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Shigeru Miyamoto Bats Off Retirement Rumours Again

shigeru-miyamotoShigeru Miyamoto is creeping closer and closer to the national retirement age, but he’s not ready to let loose the younger Boo’s across the company just yet. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Miyamoto said he’d love to continue working with Nintendo for a long time.

“I turn 61 this year, so I’m at an age where as I look around at people who work in different companies and they’re all reaching an age where they’re thinking about retirement, I guess people might expect me to be thinking of retiring. But at the same time, I look at the work that I’m doing, and the fun that I’m having – this is something that I can still continue to do for a long time – you know, possibly until I die.”

But when and if Shigeru Miyamoto does decide to retire, he’s making sure that his staff are ready to fly the nest, adding: “One thing that’s very important for me is to make sure that Nintendo as a company can continue to create products even if I’m not there. So one of the things that I continually say to my teams is ‘Pretend like I’m not here. I’m not going [to] help you.'”

53 thoughts on “Shigeru Miyamoto Bats Off Retirement Rumours Again”

      1. Sakurai is the best example. He looks like he’s 18, he can duel wield Gamecube controllers and he has the deepest voice of the bunch.

    1. Laughing and having constant fun makes you age better. Unlike being stressed and serious all the time then you get wrinkles and age faster.

  1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    He looks the same as he did years ago haha. Too bad he’s staying middle-aged instead of young :P

  2. When you love your job, when you enjoy your work, when you have a 6 digit or more number in your pay check for doing your job, the last thing that cross your mind is the retirement.

  3. Nintendo is going to go to shit when he retires they will probably just rehash everything once Miyamoto retires.

    1. Nintendo already have capable people ready to replace him when his gone and if not the pool of talent out there is masive.

    2. So in otherwords, Nintendo will become like everyone else then?

      Seriously? C’mon.

      You aren’t successful for 40 years wth just ONE guy. The whole reason Nintendo create DigiPen is so that they would have legions of talent artist to work on games specific to Nintendo. Miyamoto already has his chosen successor(s) in place. If anything, Nintendo might become more innovative with a younger, hungerier lead developer.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      Our science division are already ahead of you…

      We will probably start with Android versions firsts…

      1. I’m glad they have their priorities straight. We could even have a few of them working at the same time to speed up development of certain games.

  4. ”So one of the things that I continually say to my teams is ‘Pretend like I’m not here. I’m not going [to] help you.’” – Yep. Yeah, that explains NSMBU … (great game but it has a distinct lack of Miyamoto)

    1. like every other nsmb before. don’t blame devs for it 1. nsmbu had the best level design out of all nsmb. it’s the best 2d mario since world. 2. with nsmb they are aiming for a classic mario platformer.

      1. It’s great but had Miyamoto been in charge of the game instead of Tezuka , it would of been one of his usual masterpieces.

        1. wow, i hate how everyone downplays tezuka. he is envloved with miyamota since super mario bros. 1. he had a huge impact on the games he made aswell. give this man some as a nintendo fan should know better. in every miyamota game you will find the name tezuka in the credits aswell.

          1. I agree! everyone at Nintendo is amazing in their own right. I just feel NSMBU lacks the passion and creativity that Myamoto’s games have. Look at Galaxy 1 and 2 for example. So much more character than NSMB. NSMBU is an 8.5/10 if you ask me. An excellent game. But it doesn’t match the 10/10 status the Galaxy games have which is what it should have.

        2. But it’s a lot better than the other NSMB titles, which means Tezuka is learning from his mistakes! And if I’m not wrong, that’s the only way to become better at something. Maybe he’ll even make games like Super Mario World one day ;)

    2. yea and if they ask him he kicks them in the stomach and says IM NOT HERE!!!! then after that his eyes start growing red and grows horns, starts flying away like a jijo from banjo.

  5. He has a team and don’t help it? that’s the best work ever!

    =O ”Please shigeru, I can’t figure it out! this mechanics are giving me nightmares!”
    U_U “the answer is within you.”

  6. Well, I say that if he enjoys his work, and he isn’t FORCED to retire, then keep on working, Miyamoto. I hope he stays at Nintendo for as long as he possibly can. Things just won’t be the same when he does retire.

  7. Miyamoto is Nintendo, and Nintendo is Miyamoto. Iwata is just the bad choice for money maker! Reggie is just ready!

  8. It would be cool to see Miyamoto leave Nintendo to form his own game company that way he could be even more creative at his work imo.

    1. he is like keanu reeves and if he wants to work for nintendo till hes time is up then go for it because he loves his job that he should stay till he says so not what nintendo haters and others want

  9. Good for you Miyamoto San; keep in the industry as long as you can because I love your work, the fans love your work.
    #Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down,
    never gonna run around and desert you.
    Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye,
    never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.#

  10. Please Mr. Miyamota, please make some more games for Wii U. People are losing confidence in the Wii U. You say it may be premature, but it’s almost six months from launch and the Game library is abysmal. The future looks grim. Third party publishers have all but written off the Wii U. Please make games for Wii U.

    1. Pitfall near your door

      They have been making games fot the Wii U, i think Miyamoto was pointing out that some games take time in dev to create and probably some games are probably just about finished to release. Patience if a virtue and good things come to those who wait.

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