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New Monster Hunter 4 Details From Famitsu

monster_hunter_4_garara _ajara_scan

The latest edition of Famitsu magazine contains some new information about Monster Hunter 4. The long-awaited game will feature a new snake dragon which is called Garara Ajara which uses its long snake-like body to entangle its prey. Garara Ajara’s fangs are venomous which means that it will be a formidable foe to come across. There’s also a new insect-based monster called, Kunchuu. Kunchuu attack in groups and will also roll themselves into balls to fend off hunters. These insects also provide a favourable meal for Yian Kut-Ku.

The magazine also contains details about the new charge attack In Sword mode. You’ll get to do whirling slashes, finishing hits and dashing attacks. The Charge Axe will feature horizontal finishers and it also has a finishing attack that changes it to its Sword mode. Attacking will also charge its sword energy, which will be used for charge attacks. Monster Hunter 4 will be released in the summer in Japan.

56 thoughts on “New Monster Hunter 4 Details From Famitsu”

  1. Hopefully We Get MH4 sometime next year with a Wiiu version and a 3DS version.
    Effectively ”Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” .

    Of course MHU just came out , so they probably wouldn’t launch it till about Christmas next year.

      1. Macarony64, they are releasing monster hunter 4 in every region. It also has 3DS online. Monster hunter has become Capcoms cash generator. A huge and real video game with difficulty to boot. Dragons dogma was a beta test on monster hunter 4 game mechanics; it performed wonderfully therefore they are delaying this game for two reasons :

        1) To establish monster hunter 3 Ultimate in the west on both the 3DS and Wii U. Which both have and are selling massively. Monster hunter 3 Ultimate alone has single handedly ignited Wii U sales is PAL and NTSC regions that are not Japan.

        2) They delayed it to allow for polish and 3DS firmware updates, software enhancements, plus a better understanding of the handhelds complex 3D hardware software integration ( Picture criterion though with a larger engineering artist poo ). Also Mii verse and chat functions of the 3DS shall be optimized months before monster hunter 4 releases.

        1. Source for “#2”? I can understand that to be a valid reason to hold off on bringing the game West-side, but every Monster Hunter that the West has gotten has been delayed for many months after Japan’s release. Those reasons alone couldn’t possibly be the sole reason for the delay. More like “U.S. customs” or whatever the gaming world calls it.

      2. You can guarantee MH4 is coming to the West. It would be a travesty if it didn’t.

        Hopefully it will just be the same as MH3U but with 4 Instead. Question of when not if :)

    1. Usually we get games 6 months after Japan. Like the Pokemon games. We will see MH4 on 3DS by the end of the year in North America. At latest January or February next year.

  2. They should just release all Monster Hunter games as a cross platform game, on WiiU and 3DS. Obviously add 3DS online though.

    1. Rejoice trainer. Monster hunter 4 Ultimate shall be released on the Wii U. With 3DS online nothing will as or can tough nintendo but Jesus :).

  3. Ok, I’m waiting on MH4.
    I’m just not a Hunter yet, so the wait for next-gen graphics and a brand new game make sense for me personally.

    1. Get monster hunter 3 Ultimate now. You will regret ever having played casual FPS cod, battlefield and Crysis 3. Monster hunter 3 Ultimate incorporates gaming difficulties of NES era gaming, with Mario 64 wonder and environments at 1080P since you emphasize graphics. It is all monster hunters before it meshed into one game, then they added 70% extra content.

      Wow! moments are many which you will want to share with others.

      1. I only have Nintendo hardware. (So no crysis, battlefield, etc…)

        I’m not really a graphics whore, more of a graphics slut… I’ve been 100% behind Nintendo hardware since the original NES. I feel like with the leap into HD (WiiU), I finally deserve better gameplay graphics. ;)

        Obviously gameplay is more important, bla bla bla, but I’ve paid my dues and am ready for full HD gaming AND innovative gameplay ;)

        That said, I’m not saying Ultimate looks bad.

        1. Monolithsoft’s X, which is Xenogears 2 or Xenoblade 2 shall fulfill your every need :). Do not forget Retro studios projects as well.

      2. The graphics aren’t that amazing, but I find them enjoyable. I think the best part of the graphics for the game is found in character animation. The bulk of the textures are blown up and can look a little flat and blurry in some spots and some of the environment design could use a touch up.

        This is coming from someone that has experience with textures, modelling, and 3D environment design. So it’s by no means a masterpiece graphically, but I would agree it looks nice for what it is and it’s ultimately a fanastic game (no pun intended). I’d recommend this game to anyone.

    2. MH4 won’t have next gen graphics. It has 3DS graphics and if a Wiiu version comes it will probably look like MH3U for Wiiu albeit a little bit better.
      I don’t think Capcom cares too much about the graphics of the series , it’s all about the gameplay and longevity. They will be pushing the 3DS to its limits as they always do and hopefully if they make a Wiiu version it will look nice! .

      I would rather they keep the game same and Have online with 3DS and Wiiu than make 2 different games.

      1. I see your point.

        We’ll see how good the Revelations HD port looks. If it’s a huge leap, then we know they COULD make MH4U in spactacular HD, while maintaining parallel 3DS functionality and down scaled graphics.

        1. Yeah. Resident evil revelations is right up there for 3DS and portable graphics. It’s messed up how it pretty much looks good enough to be a HD console game with just HD resolution and some tweaking.

          Monster Hunter 4 for 3DS will look amazing running on the 3DS screen in 3D.

          Capcom really love pushing Nintendo Hardware. Street fighter 4 , Revelations , Monster Hunter 3 and 4 and EX troopers are all contenders for best looking 3DS games. They just look like scaled down 3D console games.

  4. This game is going to be released in the west as well, with the popularity and demand monster hunter 3 ultimate has received, we might get a monster hunter 4 simultaneous release world wide. If not it shall be a few months after Japan.

  5. yeah making monster hunter 4 for Wii U is a full new game which is what the Wii U needs, however loving three right now as it is just amazing and has toooooooo many hours in it think im like 45 hours in and its the start of the game

        1. I really don’t know how many hours I have playing, but I fell that this game is infinite, I killed Ceaulos (something like that) and I has saying “heck yeah, I beat this game” and then… “High ranks missions unlocked” IT’S OVER 9000!!! XD

    1. Only like 13 hours in and just got the Cha-Cha quest. Being my first MH game, it’s proving to be a challenge to learn everything, but love every minute.

  6. Funny how you wont see trolls like neutron on an amazing third party game like monster hunter 3 Ultimate, an exclusive now to Nintendo’s machines. Aeolus was all upbeat when Mark Rein lied to the entertainment world’s faces that the unreal engine 4 cannot be supported on the Wii U. When we all knew that cryteks CryEngine 3 an equivalent to unreal engine 4 is fully operating on the Wii U. The 3DS is already legendary. Imagine when pokemon X and Y, then monster hunter 4 releases wow !

    1. I was laughing my butt off the next day when Reid corrected himself and Aeolus, who the day before was so happy to rub it in our faces, was no where to be seen on the article.

      Trolls will be trolls, but honestly you guys need to stop talking to them to begin with. If we all ignore them, they’ll stop coming here.

  7. 9000 hours is a bit much for a game for me, im not saying I wouldnt do it but im pretty sure that would take a bit tooo long

  8. Nintendo Commander

    Sounds great and I will definately buy it if High Command supports our bases in the northern regions…

    I don’t have MH3U yet unfortunately but I will get it eventually…

    Gamer, will you be getting MH4 aswell?…

  9. This game just looks terrible. I mean, spending over 100 hours grinding weapons and armor just to get more weapons and armor? So much grinding… But if the game sounds so terrible then why can’t I put MH3U down? Why is the series so addicting when it sounds so terrible on paper? I just wish that my friends would try the game out before they judge it like I did. I picked up freedom unite after some frustration and it became one of my top games of all time.

    Basically what I am saying,.
    This game sounds terrible, but BUY IT. You won’t regret it.

  10. I don’t know why they wouldn’t focus on creating a gorgeous Wii U version. Monster Hunter could look much much better on Wii U hardware. Gameplay is most important but we all know how awesome it is to play a beautiful game as well. I wish Capcom worker harder on a Wii U version rather than focusing all their attention on a 3DS. Wii U is the future of HD gaming, together with Ps4 etc.

  11. I’ll wait for Monster Hunter 4 to come out on Wii U. I’m not gonna get this game just to get a slightly better version on another console a few years later.

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