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Landslide Victory For EA Voted ‘Worst Company In America’

ealogoFor the second year running, EA has been named the ‘worst company in America’ after battling it out with rival Bank of America for the trophy. A whopping 78% of consumers voted EA to be crowned champions in a web-poll on The Consumerist, giving them a landslide victory. Unfortunately, this is not good news for EA’s chief operating officer Peter Moore, who announced in a recent blog post, that the company ‘could do better’. Do you think EA should have been given the crowning glory once again?

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104 thoughts on “Landslide Victory For EA Voted ‘Worst Company In America’”

      1. I don’t deny that. They’re not perfect, have made many mistakes, and have done some pretty underhanded things. Still doesn’t make them the worst company in America.

        Maybe one of the gaming companies that consumers are most unsatisfied with though. Huge difference.

        1. Yeah , they aren’t the worst company ever. Their content and properties are actually really good. I just think the way they handle it and are going all smartphone , DLC , online pass ,milk , squeeze , milk , squeeze Is really off putting to me anyway.

          1. While EA does suck I don’t think it should be considered the worst company in America. I mean, there are a plethora of other companies in the US who get their products from sweatshops, sell harmful things that the consumers would have no other way of knowing, et cetera. They are the worst company in gaming, and I believe the worst company to do business with, but there are a lot of things to consider. I didn’t check the other companies to choose from, so maybe from the list provided it was the worst. Idk, maybe as a whole the survey wasn’t designed to view it from my perspective, but hey. Free country and stuff.

        2. Listen Simply G

          I am going to post this multiple times so that maybe you read my comment.

          I understand that you disagree with the poll, but that is what you call democracy (albeit some off color flavor of it). Many have voiced their opinion and unfortunately it differs from yours.

          It is what it is.

          1. While people complain about EA, other companies are continuing their dirty business practices. The poll is meaningless anyway. It is not going to change anything.

    1. I dont think EA deserve the title but is the 1 we want them to be better. Is like the best friend that got fucked by using drugs and you want to help him so much that you send him to jail.

      1. Yeah, sure EA needs to shape up. Gamers can still send them that message.

        But the other companies in the country that are truly ruining people’s lives need to change too.

        Maybe more of those corporations should be put in the spotlight instead of one that is about non-necessities.

        1. Maybe we need to have them in separet categories perhaps? It will be better for everyone. I been thinking if some of the other companies force there workers to vote for the other?

        2. Listen Simply G

          I am going to post this multiple times so that maybe you read my comment.

          I understand that you disagree with the poll, but that is what you call democracy (albeit some off color flavor of it). Many have voiced their opinion and unfortunately it differs from yours.

          It is what it is.

    2. I don’t know the details of the poll, but no matter how many of your customers are stupid, it’s their money that keeps you in business.

      We deal with stupid people every day, and want to tell them how unreasonable they are, but at the end of te day, we need their $$$

    3. Listen Simply G

      I am going to post this multiple times so that maybe you read my comment.

      I understand that you disagree with the poll, but that is what you call democracy (albeit some off color flavor of it). Many have voiced their opinion and unfortunately it differs from yours.

      It is what it is.

    1. What hole? Last I checked Nintendo is building a new headquarters and hiring more people. Yet if Power is everything as will a pretty graphics, why Sony get so poor it had to sell its headquarters in order to make ends meet? Nintendo in the hole my ass. It is a shame you have to find harder research about Nintendo being a success because of bias journalist.

    1. Commander how are you? Let EA not die, but prune of their lag. By that I mean their unwarranted first day DLC, Origin lol and micro transactions. They need to approach nintendo with all their games with no hidden attachments so as their face is saved more from the EA is scandalous nomenclature.

      1. Nintendo Commander

        They do not deserve to exist as long as they continue to enslave countless of mindless drones out there…

        And in turn these drones should be taught a lesson aswell…

        Other than that I’m fine, holding my front good enough…

        How about you?

        1. Am good. Our systems are getting Batman Origins. The one that has me happiest is on the 3DS. Armature ( firmer retro ) great designers that worked on the original prime are making it :). That means it’s epic by design and game play.

          1. Nintendo Commander

            Agreed, anything made or just partially by some of our Retro Studios engineers will probably result in something good no matter what…

            Metroid Prime was one of the few golden times for me…

            And with MP:Echoes they delivered it once again…

  1. The real name of the poll should be, “The Company Our Website Visitors Are Most Butthurt About.”

    That might make the results a little more accurate.

    1. Simply G,

      I know you like or, at least, has nothing against EA. That’s ok. For instance, UPS drives me crazy much more often than EA does. Maybe because I need UPS all time, and I simply don’t buy EA products or services (I mean, I grabbed NFSU and it is cool, no complaints at all). However, there is something wrong with EA. I repeat: there is something wrong with those guys, since it is really impressive – in the negative way – being nominated the worst company in America two years in a row by The Consumerist.

    2. Simply G, like a person in the eighties and late nineties, simply step back a second and use everyday wisdom. EA was a great company back then. In 1993-1994 FIFA soccer was born with this chant in it :

      ” EA all that way cha cha cha ( clapping hands ), EA all the way.”

      Then the cared for the consumer and had no enron tactics or hidden financial scams. Micro transactions really? They, EA, do not make better games than Capcom nor Ubisoft and the want to sell you half a game with first day DLC. Reason why I say nintendo gamers are some of the smartest gamers out there. We would never pay for xboxlive nor xbox720 always online nonsense.

        1. Remember they were battling for last position with bank of America. A none video game company. In fact I assume of the last four in the semi finals for worst company, EA was the only video game behemoth.

          1. Remember, that voting was done by visitors to the site, which largely consisted of bitter gamers – especially since this poll has been pasted on every big gaming site.

            Gamers are some of the most vocal and active individuals on the internet.

            1. Why then is Activision and every 8 month release COD not on the list? EA are an amazing company that need to trim more of their board money mongers.

  2. Dear god yes, They totally deserve that title. It’s without question that they deserve it. And yes we still give them money. Why? Because they deliver worthwhile content. EA is like an Apple that looks delicious and yet it’s infested with worm.

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  4. Dear god yes, They totally deserve that title. It’s without question that they deserve it. And yes we still give them money. Why? Because they deliver worthwhile content. EA is like an Apple that looks delicious and yet it’s infested with worm.

  5. Nintendo and Apple share the top for best companies in the US. Their customer service is without a doubt flawless in layman terms. EA should own up to nintendo now. Release every upcoming future release, make good with a quality company that resides in Kyoto and Redmond Seattle. Peter Moore, ask Capcom how good fortunes are when you deal with humble nintendo.

      1. Their customer service is superb trust me. Call Microsoft about their RROD. They will probably charge you to repair their mistake.

        1. Nintendo Commander

          We should not take the Apple Armada as fools though…

          Some day they might decide to invade us all…

          1. They already tried in the 90s. They released a joke of a console in 1996; you are correct though Kyoto watches them like the eagles Miyamoto and Iwata are.

            1. Nintendo Commander

              Ah yes I remember it, although my memory isn’t that good concerning Apple’s attacks because I was busy fighting in the Great War…

              If they try a third time, things might get a bit harder now simce they have built up quite an army these days…

    1. Nintendo Police Officer

      Because they ditched the Wii U and ignores the 3DS thus they abandoned Nintendo. That’s why we hate EA. They turned their backs on a whole segment of gamers. THE NINTENDO GAMERS.
      Do EA not realize that they had a sh*t ton of fans on nintendo consoles? Yet they abandoned us because nintendo wouldn’t let them skull-f*ck them over that bullsh*t origin crap.

  6. If they continue with his anti consumer bad practice, killing smaller companies, making shit game decision, supporting said shit game decision and lying about said shit game decisions, selling the same game year after year at the same price, eliminate content of game to sell it later as DLC, been a greedy crybaby company, then yes, they deserve to be the worst company in america this year and until they stop been so dumb.

  7. I don’t think that EA is the worst, not even the worst gaming company. Capcom is the worst gaming company for treating some of it’s best workers like garbage.

    1. Capcom is legendary. Compare All of EA’s asserts to monster hunter 3 Ultimate then come back and post another comment.

      1. Nintendo Commander

        The last few reports about the Capconians is starting to indicate that they are falling again…

        1. Don’t worry, they like Ubisoft republic have realized nintendo is your friend in video game-verse. Monster hunter 3 Ultimate is holding them on dry land. Monster hunter 4 shall enable them resources to make megaman :).

          1. Nintendo Commander

            I certainly hope so, it would be sad if they fall again just after they release a big succesfull title…

  8. EA is definitely not the worst company in the world (that honor should go to Monsanto, those bastards…). However, I applaud this result not as a legitimate conclusion, but as sending a message to EA, only because at the very least, it should knock their egos down a peg or two, especially after that grand pile of doodoo Peter Moore was spouting off about how “they could do better” and throwing out those statistics like they represent the bigger picture. What buffoons. 45 million users are logged onto Origin? Sure, now tell me how many of those users actually LIKE the service? Tell me how many of those users are even active today, because I’m sure a lot of them are not! He’s saying the same stupid stuff that Nintendo zealots would say about how the Wii sold massive units, but they also would not be able to say how many of them actually like their Wii or are actively using the Wii (the number one thing said about the Wii is “collecting dust”). What a head case.

    1. “However, I applaud this result not as a legitimate conclusion, but as sending a message to EA”.

      My thoughts, exactly.

  9. After looking into some other American companies, I don’t think that EA are the worst. But I still think it’s good that they “won”. We all know companies like Wal-Mart or Bank of America isn’t going to change, but a large branched out company like EA, that has gone through so many changes sure can. This poll at least lets them get a taste of what people think of them.

  10. EA doesn’t exactly seem competent, but they do seem receptive to criticism. I like that they don’t have a “my way or the highway” attitude.

  11. Ea deserve to win this. Why? Let me explain. When you still care for something you try to let it know so it can fix themself and that you have hope for them to be better.the day EA stop being talked about is the day ea should close.

      1. Same here, though there are 2 gamestop… One that treat me like shit while the other one, which I often visit, treat me very well and sometimes got me a used game with free online pass. I don’t think they deserves that really, it’s just that not all gamestop are same.

  12. I don’t really mind EA. I do admit that their sport games all seem pretty much the same after a while, but they’re still very fun. If you’re going to copy and paste the same game all of the time, at least copy a good one right? So, I’m a little disappointed that they won this award once again. Maybe things will change by next year

    1. No 1 voted for them based on game quality is the consumer part that needs better refinement. Even though i hate what they did to dead space but not so much.

      1. You can’t really say why each person voted for them. I know a ton voted last year because of the Mass Effect 3 ending.

        I’m sure a lot of votes this year were for similarly baseless reasons.

  13. EA maybe the worse gaming company, but it doesn’t deserve the spotlight. Especially with companies like Bank of America up there. Whats worse? A greedy game company or a greedy bank? Which is more important. Gamers have spoken.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      The Oil Companies and the Politicians are worse than the Bank of America…

      Not by much though…

    2. This ^ even if it was just gaming companies on the fight for the price there are some that are even worst like Microsoft and Zinga.

  14. Well, EA did have a chance to gain a lot of positive momentum with Nintendo gamers via the Wii U. However, they dropped the ball (more then once). Now, I doubt that the polls would have been dramatically different but maybe it would have been around 68% of the popular vote instead of 78% but much, much more importantly they missed an opportunity to gain the trust and support from current Nintendo consumers resulting in the millions of future “next generation” Nintendo consumers saying “EA who?”.

  15. EA deserved this because no company should hype a game for so long and charge you full price for half a game and charge the same price to get the other half of it. Their business model with other companies is unethical and under handed. And they are also some of the worst offenders of buying an ip and shelving it.

    1. Definitely worse than those companies who treat their employees like crap and pay them menial salaries.

      Oh, and those insurance companies who deny coverage for individuals because they are already have an illness.

      Not to mention those financial institutions who take advantage of individuals in a recession.

      Silly me, games and entertainment > everything else.

      1. Yeah except those companies that screw people out of insurance and pay menial wages are typically government protected against having to give employees benefits, ea is not in the same category as we don’t work them as a consumer industry they work for us. Retail outlets banks insurance agencies are an entirely different beast and hitching about how they treat in-house workers changes nothing at all.

  16. LOL! From what I know about EA, I agree. Just the sports games alone makes them the worst. Ugh….sports.

  17. There is a market in Nintendo that they choose not pursue because of a personal vendetta. They are their own worst enemy. Not supporting Nintendo and making money is part of there problem beside not giving gamers a full game and trying to get the most money out of little efforts with dlc. Pull your head out of you know what and get over your pridefulness.

  18. Maybe they should get rid of that stupid Origin thing. i had to create an origin account because i wanted to play NFSU online.

  19. Is so sad and obvious that the majority of voters are underaged kids who have no idea about anything in life.
    Voting an unimportant gaming company for the worse company when the competition is figuratively enslaving people, ruining the economy of the whole fucking world or destroying huge parts of the ecosystem… But hey, gaming is more important than your life, right?

  20. As a gamer who despises half-assed efforts on the part of devs, I can say with clear certainty that EA deserves the title for the second year running.
    If it were only due to the fact that they didn’t give their all with most of their Wii U ports, then that would still be enough of a reason, but there’s quite a few others, from a gamers standpoint.

    Lazy development and no support for future DLC is what made EA games sell poorly on the system, yet they blame the Wii U’s consumers for it, saying they don’t have the kinds of games we’d like to play.
    If they pulled that bullshit on any other system, they’d be in even worse straits than they are right now with the gaming community.

  21. Well of course. This is an online poll, full of all the biggest nerds that hate EA. But I bet that if EA left with all their titles gone forever, people would be sad.

  22. What the hell is wrong with these Internet people. EA might be America’s worst VIDEO GAME Company, but they pale in comparison to Bank of America. BoA caused our economic recession and funds terrorist organizations!

  23. You guys realize that this poll is focused strictly on consumer satisfaction right? Regardless of potentially shady business practices others may live by, from a consumer’s viewpoint they found this to be the worst; ie customer service, product cost, design and efficiency. Please take off your tinfoil hats.

    As a consumer, I have a better experience with Bank of America and Best Buy than I do with EA, thus I too would choose EA as the worst company. Frankly I’d put EA and Comcast as tied for number one on that list, but that is my opinion and unfortunate experience.

  24. EA is the worst company in gaming. For sure.
    But worst overall? No way, considering the mistakes of companies like banks have a much larger impact than a video game developer.
    Yes, EA is terrible, but other companies have done things that are much worse.

  25. “Do you think EA should have been given the crowning glory once again?”

    of course not!
    what kind of a bloody stupid question is that

    this is not a contest of the worst US *gaming* company but a contest of the worst US company in general.. anyone who thinks EA deserved this “victory” should think again

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  27. EA: Voted “worst” by disgruntled internet people because they happened to make a couple mistakes right around the time the poll was about to happen.

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