d gaming because of a consoles color or name or shape for that matter wtf is wong with people…

        1. … Because you and everyone else will be staring at your 3DS and judging based on the color as you play…

          That’s Nintendrone logic for you, folks.

          1. I really can’t tell whether or not you’re a troll. I guess I’ll humor you, lol. $200 is a lot of money to spend on one product, and I wouldn’t want to spend the money on that product unless I was completely satisfied with it.

            1. You play a console from the look of it, not the games it can play? You MUST be retarded.

              1. And BTW, color doesn’t really mean much. I wanted a red 3DS, but I went with the FE bundle because, well the game itself. Not to mention it looks amazing.

    1. I can empathise. I bought the blue, and painted it black, but it was a bigger pain in the ass than I thought it would be. (plus dangerous taping off the screens and such.)

      I WAS successful, and confirmed with Nintendo it does not void your warrenty, but it’s hard to spray on a black coat that won’t come off when holding it for long periods of time. I hit it with a hard gloss coat that did the trick but yeah, I just think “Black” should always be a launch color.

  3. Can’t wait for this game! Been an Animal crossing fanatic Since Growing population.

  4. Yaaaa baby! Im gon be hittin up the bight club all night looonggg!!! Can’t wait Oua Oua! 💋

  5. @ 1:12 it took me a moment to realize that those were peaches on that tree. I thought initially that they were butts. lol

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