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Deep Silver (Saints Row & Dead Island) Says No Wii U Games From Us


Deep Silver, the publisher behind Saints Row, Dead Island and Metro has told Game Informer that the company has no plans to bring any of its franchises to the Wii U. The COO of Deep Silver told the publication that they don’t believe the audience for their games is there right now.

“Not Wii U. With other companies, I’ve been very successful with Nintendo. With Wii U, the Nintendo market right now and their audience is not who we reach best. It’s not something we’re entertaining in the near or foreseeable future.”

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171 thoughts on “Deep Silver (Saints Row & Dead Island) Says No Wii U Games From Us”

    1. You are a troll. Plus, no one likes Deep Silver games except for people like you, loser.

      P.S. Not everything is gay. You really couldn’t think of any other insult?

          1. Nah sorry man, being a pervert isn’t my thing. You can be one if you like, you seem to be good at being a social reject.

      1. I’m pretty sure a lot of people like their games, I have personally never played them, but I have heard that they are very good. There is no reason to insult someone based on the video games they play. Nintendo fans get attacked with this all of the time, why would you do the same thing back? An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind. Like half of you fanboys are.

        1. +100
          Love your comment! Why can’t more people have the patience to analyze both sides of a story, rather than being full-out Nintendrones? You sir, win the Noble Peace Awards. (Y)

    2. The WiiU is the current gen winner. PS4 sold is doing extremely bad with 0 copies sold. Meanwhile, the 720 sold 2 devkits on ebay.

        1. What EVERYONE fails 2 realise is that “trolling” trolls makes YOU the real failure. In which case, if I’m responding 2A troll, then I fail4 trolling a troll that’s trolling a troll that’s trolling a troll trolling a troll company trolling Nintentrolls.:(

    3. Third-Party support is not as Important for a Nintendo Console. Look at the Wii. It had little to no third-party support and it did fine.

      1. Yes, the Wii did fine, however things change, there’s no guarantee that anyone who bought the Wii will buy the Wii U, which is why we need those third-party games. We need to bring people from other consoles, though I doubt that a multi-plat would do it. What we need is a third-party exclusive.

    4. And yet Microsoft is holding on to Banjo-Kazooie’s IPs to try to keep it from Nintendo because only N would know what to do with them. After all Bill 2 Banjo-KAZOOIE aint hardcore, why is that IP sticking with gaybox?

    5. LOL! Using homophobia to insult Nintendo fans is so useless, as if there weren’t gay people playing PS3 and Xbox 360 right now. Btw, I buy Nintendo for Nintendo, not for 3rd party stuff, at least most of the time, though it’s good to have great games from other companies, it’s the Nintendo magic that keeps me only buying Nintendo consoles. :)

    1. yea since deep silver isnt even anything special either, look what happened to silicon knights, nobody gave a shit about them on other consoles, and people think that dead island is highly overrated

      1. It IS highly over-rated.
        I owned it on PS3 and I could not stomach more than one playthrough. Even playing with others didn’t cure the tedium, horrible story, and decidedly un-fun weapon mechanics of that game.

        But, really, it’s Deep Silver’s loss, here. They’re ASSUMING that they couldn’t make money on the Wii U before even trying.
        Let them stew in their elitism for as long as they want; they’ll change their tune down the road when the Wii U finally starts getting its biggest hits and sales start skyrocketing.

      2. It’s not that nobody gave a shit about Silicon Knights on other consoles, it’s that they didn’t give a shit about Too Human and X-Men Destiny.

    2. How you know before E3? You don’t know what they have planned at E3. ALL YOU HAVE IS 5 MONTHS AFTER LAUNCH. After all look at the 3Ds now to then!!!

      1. I made an assumption that they’re not targeting the Wii U since they might feel that their audience will be on the PS4/720, and that they might be in for a shocker when those platforms, and the games that they have planned for them sell less than they expect.

  1. Why do people act as if this is a big thing? Really is not! They did Wii without it and they can do without it for Wii U as well.

    1. Not only that , but their games suck balls and I genuinely have no interest in them. I was semi-interested in Metro on Wiiu , but never really was. Especially when it was canceled and they lied about the Wiiu peformance to cover their stupidity.

      All in all. I won’t miss you or your mediocre games one bit.

    2. New third party devs are popping up everywhere and many seem to develope for Nintendo. I wouldn’t be too worried.

  2. No worries. I’ll be busy with Batman, Watch Dogs, and Rayman later this year :) FYI, none of your games interest me anyway Deep Shitter.

      1. High hopes! If only Nintendo would court bungee harder we might actually see destiny on the Wii U, but I doubt it.

      2. The way Bungie was carrying on at the Sony conference about it I’m not so sure. It could, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t.

            1. GTA IV was an abysmal playing experience; it acted more of as a grey life simulation than a game and really couldn’t be fun for more than an hour or two without mods.

        1. You Sony fanboys act like GTA is yall God or something. It it was really all that, SONY should have been sure to make it an exclusive for them.

      1. no saints row is so funny, thats the only game you can experience gtmario, its so funny because you can make your character look just like him, big and fat everything about the fat pile of shit

      2. exactly, i for one dont want to play a game on my wiiu that has a character walking the streets with a huge purple dildo (vibrator or women self pleasure toy for basement dwellers LMAO) Smacking people to death with it, lol is this what gamers have been reduced to? playstation an xbox gamers buy any shit! even though i own and game on all platforms, its a sad day to see so many retarded gamers who have no clue how butt rammed they are being by todays western developers, rehashed sequels,with retarded a.i, an minimum creativity is the norm an its tragic!

    1. I feel like only Criterion, Ubisoft, Activision and Capcom do actually care bout Wii U, idk about this new and arrogant developers but theyre cocky as fuck, im looking at you DICE

    2. Agreed, plenty of other stuff to play. Saints Row 4 and Dead Island are no big deal. Wii U is getting Batman Origins, Watch Dogs, and Mario this fall. I have a Xbox 360 and PS3 and I’m not buying their games on those systems either.

  3. 1st, they don’t know the audience is there unless they try. Plus, this attitude is the reason these publishers are complaining about poor software sales. For example, Square is upset over poor sales of titles, such as, Tomb Raider. Well, with the small amount of games on the Wii U, Square could’ve met their sales objective. Plenty of Wii U owners like myself want these games, but these publisher won’t release them. Oh well! Two less titles I’ll buy.

  4. Lol. New Arkham game coming, Wii U availability the same as other platforms!

    Must publish negative article! Must restore balance to the force!

    There are some irrefutably fantastic third party games. Dead Island and Saints Row? They’re good, but I think we’ll survive.

  5. DarklordNintendoFan

    So… in other words… they’re telling Nintendo fans to go fuck themselves… again. I’m looking forward to that new Saints Row game since Saints Row: The Third was just soooooo good… and it’s quite obvious that it would be able to run on the Wii U… but… eh… telling us to go fuck ourselves again is a good way to lose sales.

  6. Who really gives a shit? LOL There’s plenty of other third party games on Wii U and even if I wanted to play those games they are still available on the old systems…

  7. Oh no, no no no! OH GOD NO! What ever will I do without a second rate grand theft auto where I can kill with a dildo!? And zombies!? I need every god damned generic zombie bash em up! Oh…wait… That’s right ill be playing watchdogs, arkham origins, ac4, defiance and pikmin 3. Side note: fuck metro, lazy devs will be lazy.

    1. Where did you see anything about defiance on the Wii U? That is confirmed as NOT coming to the Wii U. I would love to see your reference for this.

              1. If he thinks its aweful and discusting than thats fine. I thought it was fun. Everybody enjoys a Little bit of humor.

    1. Crysis 3 was such a wonderful multiplat. Also Dead space 3 is getting major replay and online my goodness lol. Please if it’s not monster hunter or batman maybe watchdogs then we don’t want that mess on our Wii U. While you are at it day hello to EA their new worst company ranking and first day DLC lol.

  8. I guess there had to be a company who needed to fill their ball-kicking quota to Nintendo fans after good news (Arkham Origins) and Deep Silver had said sick itch.

  9. When deep silver is all but a memory Nintendo shall be here.

    Wait! Are the early adopters of consoles not the type of people that shall actually buy dead island Reptide? Oh! Well watchdogs says hello.

  10. “I’ve been very successful with Nintendo. With Wii U, the Nintendo market right now and their audience is not who we reach best.”

    Wait a second. First you say that you have been successful with Nintendo. Which means you obviously have been successful with the Nintendo market and the Nintendo audience. So what is the difference between the Wii U audience and Wii audience?

    For the most part the casuals don’t know about the Wii U so that install base is mostly with core Nintendo fans and core gamers period. In that case, saying “you don’t reach that” audience doesn’t make any sense in any way, shape, or form.

    It’s one thing for a major label like EA to blacklist the Wii U. We know the reasons behind all that. But when little piss-ant companies like this make crass statements on why they aren’t bring their games to the Wii U you can’t help but to laugh.

  11. What a crock of bull shit!! So much for my goddamn email campaign and their fucking lies to the consumer about bringing games to the Wii U!! Fuck you, you lieing bastards!!!

  12. “there is no fanbase for our games on Wii U” Wtf lol? Gamers from all the systems are the fucking same, release a good game and we will buy it…for whatever console!
    Nintendo, just like MS and Sony all have kids that think they are more mature or hardcore even, when they play mature games. Nintendo just like MS and Sony also have adults that dig the zombie and GTA themed games.

    FYI The gamers that have previously bought your games for the 360 and Ps3 are getting older and maturing and they wont appreciate it when they finally understand that you have been treating them as sheep all along.

    Concerning your games…

    Dead Island was a medicore game but had decent co-op. It would work well with Wii U.

    Saints row the 3rd however is one of the most boring games i have ever played, it sucked soooo bad, this series is now dead to me. I couldnt care less if they brought that game or not.

  13. At least they are honest. They just came out and said we don’t think our games appeal to Nintendo audience.

    1. They seem to just do whatever’s ‘in’.
      ‘Let’s do a zombie game!’
      ‘Saints Row is original!’
      But as you said, at least they’re honest. We didn’t get 6 lies before finding out the truth…
      this time…

  14. deep silver dosn’t get it the only way to get the right audience on wii u is to put those kinds of games on wii u and not decied to not put them on wiiu because then the audience won’t come.

    1. I Have Read And Agree To The Terms Of Service

      The description for it says: This new game from Monolith Software (creators of Xenoblades Chronicles) promises to features massive, sweeping environments, huge beasts and countless hours of gameplay. The game will be directed by the legendary Tesuya Takahashi and features music from Hiroyuki Sawano. NEW GAMEE!!!

      1. Thank you for this. Seriously. Besides MH3U this is the only other game I’m really ecstatic about and to know that it’s possibly coming out this year is even better.

  15. Well I never really cared for Deep Silver anyways so no big loss for me. Weren’t they trying to make a Duke Nukem Trilogy on DS? Yeah get out of here Deep Silver.

  16. Not good news i want these tiltles to come to wii u, not all wii u owers are children or play E for eveyone games, most of the games i have are rated M, i like the U, but starting to rethink my purchase i spent alot on all my wii u, smh, Nintendo needs to be more proactive if they wanna keep adults as customers

    1. This comment demonstrates the decline of free thinking individuals and is an example of the damage caused to the natural process of personal development of todays youth.

  17. Who cares. Nintendo has something up their sleeve. Did you guys notice we never read about Nintendo trying to convince 3RD party developers to put new games on their console? It is almost as if they don’t care or have soming to show off at E3 that will bring developers back. Nintendo is up to something.

  18. This game is coming to WiiU = 20 replies

    That game is not coming to WiiU = 200 replies

    I’m getting tired of this site, can’t this trolls get ban?

    1. That is because trollers use this moment to post their “particular comments.” And as you can see, many users likes to fed them as well.

    1. Isn’t funny how leveled gamer put it: when Sony fans think Nintendo should go software only. Twist it around about Sony going software only and Nintendo fans don’t get excited like Sony fanboys about a Nintendo game on a PS4.

  19. Nintendo Commander

    Western Tribes: We complment and love Nintendo, then we take that away 2 seconds later and tell them to fuck off…

    With that pathetic unevolved logic, we don’t need your highly overrated garbage anyway…

  20. Their loss, I wont miss their games, I’ll buy them from steam 50% off couple months after release.
    I will have enough games as it is.

  21. Pitfall near your door

    Dead island and saints row in my opinion weren’t really good anyway so they can take those franchises away, Nintendo has good Indie support coming and also opening more room for any other 3rd party support with the dev kits they are giving to them so yeah Deep silver’s loss.

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  24. eh .. deep silver have only ever treated nintendo consoles like they were a kid’s toy.. and to be honest, most of the games they’ve released in recent years i just didn’t find appealing, so i guess they can keep it, no matter the platform they release it on

  25. I say don’t bye there games an we need to check the CEO bank acc to c if Sony or xbox paid them off for not making game for Wii u

  26. Not a good state of affairs really!! I have to admit that Ninty are doing another Gamecube and alienating the current and serious up and coming dev teams! It really is up to us Indie’s to show how it is done! It could either destroy the console or launch a hell of a lot new and innovative ways to play games. I will be doing a cover on this subject, as well as my new game I am working on (for the Wii U?)

  27. Well…I understand that Dead Island or Saints Row aren’t really catchy titles for most Nintendo gamers… But I wouldn’t mind to see them bringing Altus’s Catherine to Wii U, like they did with PS3 here in Europe! And seriously… about former THQ’s Metro: Last Light, do they really believe that are no Nintendo gamers interested in it?! The game was promised to Wii U since its announcement…What a foolish perspective on the videogame market!

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  29. What is this guy even talking about? The “WiiU audience” right now is buying games like ACIII, Batman AA, ZombiU, MH3U, NFSMW, COD, etc… who exactly so their games reach, I wonder…

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  31. No big loss….keep your shitty PS3 and 360 games on those crapsoles. Any devs who dont make for WiiU simply CANT make for WiiU. Not very good at their jobs are they? XD

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  34. Meh, I frankly can get over losing new Dead Island and Saints Row. Saints Row is good for a brief laugh, but gets old pretty fast, and Dead Island is straight up fucking awful, not to mention it’s just ANOTHER zombie game.

    Meanwhile, Wii U owners will be enjoying the indie market, which Nintendo currently holds on the Wii U, since it has the most friendly system yet, even more so than the upcoming PS4. That and Monster Hunter, which will easily last me until Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101. I also still need to finish Xenoblade Chronicles.

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