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Game & Wario Dated For June 30th In North America According To GameFly


GameFly, the popular American online video game rental subscription service, has listed Game & Wario for release on June 30th. The rental service generally has a good record when it comes to listing release dates. GameFly previously leaked Mario Tennis Open and listed its release date before the game had even been confirmed by Nintendo.

38 thoughts on “Game & Wario Dated For June 30th In North America According To GameFly”

    1. Touched was awesome too! I used to love playing that thing on the DS when it first came out. It was one of my favorite games. And it was THE DS GAME to show to your friends the potential of the DS’s dual/touch screens.

  1. Passing on this one… Warioware games are best with micro games, that’s what made them fun. Not a Wii Play/Wii Sports/Nintendo Land type of games.

    1. exactly. this pikmin, these are not show stoppers, we as wii u gamers, so badly need a 3d mario, or a metroid prime game made by retro to show case the glorious power of the wii u in hd, an we need a damn new eternal darkness game, the gamecube one was awesome, and to this day is one of my fave, a sequel was rumoured to be in development by silicon knights, but then the unreal engine fiasco occurred, an then it was said the eternal darkness sequel was not a priority for Nintendo any more, just think of the possibilities of what could be done with regards to the sanity meter, with the power of wii u an the gamepad, an also the same goes for a metroid prime game, retro would be perfect to showcase the power of the wii u and i can think of no better company to show proof of concept of the gamepad, metroid prime is perfect for it, but i do hope the wiimote plus will be used to, or at least a optional alternative, since the prime trilogy on wii with wiimote support is near a religious experience! such perfection! please nintendo hurry the hell up an release some of the big guns, the rumour of retro finishing off eternal darkness, was epic, they would defo do it justice! this is the first console i have ever bought, where there was no killer app at launch an so the purchase left me feeling regret, an even though i buy all platforms at launch an game on them all, the wii u if i admit was a massive disappointment for me, Nintendo need to buck their ideas up!! an fast too!!

  2. How is it dat dis gaem came out in March in Japan but it’s gonna take another 3 months foe NA to get it. Dis shiyeet cray.

    1. Translations? Voice acting? Distribution? Waiting for Rhythm Heaven Fever was a TORTURE. This is likely to be the same.

  3. this gives me a reason to dance naked, but no im not going to do that like ive been doing with all the wario games, in other words i found a xenoblade copy at my gamestop… ooooohhhhhhhhhh

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