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Iwata Asks: Animal Crossing Interview Now Available In English

animal_crossing_new_leaf_logoWe know it’s been a long wait, but the Animal Crossing: New Leaf Iwata Asks interview is now available to view in English. The interview, which was originally conducted and able to view last October in Japanese, sees Satoru Iwata asking software developers Aya Kyogoku, Isao Moro and Koji Takahashi about the new direction the Animal Crossing series will take, as well as joking that the previous DS version is really just about ‘repaying your loan’. That pesky Tom Nook, eh?

14 thoughts on “Iwata Asks: Animal Crossing Interview Now Available In English”

  1. Hello. This is Satoru Iwata. On this webpage, I want YOU to ask me questions, instead of what you would find in Iwata Asks. If anyone has questions for me, fire away.

      1. its all the pot, you wonder why miyamoto has so many clever ideas right? he walked in his back yard and imagined hyrule… hed been puffing the magic dragon, and in these directs he shares his pot

  2. NINTENDO COMMANDER you asked me earlier if am buying pre-ordering monster hunter 4. I am getting it even before Isaiah Triforce Johnson gets his copy. He though is a true gamer.

  3. So that’s what took so long. :)
    They really poured a lot into this one.
    The exact opposite of these annual games that add 1 or 2 things per sequel.
    (Sigh) Working at Nintendo must be awesome…

  4. Oh boy, Animal Crossing: No Life!

    Another pointless, trivially upgraded addition to a stagnant series.

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